Annual Report of the Comptroller

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Страница 22 - ... per cent per annum, payable semiannually on the first day of May and November in each year...
Страница 11 - York, not otherwise specifically appropriated by law, including surplus revenues of the sinking fund for the payment of interest on the city debt...
Страница 20 - SGI shall have been levied by said Board of Supervisors, and before the annual taxes for the year next succeeding shall have been levied, the said Mayor, Aldermen and Commonalty of the City of New York are authorized to borrow, upon the credit of the Corporation, such sums of money as, from time to time, may be necessary for the payment of such judgment or judgments, and the legal costs and expenses incident thereto, and which the said Corporation...
Страница 24 - ... and to bear interest at a rate not to exceed six per cent per annum, payable semi-annually...
Страница 7 - An act to suppress intemperance and to regulate the sale of intoxicating liquors.
Страница 91 - The said board shall, from time to time, invest the moneys which shall constitute the Sinking Fund for the Redemption of the City Debt, or as much as they can, in the purchase of stocks created by the corporation of The City of New York, at the market price, not exceeding the par value thereof; and if, at any time, such investments cannot...
Страница 197 - Second Do .. Third . ..Do .. Fourth Do Fifth Do .. Sixth Do .. Seventh Do Eighth Do.. Ninth Do.. Tenth Do.. Eleventh Do Twelfth Do.. Thirteenth ..Do.. Fourteenth . . Do Fifteenth Do.. Sixteenth ...Do.. Seventeenth . Do . . Eighteenth . . Do . Nineteenth ..Do..
Страница 81 - July 1,1898 275,000 00 Six per cent. Central Park Fund Stock of the City of New York, payable July 1, 1887 3,006,071 00 Six per cent.
Страница 156 - ... charged with the duty of making the estimates and assessments required by law for building wells, erecting pumps, pitching, paving, regulating, and repairing streets, relaying pavements, constructing sewers, fencing vacant lots and public slips and all other improvements directed by corporation ordinances, for which an assessment...
Страница 110 - Sinking Fund for the Redemption of the City Debt .... $2,511,834 17 2. To credit of the Sinking Fund for the Payment of Interest on the City Debt 343,924 63 3.

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