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Knott was perplexed and shook his head,
He did not wish his child to wed

With a suspected murderer
(For, true or false, the rumor spread),
But as for this roiled life he led,
“It would not answer,” so he said,

“To have it go no furderer."

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At last, scarce knowing what it meant,
Reluctantly he gave consent
That Jenny, since 'twas evident
That she would follow her own bent,

Should make her own election;
For that appeared the only way
These frightful noises to allay
Which had already turned him gray

And plunged him in dejection.

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Accordingly, this artless maid
Her father's ordinance obeyed,
And, all in whitest crape arrayed
(Miss Pulsifer the dresses made,
And wishes here the fact displayed
That she still carries on the trade,
The third door south from Bagg's Arcade),
A very faint "I do” essayed
And gave her hand to Hiram Slade,
From which time forth the ghosts were laid,

And ne'er gave trouble after;
But the Selectmen, be it known,
Dug underneath the aforesaid stone.
Where the poor peddler's corpse was thrown,
And found thereunder a jaw-bone,
Though when the crowner sat thereon,
He nothing hatched, except alone

Successive broods of laughter;
It was a frail and dingy thing,
In which a grinder or two did cling,

In color like molasses,
Which surgeons, called from far and wide,
Upon the horror to decide,

Having put on their glasses,

Reported thus—"To judge by looks,
These bones, by some queer hooks or crooks,
May have belonged to Mr. Snooks,
But, as men deepest-read in books

Are perfectly aware, bones,
If buried fifty years or so,
Lose their identity and grow

From human bones to bare bones.”

Still, if to Jaalam you go down,
You'll find two parties in the town,
One headed by Benaiah Brown,

And one by Perez Tinkham ;
The first believe the ghosts all through
And vow that they shall never rue
The happy chance by which they kncw
That people in Jupiter are blue,
And very fond of Irish stew,
Two curious facts which Prince Lee Boo
Rapped clearly to a chosen few-

Whereas the others think 'em
A trick got up by Doctor Slade
With Deborah the chamber-maid,

And that sly cretur Jinny,
That all the revelations wise,
At which the Brownites made big eyes,
Might have been given by Jared Keyes,

A natural fool and ninny,
And, last week, didn't Eliab Snooks
Come back with never better looks
As sharp as new-bought mackerel hooks

And bright as a new pin, eh?
Good Parson Wilbur, too, avers
(Though to be mixed in parish stirs
Is worse than handling chestnut-burs)
That no case to his mind occurs
Where spirits ever did converse
Save in a kind of guttural Erse

(So say the best authorities);
And that a charge by raps conveyed,
Should be most scrupulously weighed

And searched into, before it is

Made public, since it may give pain That cannot soon be cured again, And one word may infix a stain

Which ten cannot gloss over, Though speaking for his private part, He is rejoiced with all his heart

Miss Knott missed not her lover,



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