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WILLIAM Whiston's Famous Translation. Containing "The Antiquities of the Jews," and "The Wars of the Jews.” With Life of the Author and Ap: pendix, Marginal Notes giving the Essence of the Narrative, and One Hundred Pages of Engravings. In One handsome Volume, royal 8vo, cloth gilt, 75, 6d.

The Publishers have spared no pains in the production of this edition of Fosephus, and confidently affirm that it will be found to be the Handsomest, Cheapest, and Best Edited of any edition yet published. Its value has been greatly increased by the clear arrangement of the text, and by the addition of a series of Marginal Notes-an arrangement the utility of which, both for the student and the general reader, will be at once apparent.

Containing over One Thousand Choice Selections of Prose and Poetical

Recitations, Readings, and Dialogues.
Edited by J. W. KIRTON, LL.D., Author of “Buy Your Own Cherries.*

The following are some of the special features of this very popular Series :Appropriate headings are placed over each subject, indicating the style in which it should be given; each piece is printed and marked so as to guide the most in experienced to a proper delivery ; each volume is classified under an alphabetical arrangement of subjects, and has a complete index; no piece appears more than once in the series; general hints and instructions are given to young beginners ; and, finally, each volume is printed in good, clear type, and is strongly bound.

Boards, price is. each ; cloth gilt, is. 6d. each.
1. Kirton's Standard Temperance Reciter.
2. Kirton's Standard Sunday School Reciter,
3. Kirton's Standard Popular Reciter.
4. Kirton's Standard Comic Reciter.
5. Kirton's Standard Speaker and Elocutionist.
6. Kirton's Standard Band of Hope Reciter,

COOK'S MONDAY LECTURES on Life and the Soul,

Evolution and Materialism, Biology, Transcendentalism and Religion. An
Examination of the Denials and Doubts of Modern Science and Philosophy.

By Rev. JOSEPH Cook. In wrapper, price is.; cloth gilt, 1s. 6d. *** This is by far the cheapest edition of the famous Boston Lectures-kectures so full of knowledge, of thought, of argument, and illumined with such passages of eloquence and power, that all should read them. MOODY'S TALKS ON TEMPERANCE. With Anecdotes

and Incidents in connection with the Tabernacle Temperance Work in Boston. By D. L. Moody. Edited by J. W. Kirton, LL.D., Author of “Buy your

Own Cherries." In wrapper, price is. ; cloth gilt, is. 6d. “We thank the Editor for one of the most important additions to temperance libraries, and Mr. Moody for the invaluable weight of his moral influence.”Christian Age.

London : WARD, LOCK & CO., Salisbury Square, E.C.


Handsomely bound, cloth gilt, gilt edges, price 3s. 6d. each. It is the intention of the Publishers that a tone of pure morality and lofty aim shall characterise the whole of the volumes in this Library, while at the same time the type, paper, and binding shall be of the best description; this, added to the Illustrations, will render these books, both as to interior and exterior, everything that could be desired, and worthy of a place in the Library of every Home. 1. Shiloh. By Mrs. W. M. L. Jay. Coloured Illustrations. 2. The Prince of the House of David. By Rev. J. H. INGRAHAM.

Coloured Illustrations. 3. Miss Edgeworth's Moral Tales. Coloured Illustrations. 4. Miss Edgeworth's Popular Tales. Coloured Illustrations. 5. The Throne of David. By Rev. J.H. INGRAHAM. Illustrated. 6. The Pillar of Fire. By Rev. J. H. INGRAHAM. Illustrated. 7. Anna Lee. By T. S. ARTHUR. Illustrated. 8. The Wide, Wide World. By E. WETHERELL. Coloured Illusts. 9. Queechy. By the same. Coloured Illustrations. 10. Melbourne House. By the same. Coloured Illustrations. II. Sceptres and Crowns, and The Flag of Truce. By the same.

Coloured Illustrations. 12. The Fairchild Family. Mrs. SHERWOOD. Coloured Illustrations, 13. Stepping Heavenward, and Aunt Jane's Hero. By Mrs. E.

PRENTISS. Coloured Illustrations. 14. Mabel Vaughan. By Miss CUMMING. Coloured Illustrations. 15. Dunallan. By GRACE KENNEDY, Coloured Illustrations, 16. Father Clement. By the same. Coloured Illustrations. 17. Holden with the Cords. By Mrs. Jay. Coloured Illustrations. 18: Uncle Tom's Cabin. By Mrs. H. B. STOWE. With a Sketch

of the Life of Rev. Josiah HENSON. Coloured and other Illustrations. 19. Barriers Burned Away. By E. P. Roe. Coloured Illustrations. 20. Little Women and Good Wives. By Miss Alcott. Coloured

Illustrations. 21. From Jest to Earnest. By E. P. ROE. Coloured Illustrations. 22. Near to Nature's Heart. By E. P. Roe. Coloured Illustrations. 23. Opening of a Chestnut Burr. By E, P.Roe. Col. Illust. 24. What Can She Do? By E. P. ROE. Coloured Illustrations. 25. The Old Helmet. By E. WETHERELL. Coloured Illustrations. 26. Daisy. By the same. Coloured Illustrations. 27. A Knight of the Nineteenth Century. Coloured Illustrations. 28. Woman our Angel. By A. S. Roe. Coloured Illustrations. 29. The Lamplighter. By Miss CUMMING. Coloured Illustrations. 30. A Face Illumined. By E. P. ROE. Coloured Illustrations.

London : WARD, LOCK & CO., Salisbury Square, E.C.


In the Good WORTH LIBRARY no works have been admitted in which the three requisites for good. worth in a book,-namely, the promotion of knowledge, the furtherance of wisdom, and the charm of amusement--are not combined, and whose perusal will not satisfy the mind, as with good, wholesome and strengthening food.

Fully Illustrated and handsomely bound, cloth gilt, 3s. 6d. each. 1. Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, from this World to that which

is to Come. With Memoir of the Author by H. W. DULCKEN, PA.D., and

100 Illustrations by THOMAS DALzIeL, Engraved by Dalziel Brothers. 2. The Swiss Family Robinson ; or, The Adventures of a Swiss

Pastor and his Family on an Uninhabited Island. Translated by HENRY

Frith. With Coloured Plates and upwards of 200 Engravings. 23. Andersen's Stories for the Young. By Hans CHRISTIAN

ANDERSEN. With many full-page and other Engravings. 4. Andersen's Popular Tales for Children. 'By Hans CHRISTIAN

ANDERSEN. With many full-page and other Engravings. 5. Anne and Jane Taylor's Poetry for Children. Containing

the Original Poems, Hymns for Infant Minds, and Rhymes for the Nursery.

With many Engravings. 6. The Story of Stories for the Little Ones; or, Bible Narratives

for the Young. By Mrs. LEATHLEY. With many Engravings. 7. Fifty Celebrated Women: Their Virtues and Failings, and the

Lessons of their Lives. With many Engravings. 8. Fifty Celebrated Men: Their Lives and Trials, and the Deeds

that made them Famous. With many Engravings. 9. Robinson Crusoe. By DANIEL DEFOE. With Memoir of the

Author and many Engravings. 10. The Wonders of the World, in Earth, Sea, and Sky. • By

UNCLE John. With 123 Engravings. 11. Evenings at Home; or, The Juvenile Budget Opened. Ry

Mrs. BARBAULD and Dr. Arren. With many Engravings. 12. The Gentlemen Adventurers; or, Antony Waymouth. By

W. H. G. Kingston. With full-page Engravings. 13. Sandford and Merton (The History of). By THOMAS DAY.

With ico Engravings by Dalziel Brothers. 14. A Boy's Life Aboard Ship, as it is. Told by Himself. With

full-page Engravings. 15. Life in a Whaler; or, Perils and Adventures in the Tropical

Seas. By Sailor CHARLEY. With full-page Engravings. 16. Great Inventors: The Sources of their Usefulness, and the Re.

sults of their Efforts. With 109 Engravings. 17. The Marvels of Nature; or, Outlines of Creation. With 400

Engravings by Dalziel Brothers.

London : WARD, LOCK & CO., Salisbury Square, E.C.

THE GOOD WORTH LIBRARY—continued. 18. The Boy's Book of Industrial Information. With 365 En.

gravings by DaLZIEL Brothers. 19. Famous Boys, and How they Became Famous Men. With

many Engravings. 20. Triumphs of Perseverance and Enterprise. By THOMAS

Cooper. With many Engravings. 21. The Crusades and Crusaders. The Story of the Struggle for

the Holy Sepulchre. By J. G. EDGAR. With full-page Engravings. 22. The Merchant's Clerk; or, Mark Wilton. By Rev. C. B.

TAYLER, M.A. With full-page and other Engravings. 23. The Young Marooners; or, The Adventures of Robert and

Harold on the Florida Coast. With many Engravings. 24. Holiday House. By CATHERINE SINCLAIR. With full-page

Engravings. 25. The Boy's Book of Modern Travel and Adventure. With

many Engravings. 26. Mary Bunyan, the Blind Daughter of John Bunyan. By SALLIE

ROCHESTER FORD. With full-page Engravings. 27. The Scottish Chiefs. By JANE PORTER. With full.page En.

gravings. 28. Keble's Christian Year; or, Thoughts in Verse for the Sundays

and Holy Days throughout the Year. With full-page Engravings. 30. Life Thoughts. Gathered from the Extemporaneous Discourses

of HENRY WARD BEECHER. With Red Border Lines, 31. The Christian Life. Bible Helps and Counsels for Every Day

throughout the Year. With Red Border Lines. 32. The Perfect Life. By WILLIAM E. CHANNING. 33. Sacred Heroes and Martyrs. By J. T. HEADLEY. Revised

and Edited by J. W. KIRTON, LL.D., Author of “Buy your own Cherries.”


Collected and Edited by W. A. CLOUSTON. Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 2s. 6d. THE TRUE HISTORY OF A LITTLE RAGAMUFFIN.

By James GREENWOOD, Author of "Journeys through London,” &c. With

fúll-page Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, price 3s. 6d. JOURNEYS THROUGH LONDON ; or, Bye-Ways of the

· Modern Babylon. By James GREENWOOD, Author of "The True History of a Little Ragamuffin.” With Twelve double-page Illustrations. Crown 8vo,

cloth gilt, price 35. éd. CHARLES OʻMALLEY, the Irish Dragoon. By CHARLES

LEVER. An Entirely New Library Edition of this popular work. Embellished with many Original Wood Engravings and attractively bound, cloth gilt, price 68.

London : WARD, LOCK & CO., Salisbury Squart, E.C.


A Series of Popular Books, specially designed for Gifts and Rewards, and for

Family Reading and Reference.

Fully Illustrated and handsomely bound, cloth gilt, 35. 6d. each. 1. Margaret Catchpole (The History of). By Rev. R. COBBOLD.

With Coloured Plates and other Illustrations. 2. Beatrice; or, The Unknown Relatives. By CATHERINE SIN.

CLAIR. With Coloured Plates. 3. Amy and Hester; or, The Long Holidays. By H. A. FORD.

With Coloured Frontispiece and many Engravings. 4. Wonders and Beauties of the Year. Popular and Poetical

Descriptions of the Wild Flowers, Birds, and Insects of the Months. By

H. G. ADAMS. With Coloured Frontispiece and many Engravings. 5. Wonders and Curiosities of Animal Life. By GEORGE

KEARLEY. With Coloured Frontispiece and many Engravings. 6. Nature's Gifts, and How we Use them. A Familiar Account

of our Everyday Wants, Comforts, and Luxuries. By GEORGE DODD.

With Coloured Frontispiece and other Illustrations. 7. Modern Society; or, The March of Intellect. By CATHERINE

SINCLAIR. With Coloured and other Illustrations. 8. Herbert Lovell; or, Handsome He who Handsome Does. By

Rev. F. W. B. BOUVERIE. With Coloured and other Illustrations. 9. The Sailor Hero; or, The Frigate and the Lugger. By Captain

ARMSTRONG. With full-page Illustrations. 10. The Cruise of the “Daring." A Tale of the Sea. By Capt.

ARMSTRONG. With sull-page Illustrations. 11. Life's Contrasts; or, The Four Homes. By Mrs. GOTHER

Mann. With Coloured Frontispiece and other Illustrations. 12. Popular Preachers of the Ancient Church: Their Lives and

their Works, By Rev. W. WILSON. With Illustrations. 13. Edwin and Mary; or, The Mother's Cabinet. With Coloured

Frontispiece and other Illustrations. 14. The Book of Children's Hymns and Rhymes. With Co

loured Frontispiece and many Engravings. 15. Looking Heavenward : A Series of Tales and Sketches for the

Young. By Jane C. SIMPSON. With Coloured Frontispiece and many

Engravings. 16. Character and Culture. By the Bishop of DURHAM, Canon

Dale, &c. With Passages selected from the Works of Eminent Divines. 17. Pilgrims Heavenward. Essays of Counsel and Encourage.

ment for the Christian Life. With Coloured Frontispiece. 18. Preachers and Preaching, in Ancient and Modern Times. By

the Rev. HENRY CHRISTMAS. With Portraits.

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London : WARD, LOCK & CO., Salisbury Square, E.C.

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