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Seymour, Charles. The Diplomatic Background of the War. (New Haven,

Yale Univ. Press, 1916; $2.00.) One of the clearest views of the

approach to the war. Toynbee, Arnold Joseph. Armenian Atrocities; the Murder of a Nation.

(N. Y., Dutton, $ .25.) Brief but authoritative account of the

massacres in Armenia, and of the relation of German officials thereto. Wilson, Woodrow. Why We Are at War. (N. Y., Harpers, 1917, $1.50.)

A convenient collection of the President's speeches, and messages. Wood, Leonard. Our Military History: Its Facts and Fallacies. (Chicago,

Reilly & Britton, 1916; $1.00.) Brief account of the difficulties and sacrifices of volunteer armies.

3. [$31] A Twenty-five Dollar List.

See “Twenty-five Dollar List” in Handbook of the War, $10. A small collection available for small libraries and private shelves is the following: Archer, William. Gems of German Thought. (See $30 above; $1.25.) Beck, Jarnes M. The War and Humanity. (See $30 above; $1.50.) Bernhardi, Friedrich von. Germany and the Next War. (See $30 above;

$ .75.) Eliot, Charles W. The Road Toward Peace: A contribution to the study

of the causes of the European war and of the means of preventing war in the future. (Boston, etc., Houghton, Miffin, 1915; $ .50.) See

$150 below. Hart, Albert Bushnell, and Lovejoy, Arthur O. (Editors.) Handbook of

the War for Public Speakers. (See $30 above; $ .25.) Hart, Albert Bushnell. The War in Europe: Its Causes and Results.

(N. Y., Appleton, 1914; $1.00.) A brief account of the conditions

of the war and relations of the United States. McClure, Samuel S. Obstacles to Peace. (Boston, Houghton Mifflin,

1916; $2.00.) A clear discussion of the difficulties of adjustment at

the end of the war. Out of Their Own Mouths. (N. Y., Appleton, 1917; $1.00.) A collec

tion of utterances of German statesmen, scholars and publicists, illustrating the spirit of German leaders, their standards of international

conduct and their aims in the war. Rogers, Lindsay America's Case Against Germany. (N. Y., Dutton, 1917;

$1.50.) An untechnical presentation of the legal aspect of America's case, and a review of the diplomatic correspondence, with citations of

the principal passages. Roosevelt, Theodore. Fear God and Take Your Own Part. (See $30

above; $1.50.) Seymour, Charles. The Diplomatic Background of the War. (See $30

above; $2.00.) Steinmetz, Charles P. America and the New Epoch. (N. Y., Harper, 1916;

$1.00.) Stowell, Ellery C. The Diplomacy of the War of 1914. The Beginnings

of the War. (Boston, Houghton, Mifflin, 1915; $5.00.) Careful review

and analysis by an expert in international affairs. Toynbee, Arnold Joseph. Armenian Atrocities; the Murder of a Nation.

(See $30 above; $ .25.) Wilson, Woodrow. Why We Are At War. (See $30 above; $ .25.) Wood, Leonard. Our Military History; Its Facts and Fallacies. (See $30

above; $ .25.)

4. One Hundred Select Titles.

For the convenience of those who wish to make a moderate sized collection of the best books and periodicals on the war, the following list of titles has been selected out of the various bibliographies in Chapters I, II, and III. The titles are arranged in the same order as the classified bibliography in Chapter III. The books in this list will all be found also somewhere

in the main bibliography, and can be reached through the references after each title to the section of this work, in which the same title appears in conjunction with other books of similar contents; in many cases they are furnished with brief critical notes. The designation of place, of publication, publisher and date of publication will make it easy to order books.

In addition to the list of one hundred select titles, every library and small collection should contain all or most of the gratis publications enumerated in $29. Many significant titles have necessarily been omitted in bringing down the number to one hundred; and additional valuable publications are coming from the press all the time. See “Additional Books" in Handbook of the War, $11. The buyer can keep track of such new issues through the Indexes to Periodicals (88) and the List of Bibliographies (816).

(a) ($32] Aids to the Searcher. The American Journal of International Law. Quarterly. (N. Y., Baker,

Voorhis & Co.) See 89 above. The American Review of Reviews. Monthly. (N. Y., Review of Reviews

Co.) See $9 above. The American Year Book. A Record of Events and Progress. (N. Y.,

Appleton, annual since 1910.) See 86 above. Collier's Weekly. (N. Y., Collier's.) See $9 above. Current History. Monthly. (N. Y., New York Times.) See $9 above. Hart, Albert Bushnell, and Lovejoy, Arthur O. (Editors.) Handbook of

the War for Public Speakers. (N. Y., National Security League, 1917.)

See 819 above.
Hershey, Amos S. The Essentials of International Public Law.

(N. Y.,
Macmillan, 1912.) See $11 above.
The Independent. Weekly. (N. Y., Independent.) See $9 above,
The Literary Digest. Weekly. (N. Y., Funk & Wagnalls.) See $9 above.
McKinley, Albert E. War Outline Maps. (Blank maps.)

(Phila., Mc Kinley Co.) See $22 above. The Nation. Weekly. (N. Y., Evening Post.) See $9 above. The New Republic: A Journal of Opinion. (N. Y., Republic Pub. Co..) See

$9 above. Out of Their Own Mouths. (N. Y., Appleton, 1917.) See $19 above. The Outlook. Weekly. (N. Y., Outlook Co.) See $9 above, Putnam, George P. Putnam's Handbook of Universal History. (N. Y.,

Putnam, 1914.) See $1 above. Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature. (White Plains, Wilson Co.,

monthly.) See $8 above. The Scientific American. (N. Y., Munn & Co.) See $9 above. Treaties and Conventions Between the United States and Other Powers.

(1776-1913.) (3 vols., Wash., Govt. Print. Office, 1910-1913.) See $11

above. Wilson, George G., and Tucker, George F. International Law. (6th ed.,

Boston, etc., Silver, Burdett, 1915.) See $11 above. The World Almanac and Encyclopedia. (N. Y., Press Publishing Co.,

1873-----.) See $6 above. World's Work. Monthly. (Garden City, Doubleday, Page.) See 89 above.

(b) [$33] General Works.

Congress of the United States, Congressional Record. (Wash., Govt. Print.

Office.) See $20 above. Hayes, Carlton, J. H. A Political and Social History of Modern Europe.

(N. Y., Macmillan, 1916.) See 850 below. Hazen, Charles Downer. Europe Since 1815. (N. Y., Holt, 1910.) See

$50 below. Johnson, Rossiter. (Editor.) The War in Europe: Its Causes and Conse

quences. (N. Y., Sully, 1914.) See $17 above.




The New York Times. Current History, The European War. (6 or 12 vols.

to Sept., 1917, N. Y., Times Co.) See $17 above. Reynolds, Francis J., and others. (Editors.) The Story of the Great

War. (5 vols. to 1916, N. Y., Collier & Son, 1916.) See $17 above. Shepherd, William R. Historical Atlas. (N. Y., Holt, 1911.) See 821

above. Simonds, Frank H. The Great War. (2 vols. pub.; N. Y., 1914.) See 817

856 below.

(c) [$34] Ultimate Causes of the War.

Beck, James M. The Evidence in the Case. (N. Y., Putnam, 1914.) See

855 below. Dernburg, Bernhard. Germany and the War. Not a defense, but an

explanation. (N. Y., The Fatherland, 1915.) See 853 below. Guyot, Yves. The Causes and Consequences of the War. (London, Hutch

inson, 1916.) See $52 below. Hart, A. B. The War in Europe: It's Causes und Results. (N. Y., Apple

ton, 1914.) See $31 above, 856 below. Meyer, Edward. England, its political organization and development and

the war against Germany. Translated by Helene S. White. (Boston,

Ritter, 1916.) See $61 below. Millard, T. F. Our Eastern Question. (N. Y., Century, 1916.) See 867

below. Milyovkov, Paul. Russia and its Crisis. (Chicago, Univ. of Chic. Press,

1906.) See $48 below. Morel, Edmund Deville. Morocco in Diplomacy. (London, Smith, Elder,

1912.) See $60 below. Rose, J. Holland. The Development of the European Nations. (N. Y.,

Putnam, 1916.) See $39 below. Sloane, William Milligan. The Balkans; A Laboratory of History. (N. Y.,

Eaton & Mains, 1915.) See $41 below. Wendell, Barrett. The France of To-day. (N. Y., Scribner, 1907.) See

$43 below. Zangwill, Israel. The Principle of Nationalities. (N. Y., Macmillan, 1917.)

See $70 below.

(d) [$35] Connections of Germany With the War.

Bernhardi, Friedrich von. Germany and the Next War. Tr. by Allen

Powles. (London, E. Arnold, 1912.) See $78 below. Buelow, Bernhard Heinrich Martin Karl, Graf von. Imperial Germany.

Translated by Marie A. Lewenz. (N. Y., Dodd, Mead, 1914.) See 882

below. Cheradame, André. The Pan-German Plot Unmasked. (N. Y., Scribner,

1917.) See $86 helow, Dewey, John. German Philosophy and Politics. (N. Y., Holt, 1915.)

See 877 below. Francke, Kuno. German Ideals of To-day and Other Essays on German

Culture. (Boston, Houghton, 1907.) See $75 below. Gauss, Christian. The German Emperor as shown in his Public Utter

ances. (N. Y., Scribner, 1915.) See 884 below. The German Army From Within. By a British Officer Who Has Served

In It. (N. Y., Doran, 1914.) See $79 below. Germany's War Mania; the Teutonic Point of View as Officially Stated by

Her Leaders. (N. Y., Dodd, Mead, 1915.) See $74 below. I Accuse. (N. Y., Doran, 1915.) Indictment of German Government, by

a German. See $82 below. Lewin, Evans. The German Road to the East: An Account of the Teutonic

Aims in the Near and Middle East. (N. Y., Doran, 1917.) See 893

below. Lichtenberger, Henri et Andre. La question d'Alsace-Lorraine. (Paris,

Chapelot, 1915.) See 888 below. McCabe, Joseph. Treitschke and the Great War. (N. Y., Stokes, 1914.)

See 878 below.

Repplier, Agnes, and White, J. William. Germany and Democracy, the

Real Issue. The views of two average Americans; a reply to Doctor

Dernburg. (Phila., Winston, 1914.) See 880 below. Rohrbach, Paul. Zum Weltvolk hindurch. (Stuttgart, Engelhorns, 1914.)

See 889 below.

(e) [836] Course of the European War. Bédier, Joseph. German Atrocities from German Evidence. (Paris, Colin,

1915.) See $110 below. Bullard, Arthur. Diplomacy of the Great War. (N. Y., Macmillan, 1916.)

See $98 below. Chitwood, Oliver Perry. The Immediate Causes of the Great War. (N.

Y., Crowell, 1917.) See 898 below. Coxwell, C. Fillingham. Through Russia in War Time. (N. Y., Scribner,

1917.) See $107 below. Gauvain, Auguste. Les origines de la guerre Européenne. (Paris, Colin,

1915.) See 897 below. Hay, Ian (pseudonym for Ian Hay Beith). The First Hundred Thousand.

(Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1916.) See $104 below. Huard, Francis Wilson (Baroness Huard). My Home in the field of Honor.

(N. Y., Doran, 1916.) Absorbing narrative by a lady caught in the

Battle on the Marne. Phillipson, Coleman. International Law and the Great War. (London,

Unwin, 1915.) Price, Morgan P. The Diplomatic History of the War. (N. Y., Scribner,

1914.) See 894 below. Rohrbach, Paul. Warum es der deutsche Kreig ist. (Stuttgart, Deutsche

Verlags-anstalt, 1914.) See $96 below. Seymour, Charles. The Diplomatic Background of the War. (New Haven,

Yale Univ. Press, 1916.) See 898 below. Stowell, Ellery Cory. The Diplomacy of the War of 1914. Boston,

Houghton Mifflin, 1915.) See 894 below. Toynbee, Arnold H. The Deportation of Women and Girls from Lille.

(Official French note and other documents.) (N. Y., Doran, 1916.) See $112 below.

(f) [837] Relations of the United States to the War.

Baldwin, James Mark. America's Neutrality: Its Cause and Care. (N. Y.,

Putnam, 1917.) See $123 below. Coolidge, A. C. United States as a World Power. (N. Y., Macmillan,

1908.) See $115 below. Fish, Carl Russell. American Diplomacy. (N. Y., Holt, 1915.) See $115

below. Hale, William Bayard. American Rights and British Pretensions on the

Seas. The facts and the documents, official and other, bearing upon the present attitude of Great Britain toward the commerce of the

United States. (N. Y., McBride, 1915.) See $123 below. Hart, A. B. The Monroe Doctrine: An Interpretation. (Boston, Little,

Brown, 1916.) See $116 below. Huidekoper, Frederic L. The Military Unpreparedness of the United

States. (N. Y., Macmillan, 1915.) See $129 below. Johnson, Willis Fletcher. America's Foreign Relations. (2 vols., N. Y.,

Century, 1916.) See $115 below. Johnston, R. M. Arms and the Race, the Foundations of Army Reform.

(N. Y., Century, 1915.) See $132 below. Jones, John Price. America Entangled. The secret plotting of German

spies in the United States, and the inside story of the sinking of the Lusitania, with introduction by Roger B. Wood. (N. Y., Laut, 1917.)

See $128 below. Kellor, Francis A. Straight America: A Call to National Service. (N. Y.,

Macmillan, 1917.) See $130. Lippmann, Walter. The Stakes of Diplomacy. (N. Y., Holt, 1915.) Ex

cellent discussion of problems on American diplomacy. Perry, Ralph Barton. The Free Man and the Soldier. (N. Y., Scribner,

1916.) See $132 below.




Pratt, Edwin A. The Rise of Rail Power in War and Conquest, 1833-1914.

(London, King, 1915.) See $120 below. Roosevelt, Theodore. Fear God and Take Your Own Part. (N. Y.,

Doran, 1916.) See $117 below. Seton-Watson, Robert William. The War and Democracy. (London,

Macmillan, 1915.) See $119 below. Steinmetz, Charles P. America and the New Epoch. (N. Y., etc., Harper,

1916.) See $117 below. Upton, Bt. Major General Emory. The Military Policy of the United

States. (Wash., Govt. Print. Office, 1912.) See $132 below. Wood, Gen. Leonard. Universal Military Training. (National Service

Library, I.) (N. Y., Collier, 1917.) See $132 below.

(g) [838] Questions of Peace.

Angell, Norman, The Great Illusion. (4th ed.; N. Y., Putnam, 1913.)

See $143 below. Brailsford, Henry N. A League of Nations. (N. Y., Macmillan, 1917.)

See $155 below. Eliot, Charles W. The Road Toward Peace: A Contribution to the Study

of the Causes of the European War and of the Means of Preventing War in the Future. (Boston, etc., Houghton Mifflin, 1915.) See $150

below. Fried, Alfred Herrmann. The Restoration of Europe. Trans. from the

German by L. S. Gannett. (N. Y., Macmillan, 1916.) See $153 below. Goldsmith, Robert. A League to Enforce Peace. (N. Y., Macmillan,

1917.) See $147 below. Jordan, David Starr. War and the Breed. The Relation of War to the

Downfall of Nations. (Boston, Beacon Press, 1915.) See $144 below. Krehbiel, Edward B. Nationalism, War and Society. (N. Y., Macmillan,

1916.) See $144 below. McClure, Samuel S. Obstacles to Peace. (Boston, Houghton Mifflin,

1916.) See $150 below. Scott, James Brown. The Hague Conventions and Declarations of 1899

and 1907. Accompanied by tables of signatures, ratifications and adhesions of the various powers, and texts of reservations. (N. Y., Oxf.

Univ. Press, 1915.) See $144 below. Veblen, Thorstein B. An Inquiry into the Nature of Peace and the Terms

of Its Perpetuation. (N. Y., Macmillan, 1917.) See $143 below. Walling, William English. The Socialists and the War. (N. Y., Holt,

1915.) See $145 below. Wells, Herbert George. The War That Will End War. (London, Palmer,

1914.) See $146 below. Woods, Frederick Adams, and Baltzly, Alexander. Is War Diminishing?

A study of the prevalence of war in Europe from 1450 to the present

day. (Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1915.) See $144 below. Zangwill, Israel. The War for the World. (N. Y., Macmillan, 1916.)

See $143 below.

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