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3. [$124] Legal Limitations on Neutral Trade.

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5. [8126] Submarine Controversy and Lusitania.

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the United States.

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6. [3134] Civilian Preparedness.

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7. [$135] Farm Preparedness.

See $257 below. Agriculture, Department of. Drying Fruits and Vegetables in the Home.

(Farmers' Bulletin, No. 841, June, 1917.) (Wash., Govt. Print. Office,

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Weekly information on food supply by conservation, etc. (Washington, Govt. Print. Office, 1913.)

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as a stimulant to production and of the uses of speculation in war

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principals, and teachers on how school children can aid the nation.

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Mortgage, under National Supervision. A practical manual upon or. ganizing and conducting national farm loan associations, also joint

stock land banks. (N. Y., Orange Judd Co., 1916.) Wilson, Warren H. Rural Education in War. (Columbia War Papers,

· N. Y., 1917.)

8. [$136] Preparedness for Women and Children Franks, Thetta D. Household Organization for War Service. (N. Y.,

Putnam, 1917.) Motto of the book: "America expects every woman

to do her duty." Hagedorn, Hermann. You Are the Hope of the World. (N. Y., Mac

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Miffin, 1917.) An appeal to American mothers, by one of them.

9. [$137] Economic Preparedness. See $8249, 261 below. Bullock, C. J. "Financing the War,” in Quart. Jour. Econ., XXXI, 357. *

379. (May, 1917.) Jones, Grosvenor. Government Aid to Merchant Shipping. Study of sub

sidies sub-ventions, and other forms of state aid in principal countries

of world. (Wash., Govt. Print. Office, 1916.) Memorial of American Economists to Congress Regarding Our Finances.

(Congressional Record, May 10, 1911; pp. 2136.) Seligman, E. R. A. War Finance Primer. (N. Y., Nat'l Bank of Com.



! 1. [$138] Reasons for War.

See $234 below. Beck, James M. The War and Humanity. A further discussion of the

ethics of the world war and the attitude of the United States. In

troduction by ”. H. Choate. (2nd ed.; N. Y., Putnam, 1917.) Cobb, Irvin S. Speaking of Prussians. (N. Y., Doran, 1917.) Hagedorn, Herman. You Are the Hope of the World. (N. Y., Macmillan,

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2. [$139] Declaration of War. See $8232, 243, 278 below.


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1917.) Woolsey, Theodore S. “The Relations Between the United States and the

Central Powers,” in Am. Journal Int. Law, XI, 628-631. (July, 1917.)

3. [$140] Raising the Army. See 246 below.

No significant books have appeared on the subject up to the publication of America at War. “America's Army in the Making,” in N. Y. Times Current History, XII,

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4. [S141] Training of Men and Officers. See $132 above, $8243, 278 below. Committee on Public Information. National Service Handbook. (Wash.,

Govt. Print. Office, Corrected to July 30, 1917.) Description and dis

cussion of the army and the navy. Hetherington, C. W. “Shall Military Training Be Given Our Youth ?”

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ton, University Press, 1915.) Kilbourne, Maj. Charles E. (Ed. in Chief). National Service Library.

(5 vols.; N. Y., Collier & Son, 1917.) All the volumes by military officers, on organization and methods of modern war.

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