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Bibliography of Published Scientific Information

on Atomic Energy and Nuclear Physics

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1. Paul C. Aebersold and Gladys A. Anslow, “Fast Neutron Energy

Absorption in Gases, Walls and Tissue,Physical Review,

January 1946, page 1. 2. Mario Ageno, “The Albedo of Thermal Neutrons,Physical Review,

March 1946, page 241. 3. H. M. Agnew, W. C. Bright, and D. K. Froman, “Distribution of

Neutrons in the Atmosphere,” Chicago Meeting, Abstract A10. 4. Luis W. Alvarez, “The Design of a Linear Accelerator for Protons,”

Berkeley Meeting, Invited Paper. 5. E. Amaldi, D. Bocciarelli, and G. C. Trabacchi, "Diffraction Phe

nomena in Angular Distribution of Fast Neutrons Scattered

by Pb-Nuclei,” Chicago Meeting, Abstract E6. 6. Herbert L. Anderson, Enrico Fermi, and Leona Marshall, “Produc

tion of Low Energy Neutrons by Filtering Through Graphite,”

Chicago Meeting, Abstract E1. 7. Harold Argo, Arthur Hemmendinger, Howard Kratz, Rolland

Perry, Rubby Sherr, Richard Taschek, and Dudley Williams, “Reaction Constants of Li' (pn) Be',” Chicago Meeting, Ab

stract A7. 8. R. F. Bacher, C. P. Baker, and B. D. McDaniel, “Experiments with

a Slow Neutron Velocity Spectrometer II,Physical Review,

May 1946, page 443. 9. C. L. Bailey, William E. Bennett, T. Bergstrahl, Richard G.

Nucholls, H. T. Richards, and J. H. Williams, “The Neutron-
Proton and Neutron-Carbon Scattering Cross Sections for Fast

Neutrons,” Chicago Meeting, Abstract 27. 10. D. C. Baldwin, "New Types of Photo-Nuclear Reaction," New

York Meeting, Invited Paper. 11. Edgar C. Barker, "Thick Target Yields with Deuteron-Proton

Reactions,” Chicago Meeting, Abstract A2. 12. W. E. Bennett, C. E. Mandeville, and H. T. Richards, "The Yield

Function and Angular Distribution of the D + D Neutrons,"

Chicago Meeting, Abstract A5. 13. W. E. Bennett and H. T. Richards, “Neutrons from C12 + D,”

Chicago Meeting, Abstract Z6.

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14. S. Bernstein, “On the Existence of a Resonance Absorption of

Neutrons in Graphite," Chicago Meeting, Abstract F3. 15. John P. Blewett, “Radiation Losses in the Induction Electron Ac

celerator,Physical Review, February 1946, page 87. 16. F. Bloch, W. W. Hansen, and Martin Packard, "Nuclear Induc

tion,Physical Review, February 1946, page 127. 17. L. B. Borst and J. J. Floyd, "Fissionability Studies,” Chicago

Meeting, Abstract F7. 18. L. B. Borst, A. J. Ulrich, C. L. Osborne, and B. Hasbrouck, “Dif

fraction of Neutrons and Neutron Absorption Spectra,” Chicago

Meeting, Abstract F8. 19. G. Breit, “Schematic Treatment of Nuclear Resonances,Physical

Review, May 1946, page 472. 20. John M. Buchanan and A. Baird Hastings, “The Use of Isotopi

cally Marked Carbon in the Study of Intermediary Metabo

lism,Physiological Reviews, January 1946, page 120. 21. Merle Burgy, L. A. Pardue, H. B. Willard, and E. O. Wollan,

“Energy of Delayed Neutrons from U235 Fissions,” Chicago

Meeting, Abstract E8. 22. P. Caldirola, “Relativistic Correction in Calculating the Magnetic

Moment of the Deuteron,” Physical Review, June 1916, page

608. 23. Simeon T. Cantril, “On the Use of Radioactive Tracers in In

dustrial Medicine,” Industrial Medicine, January 1946, page

37. 24. W. Edward Chamberlain, “Biological Phase of Future of Atomic

Energy," Chemical and Engineering News, May 25, 1946, page

1352. 25. W. Y. Chang, “Low Energy Alpha-Ray Spectra and Mechanism

of Alpha-Decay," New York Meeting, Abstract B9. 26. W. Y. Chang, “Study of the Alpha-Particles from Po with a

Cyclotron-Magnet Alpha-Ray Spectrograph,” Physical Re

view, February 1946, page 60. 27. Earle M. Chapman and Robley D. Evans, “The Treatment of

Hyperthyroidism with Radioactive Iodine,” Journal of the

American Medical Association, May 11, 1946, page 86. 28. R. F. Christy, “The Small Enriched Reactor at Los Alamos,"

Chicago Meeting, Invited Paper. 29. Norman D. Coggeshall, “The Mass Spectrometer, a Flexible Tool

for Industrial Analysis and Research,” Chemical Industries,

March 1946, page 420. 30. J. W. Coltman and M. Goldhaber, “Capture Cross Sections for

Slow Neutrons,” Physical Review, May 1946, page 411.

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