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Namier, Lewis B. Germany and Eastern Europe. (London, Duckworth,

1915.) Osteuropäische Zukunft. Zeitschrift für Deutschlands aufgaben im osten

und südosten. Amtliches organ des verbandes deutscher förderer der ukrainischen freiheits-bestrebungen Ukraine" und des Donau und Balkanländervereins in Deutschlands DubirdE. V. München. (Mün

chen, Lehmann.) Tannenberg, Otto Richard. Gross-Deutschland die Arbeit des 20. Jahrhund.

ert. (Leipzig, Gohlis, Volger, 1911.) Véla, Wm. T. Die zukunft der Türkei im bündnis mit Deutschland. Eine

politische und wirtschaftliche studie. (Leipzig, Koehler, 1915.)

(d) [$92] Germany and Islam. Delitzsch, Fr. Die welt des Islams. (Ullstein, 1915.) Diercks, Gustav. Hie Allah! Das erwachen des Islams.

(Berlin, Curtius,


Hurgronje, C. Snouck. The Holy War (Made in Germany.) (N. Y.,

Putnam, 1915.) Deals with the proclamation of a “Holy War” by the Sheik-ul-Islam. The author explains why the Mohammedans are unmoved by the "Holy War" appeal.

(e) [893] Berlin to Bagdad. Chéradame, Andre. La question d'Orient. La Macedoine. Le chemin de

fer de Bagdad. (Paris, Plon-Nourrit, 1903.) Grothe, Hugo. Die Bagdadbahn und das schwäbische bauernelement in

Transkaukasien und Palästina. Inaugural-dissertation. (München,

Lehmann, 1902.) Lewin, Evans. The German Road to the East. An account of the Drang

Nach Osten and of Teutonic Aims in the Near and Middle East. (N.

Y., Doran, 1917.) Ritter (Winterstetten), Albert. Nordkap Bagdad. Das politische programm

des krieges. (Frankfurt am Main, Neuer Franfurter Verlag, 1914.)


J. OUTBREAK OF THE WAR. See şi and short list in $36 above. See $$156, 170 below. 1. [$94] Diplomatic Documents on the Outbreak.

See $18 above. American Association for International Conciliation. Documents Regard

ing the European War. (N. Y., Am. Assoc. for Int. Concil.) American Association for International Conciliation. Pamphlets. (N. Y.) Beer, Max. Das regenbogen-buch. (Bern, Wyss, 1915.) German editions

and translations of the seven principal official collections of diplomatid

documents. Das deutsche Weissbuch. (Berlin, Carl Heymann, 1914.) The German

text differs in some particulars from the English. The latter may be

found in the collections indicated. The German White Book: The English translation issued by the German

Government, August, 1914. (Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1914.) Great Britain. Collected diplomatic documents relating to the outbreak of

the European war. (London, Unwin, 1915.) “Printed under the

authority of His Majesty's Stationery Office.” Mach, Edmund von. Official diplomatic documents relating to the outbreak

of the European war. (N. Y., Macmillan, 1916.) By an American pro-German. Withdrawn from sale by publishers because of inaccuracies. Half the book consists of photographic reproductions of the various “Books”; useful for those who desire to consult the original

texts. New York Times. Current History of the European War. (12 vols., N.

Y., N. Y. Times, 1914-—~.) Especially vol. I,

New York Times. Why England, Germany and Russia Went to War.

The "White papers” of England and Germany, the “Orange paper" of
Russia, and other diplomatic correspondence and documents; repub-

lished from the New York Times. (N. Y., Times, 1914.) Price, Morgan P. The Diplomatic History of the War. (N. Y., Scrib

ner, 1914.) A record of events preceding the war, with the texts of

official documents, and reports of public speeches by officials. Scott, James Brown, ed. Diplomatic Documents Relating to the Outbreak

of the European War. (2 vols., N. Y., Oxford Univ. Press, 1916.)

One of the best compilations of documents. Well indexed. Stowell, Ellery Cory. The Diplomacy of the War of 1914. (Vol. I only,

Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1915.)

2. [$95] British View of the Outbreak See $51 above. Archer, William. The Thirteen Days. (Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1915.)

Includes appendix on Price's Diplomatic History of the War. Asquith, Herbert H. The War-Its Causes and Its Message. (London,

Methuen, 1914.) Speeches of the British Premier, Aug.-Oct., 1914. Harrison, Austin. The Kaiser's War; with a. foreword by Frederic Har.

rison. (London, Allen & Unwin, 1914.) Herdlam, J. W. The History of Twelve Days, July 24 to August 4, 1914.

(London, Unwin, 1915.) Oxford University Faculty. Why We Are at War: Great Britain's case,

with an appendix of original documents, including the authorized English translation of the White Book issued by the German govern. ment. Seventh impression, containing the Russian orange book and extracts from the Belgian grey book. (Oxford, Clarendon Press,

1914.) Picton, Harold. Is It To Be Hate? An Essay in Wartime. (London,

Allen & Unwin, 1915.) Sladen, Douglas. The Real Truth About Germany,facts about the war,

with an appendix, “Great Britain and the War," by A. Maurice Low.

(N. Y., etc., Putnam, 1914.) “Who Began War?” in New York Times Current History, I, 271-343.

Case for Triple Entente. First warnings of Europe's peril. Great

Britain's mobilization. Summons of nation to arms. See $53 above.

3. [896] German View of the Outbreak

Dumba, Constantin Theodor. “Why Austria is at War with Russia," in

North Amer. Rev, vol. 200, pp. 346-352. (Sept., 1914.) Haeckel, Ernst H. P. A. England's blutschuld am weltkriege. (Eisenach,

Jacobi, 1914.) Mach, Edmund von. Germany's Point of View. (Chicago, McClurg, 1915.) Modern Germany in Relation to the Great War (English tr. of Deutsch

land und der Weltkrieg, 1915). (N. Y., Kennerley, 1916.) The most comprehensive and authoritative presentation of Germany's case, by

a member of the best known German scholars and publicists. Reventlow, Graf Ernst zu. Heucheleien englischer minister in ihren

kriegsreden 1914-15; ein politisches stimmungsbild. (Berlin, Mittler,

1915.) Rohrbach, Paul. Warum es der deutsche krieg ist. (Stuttgart, Deutsche

verlags-anstalt, 1914.) Schiemann, Theodor. Deutschland und die grosse politik anno 1914.

Die letzten etappen zum weltkrieg. (Berlin, Reimer, 1915.) Truth About Germany: Facts About the War. (N. Y., Trow, 1914.) A

semi-official statement prepared by a committee of eminent German men and women, including many in official relation to the government, stating arguments on behalf of Germany and making attacks upon her

enemies. Highly prejudiced. "Who Began War?” in N. Y. Times Current History European War, I,

209-243. German case. Speeches of Kaiser; speeches of BethmannHollweg; Austria-Hungary's version of war; German review of evi. dence.

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Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, Ulrich von. Zwei reden. Krieges anfang.

Die geschichtlichen ursachen des krieges. (Berlin, Weidemann, 1914.) Various German Writers. Modern Germany in Relation to the Great War.

Translation of Deutschland und der Weltkrieg, by William Wallace

Whitelock. (N. Y., Kennerley, 1916.) “Appeal of German Universities to the Civilized World by German profes

sors (and) Reply to German Professors by British scholars,” in N. Y. Times Current History, I, 185-192.

4. ($97] Allied View of the Outbreak.

See $52 above. Belloc, Hilaire. The Elements of the Great War. (N. Y., Holt, 1915.)

Vol. 1, The First Phase, Vol. 2, The Second Phase, The Battle of the

Marne. Battine, Captain Cecil. A Military History of the War; From the Declara.

tion of War to the Close of the Campaign of August, 1914. (London,

Hodder and Stoughton.) Bertrand, Pierre. L'Autriche a voulu la grande guerre. (Paris, Bossard,

1916.) Thorough and acute analysis of the diplomatic correspondence. Dimier, Louis. L'appel des intellectuels Allemands. Textes officieres et

traduction; avec preface et commentaire. (Paris, Nouvelle Librairie

Nationale, 1915.) Gauvain, Auguste. Les origines de la guerre Européenne. (Paris, Colin,

1915. Part I deals with immediate causes of the war, 1908-1914. Part II gives the articles published by the author in the Journal des

Debats on each day of the crisis of 1914. Guyot, Yves. The Causes and Consequences of the War. English edition

of Les Causes et les Conséquences de la Guerre. (London. Hutchin

son, 1916.) Markoff, Dr. A. “Why Russia Has Gone to War with Germany,” in Con.

temporary Rev., vol. 106, pp. 356-365. (Sept., 1914.) Le Mensonge du 3 aout 1914. (Paris, Payot, 1917.) Evidence (a) that

the German army was in process of mobilization before the ultimatum to Russia; (b) that the grounds officially given by Germany for her declaration of war against France are fictitious; (c) that the first acts of aggression on the western front were committed by German troops. Based largely on German documents collected by the French War

office. Tittoni, Tommaso. Le jugement de l'histoire sur la responsabilité de la

guerre. (Paris, Blond et Gay, 1916.) By an Italian statesman. Reinach, Joseph. La Guerre sur Le Front Occidental. Etude Strategique

191,-1915. (Paris, Bibliotheque Charpentier, 1916.) Tittoni, Tommaso. “The Responsibility for the War,” in New York Times

Current History, IV, 465 (Dec. 1916). Ambassador to France till

November 1916. Welschinger, Henri. Les lecons du livre jaune (1914). (Paris, Blond et

Gay, 1915.)

5. ($98] American View of the Outbreak

See $56 above, $171 below. Beck, James M. The Evidence in the Case. (N. Y., Putnam, 1914.) An

acute analysis of the evidence concerning the responsibility for the

war, by a distinguished American lawyer. Bullard, Arthur. Diplomacy of the Great War. (N. Y., Macmillan, 1916.) Chitwood, Oliver Perry. The Immediate Causes of the Great War. (N. Y.,

Crowell, 1917.) Copious references to sources. Hart, Albert Bushnell. The War in Europe; Its Causes and Results. (N.

Y., Appleton, 1914.) A brief account of the conditions of the war

and relations of the United States. Johnson, Douglas W. Plain Words from America. A Letter to a German

Professor. (London and N. Y., Hodder and Stoughton, 1917.) Reynolds, Francis J., and others. The Story of the Great War. (5 vols.

pub.; N. Y., Collier, 1916.) Vol. I. Covers the indirect and direct causes of the war.

Seymour, Charles. The Diplomatic Background of the War. (New

Haven, Yale Univ. Press, 1916.) A scholarly and impartial account. White, J. William. A Primer of the War for Americans. (Phila., Win

ston, 1914.) A brief yet informative review of the conditions which

surrounded the beginning of the war and have governed its progress. World's Work. War Manual of the Great Conflict of 1914. (N. Y.,

Doubleday, 1914.) Whitridge, Frederick W. One American's Opinion of the European War.

(N. Y., Dutton, 1914.) Wister, Owen. The Pentecost of Calamity. (N. Y., Macmillan, 1915.)


1. [899] General Accounts of the Invasion. See $$167, 168 below. Bassompierre, A. de. The Night of August 2-3, 1914, at the Belgian

Foreign Office. 43 pp. (N. Y., Hodder & Stoughton, 1916.) By a

directeur of the Belgium Foreign Office. Belgium, Commission of Inquiry. Case of Belgium in the Present War:

An account of the violation of the neutrality of Belgium and of the

laws of war on Belgian territory. (N. Y., Macmillan, 1914.) Cammaerts, Emile. Through the Iron Bars. (N. Y., John Lane Co., 1917.) Dillon, E. J., and Kennedy, J. M. A Scrap of Paper. (N. Y., Doran,

1914.) Essen, Léon van der. The Invasion and the War in Belgium from Liege

to the Yser, with a sketch of the diplomatic negotiations preceding the

conflict. (London, Unwin, 1917.) Gerlache, A. V. J. de. La Belgique et les Belges pendant la guerre.

(Paris, Berger-Levrault, 1916.) Sarolea, Charles. How Belgium Saved Europe. (London, Heinemann,

1915.) Waxweiler, Emile. Belgium and the Great Powers; Her Neutrality Ex

plained and Indicated. · (N. Y., etc., Putnam, 1916.) Wiart, Henry Carton de. Le Belgique Boulevard du Droit. (Paris, Blond et Gay, 1916.) “Pages actuelles,” Nos. 77-78.

2. [$100] Germany's Aims in the War. See $169 below. Engelmann, Max. Das Germanentum und sein Verfall. (Stuttgart, Funcke,

1905.) Haag, Benedict. Die Weltmission Deutschlands im gegenwärtigen euro.

päischen krieg. (München, Steinebach, 1914.) Hintze, Otto, Meinecke, Friedrich, Oncken, Hermann, Schumacher, Her.

mann. Deutschland und der weltkrieg. (Leipzig, etc., Teubner, 1915.) Lambrechts, Hector. Grundursachen und grundlehren des weltkrieges. (Ber

lin, Issleib, 1915.) Mach, Edmund von. What Germany Wants. (Boston, Little, Brown,

1915.) Meyer, Edward. Deutschland und der krieg. (Berlin, Kameradschaft,

1914.) The New German Empire. A Study of German War Aims from German

Sources. (32 pp., N. Y., Doran Co., 1917.) Peters. Deutschlands heiliger krieg. Der sieg des deutschen wesens.

(Volkskraft-verl., 1915.) Bücher deut. Wiedergeburt I. Rohrbach, Paul. Der krieg und die deutsche politik. (Weimer, “Das

grössere Deutschland,” 1915.)

3. [$101] German Justification of the Invasion. Beer, Jean de. L'Allemagne s'accuse. (Paris, Blond et Gay, 1915, pages

actuelles, No. 311.) Invasion and occupation of Belgium according to

German documents. Grasshoff, Richard. Belgiens Schuld. (Reimer, Berlin, 1915.) Attempt

to prove that Belgium had violated its own neutrality before Aug. 4,

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Grosser Generalstab. The German War Book. Translation of Kriegs.

brauch im Landkreige, by J. H. Morgan. (London, Murray, 1915.) sittliche notwendigkeit. Im zusammenhang mit allgemeinen bemerkungen

zur ethik des krieges erörtert. (Ulm, Kerler, 1915.) Kerler, Heinrich. Deutschlands verletzung der belgischen neutralität eine

sittliche notwendigkeit. Im zusammenhang mit allemeinen bemerkungen

zur etlik des krieges erörtert. (Ulm, Kerler, 1915.) Kreisler, Fritz. Four Weeks in the Trenches. (Boston, Houghton Mifflin,

1915.) Labberton, J. H. Belgium and Germany: A Dutch View. (Chicago, Open

Court Co., 1915.) A justification of Germany on the ground that because of her higher moral genius she was entitled to do what might

be necessary to ensure her success. Labberton, J. H. Die sittliche berechtigung der verletzung der belgischen

neutralität. (Berlin, Curtius, 1916.) Translation from a Dutch de

fense of German conduct in Belgium. MacGill, Patrick. The Great Push. (London, Herbert Jenkins, 1916.) Passelecq, F. Le second livre blanc allemand. (Paris, Berger-Levrault,

1916.) Critical essay on the falsification of the Belgian documents by German officials.


1. [$102] Narratives on the Front.

Dunn, Robert. Five Fronts on the Firing Line. (N. Y., Dodd, Mead, 1915.)
Hall, James Norman. Kitchener's Mob. (Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1916.)
Hankey, Donald. A Student in Arms. (London, Melrose, 1916.)
Kellogg, Vernon. “Headquarters Nights,” in Atlantic Mon. (Aug., 1917.)
McClellan, George Brinton. The Heel of the War. (N. Y., Dillingham,

1916.) Palmer, Frederick. My Second Year of the War. (N. Y., Dodd, Mead,


Riou, Gaston. Diary of a French Private. English edition of journal

d'un Simple Soldat. (London, Unwin, 1916.) Sutherland, Millicent, Duchess of. Six Weeks at the War. (Chicago,

McClurg, 1915.) Shepherd, William G. Confessions of a War Correspondent. (N. Y.,

Harper, 1917.)

2. ($103] General Discussions of Methods.

Baty, T., and Morgan, J. H. War: Its Conduct and Legal Results.

(London, Murray, 1915.) Dewitz, Baron Hrolf von. War's New Weapons. An expert analysis in

plain language of the weapons and methods used in the present great

war. Preface by Hudson Maxim. (N. Y., Dodd, Mead, 1915.) Huidekoper, Frederic, Louis. “How to Read the War News: the A. B. C.

of Military Art,” in World's Work, XXVIII, pp. 524-545. (Oct., 1914.) Northcliffe, Alfred Harnsworth, Lord. At War. (2nd edn.; N. Y., Doran,

1917.) “Preparing an Offensive-Principles and Methods of Trench Fighting,” in

Scientific American, LXXXIII, 12-13. (Jan. 6, 1917.) Toland, Edward D. The Aftermath of Battle. (N. Y., Macmillan, 1916.)

3. [3104] British Troops.

Adcock, A. S. In the Firing Line; Stories of the War by Land and Sea.

(2nd edn.; London, etc., Hodder, Stoughton, 1914.) Beaverbrook, Lord. Canada in Flanders. (2 vols.; London, etc., Hodder,

Stoughton, 1917.) Ex-Royal Navy. The British Navy from Within. (N. Y., Doran, 1915.) Hay, Ian (pseudonym for Ian Hay Beith. The First Hundred Thousand.

(Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1916.) Kilpatrick, James A. Tommy Atkins at War as Told in His Own Letters.

(N. Y., McBride, Nast, 1914.)

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