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The Week.



Ames, Hon. Oakes, disel sues concerning Congressmen
and the Cré. Mblr. 65, produces his memorandum-
book, 1.5. expulsion r commented by Polana Commit
tee, 14 proposed re-ept on in Boson, 174. decease. 326
-Alabima amages di tribution, 65, 6-Austrian steam-
sh pubsity defea ed, 6-Atlantic stranisip wrecked,
21, 45, 26, 326 -Charles erancis Adams's blog: of Wm.
H. Sewar,277-Arkansas dissensions, 815-Am. Social
Serence Association on the coeducation of the sexes,
316 Susan B. Anthony convicted. 426.
Bortwell, Secretary, defends his dealings with the Synd

cate, offers his resignation, 1, 17, conjunction with
Butler to secure Massachusetts senator hip, 18, defends
his reissue of greenbacks before the Senate Finance
Committee, 83, censured by them, 49, contracts with
two syndicate, 66, views on British credit, 126, elected
senator from Massachusetts, second reissue of green-
backs, 189 Bowen-De Large conteste 1 election case,
50-outler's bill to regulate distribution of Alabama
damages, 65, 86, 125, experience in striking," 85, Salary
bill checked, 105 ambition to be Governor of M., 802,
nominates himself, 410-Bar Association and D. D. Field,
51-Hon. James Brook, expulsion recommended hv
Poland Committee, 141-Bank of England forgeries, 210
Marvin II Hovee's alse facts on capital punishment,
230, second letter, 346-Back-py declined by Congress-
men, 293, accepted, 309, amendment to Constituion,
810-Boston's commercial advantages over New York,
294. adequate protection against fire, 394-Hon. John
A. Bingham appointed Minister to apan. 393.
Congress (XLIIa, 3d session): Hooper's bill to resume
specie payments (Hoose), 17-Finance Committee con-
demn Boutwell'e reissue of greenbacks; Sherman's
bil to resume specle payments; Committee of Ways
and Means investigate the Syndicate (Senate), 49-
Post-office Committee's bill to reduce postage (House),
50-Butler's hill to distribute Alabama damages
(House), 63-Franking privilege aboli-he, 66-Alaba
ma damages bil pissed (Senate), 105, (House), 15-
Louisiana Investigating Committe's report, 105, 173-
Plan Committee's report on Crédit Mobilier; Judi-
clary Committee's report on Juristiction in cases of
exoulston (Hous-), 11-Louisiana elections, Congres
8 ona! Salaries (both Houses); adjournment sine die,
157, 173.

(XLII, 8ecial session of Senate): Louisiana; the
Case of Caldwell, 174, 23); case of Clayton; Patterson's
detence: adjournment, 230.

Crédit Mobiller investigation made public, 17, 18, 33, Oakes

Ames's isclosur 8, 65, missing $1:6,000. 5. J. B.
Stewart's contempt, Boston investization, 105, three
committes at work. 123, Poland Committee's report,
141-senator Cld ell's brib ry, 33, 141, defence, 174,
re-igns, 230-Hon. Schuyler Colfax's question of vera-
city with Jakes Aires, indiec eet hehavior, 85, explana-
tion, 125, relations with Mr. Nabitt, 141, ovation at
South Bend, 174-Congressmen's salaries raised, 157,
1:3-Civil-serv ce appointments in violation of the
rules," 189. xtension of rules, 216, new commissioners.
217, new rules, 426-Col ector Cs y r appointed, 19,
confirmed, 209, efficiency, 29-G. W Curtis reigns from
Civil Service Avisory Board, 229, 246, 261-Cal b Cush-
ing on Chie-Justice Cockburn, 2.9-Capital punish-
ment at the West, 230-Connecticu: e ection, 215. spl-
tal question to be sum tted to people, 895-Gen. Canby
murdered by the Modocs, 26-Constitutional amend
ments, vitality of, 310-Columbia, S C., burning of in
rebellion, 325-Chiet-Justice to succeed Chase, 315-Cor
nell, Ezra, charles against. 346, 362-Coeducation of
the sexes, 346-Senator Carpenter's speeches in New
Orleans, 361-Central Park and Mr. Omsted, 378-
Chinese persecution in san Francisco. 410.
Dawes, Hon. H. ., conection with C ét Mobilier, 18.
defeated by Boutwell for Senate, 189-Gov. Dix' m-8-
Baze, 31, refuses to commute Foster's sentence, 190, 210,
v-toes Local Option Bill, 351-Judge Delahay's misde
meanors, 142-Commissioner Davenport's care r, 158-
Wm. K. Dodge re-elected President of N. Y. Chamber
of Commerce, 310.
Economist on M. Boutwell, 126-Erie coup d'état, secret
history, 209, 210. investigation before Assembly com
mitrees, 243, 278-Emm ming a swindle, 210, stock-
holder's letter to Mr. Schenck, 893-Dorman B. Eaton
Anpointed to Civil Service Commission, 277-Employers'
Protective A sociation, 279-President C. W. Eliot on
coeducation of the sex-8. 347.

Fish. Scretary, despatches on Spanish Colonial policy,
83-Correspondence with Bancroft Davis, 411-Franking
privilege abolished. 67-D. D. Field_not prosecuted by
Bar Association, 87-Five-million-Dollar Swindle judí.
cially contemned, 112-Foster's sentence unchanged,
190, execution 210-Farmers' anti-railroad Clubs In the
West, 190, conventions, 245, 246. 309, 377, betrayal, 345,
election of Judge Craig, 39, declaration of independ
ence, 409.
Greeley, Horace, contested will and insanity, 67-Govern.
men present to Geneva arbitrators, 247, 262-Gen. Gar
feld's defence of himself, 293.
Hooper, H. S.. bill for a return to specie payments, 17-
Mayor Havem ver breaks with the Custom house Re-
publicans, 105, 125, appointments under the new charter,
946, police commissioners, 362, reason for partisan "p-
pointments, 411-" Hailing "the Spanish Republic, 127-
Gy Hoiden mad postmaster of Raleigh, 209-Capt. C.
F. Hall deceased. 325, 351.
Inauguration Ball, 173-Insurance companies on the de-
fens ve, 391-Illinois new R.R tariffs, 425.
Jap inese indemnity fund, 18.

Kansas election bribertes. 33-Rev. John J. Keane gives
the lle to the Nation, 279-Gov. Kellogg prosecutes Mc
Enery for treason, 234, draws arms from Government,
879, 395.
Louisiana Committee's address to people of U. S.. 1, reply
in Time 2, Pinchback's pro-lamation, 17, defence of
Kellogg's proc dure, 34, Supreme Court of State sus
tains Longstreet-Lynch hoard. 66, Congressional Inves.
t gating Committee condemns both facilons, 105, reports
of Senate Committee: Carpenter's bill for a new elec-
tion lost, 157, 173. Colfax (Grant Parish) massacre. 277.
325; Kellogg prosecutes M Enery for treason, 294; cause
and cure of the troubles, $25; President's proclamation
ngains McEneryites: Senator Carpenter's speeches in
New Orleans 361. Kellogg draws arms from the Gov-
ernment; McEnery advises peace 379: Gen Dick Tay
lor's despatch, 409; Beauregard resolutions, 426-Local
Option Bill v tord by Gov. Dix, 361-Judge Lawrence
defe ted by te Illinois Grangers, 393, 423.
Massachusettshalling" the Spanish republic, 127, contest
for U. S Senatorship. 141, 142, 190, raffroad system, 294,
Legislature nojourns, contest for Governor, 410-Mem
phis and El Paso RR. Swindle, 190-Modoc treachery,
261, pursuit by Gen. Gillem, 277. surrender, 893-Mormon
break up. 203-McEnery's programme of resistance in

Louisiana, 291, advises peace, 379-M-xican Frontiers
er ssd by Col. McKenze. 361-J S. Mill on protection,
$63-Mmes ta railroad decision, 575-Minority г pre-
sentation in Oto Consti ulon Convention, 373, 879.
N. Y. Journalistic amen ties, 2, 143, 153. Legislatur ad city
cliter, 66, 123, 143, 231, port-surveyorship and evi
servicns, 126, chrter denounced by Committee of
S-ven y, 143, passed by Lg slature, 78-New Hampshire
election, 191, 09-Rev. Dr. Newman appointed inspec
tor of cousuis, 209-New Jersey enacts general railroad
law, 245.
O'Brien's pardon by the President, 279-Hon James L
Orr deceased. 810-Ohio Legislature ano Madison's back
pay amend ment, 310, Republican Convention, 363, Con-
stitutional Convention, 378, 379-F. L. Olmsted on Cen-
tral Park management, 878.
Postal-telegraph statistics, 2. postal robbery, 230-Phelps,
Dodg & Co, and the Custom-house, 31 vindication, 262,
278, Treasury Department's defence, 293-President par-
dons a Philadelphia repeater, 86, recommends legis
Jation for Utah, 125, 8-cond inaugural, 178, pardons
O'Brien, 279, Louisiana proclamation, 361. 49-Senator
S C. Pomeroy's bribery exposed, 87, explanation. 10-
Senator Patterson's relations to Crédit Mobilier. 1.5. 230
-Polaris disaster. 3:5, 361, reller, 425-'ie in Holly Tree
Coffee House 8 37-Pen sylvania Constitutional Con.
vention on jurisdiction of courts in contested elections,
873-Prohit on in Ma suchusetts, 426.
Ruggles, S. B, favors cilver coinage assimilation, 85-Rell
glous amendment to U. S. Constitution, 14-Judge
Richardson succeeds Secretary Boutwell, 189, first ap
on Wall Street, 24-Railroad excitement in
Illinois, 190, 245. 246, 309, 315. 377, 393, 409,425, general law
in New Jersey. 2.5-Rhode Island election, 245-Hon. Ro-
bert Roosevelt's address to his constituents. 262.
Snow-storm of Dec. 26, 2- San Domingo annexation redivi-
vu, 19. commercial treaty, of S. G. Howe and others,
50-Stokes convicted. 19, allowed a new trial, 391-81-
ver coinage assimilation, 85-Syndicates for the new
Joan, 66-Subsidy s hemes at Washington. 86-J. B.
Stewart, contumacious witress, 105-Judge C. T. Sher.
man as a striker, 1.6-A ex. H. Stephens chosen sen tor
fr m Georgia, 157-Strikes in Boston and elsewhere, 251,
279, of coopers in N. Y., 311-Hon. Samuel Shellabarger
appointed to Civil-Service Commission, 267, defends
taking back-pay, 309-Hon Joseph Slo-s and back-pay,
800-S Louis Congressional Convention, 345-Hon. Ro
bert C. Schenck open letter to, 393-Southern States and
July interest, 409.

Times (N Y.) on the Erie-Gould settlement, 2. 10. sued by
Tribune for libel, 19, spats with the World and Post, 143,
154-Tribune's new start, sues Times and Brooklyn
Union fo libel, 19, new building, 346, hazy ideas on
French politics, 426-Tweed acquitted, 105-Hon. Ginery
Twitchell's lobbying on the floor of the House. 142.
Utah, criminal procedurein, 125-U. S. Judges able to im-
peachment. 141-Usury and the Grand Jury, 262.
Viena Exposition. U S. Commissioners scandal, 277, 293,
345, 877; Herald correspondence, 311-Vermont Cen
tral K.R. Sanda, 810.

Washington Trty losing its moral influence, 211, 411-
Williams & Gulon's recommendation of a dismissed
captain, 262-White Star Line's de ence, 326-Wall Street
pinch. 22-President Andrew D. White defends Mr. Cor-
heil, 382-M. T. Walworth murdered by his son, 394.
Young, Brigham, resigns his trusteeship of Mormon Church,



(See also Special Correspondence.)

GREAT BRITAIN.-Strike of London gas-stokers. 3-Death
of Napoleon III., 35, will, 311-English press misled by
Times's account of Jay Goute-Barlow settlement, 50, 51;
extraordinary revenues, 51-Strike of colliers and iron
workers in Wales, 51, 106, coal famine, 15-English note
to Ru-sia on Asian aggrandiz-m nt. 67, 106, 191, gree-
ment on Afghan boundary, 191-Motion to submit trea-
ties to Parilament for ratification, 158-Government
scheme of an Irish University, 175, defeated. 91, Glad-
stone resigns. 191. resumes; precedents for Disr elf's
refusal to form a ministry, 21-Reorganization of courts
175- Nobbling" the press, 191- Mr. Lowe's bucket for
1873, 247. 201-Carlist sympathizers, 295-High wages in
mining, decreased product, inc eased drunkenness, 347
-O Keeffe-Cullen suit, 379-Criticism on isu-Bancroft
Davis correspondence, 411-Shah's visit. 427.
FRANCE.-Pornlar address of the Left, 3, Tiers advocates
a Second Chamber, 19-Gramont Thiers dispute, 67-R--
port of Committee of Thirty, a Second Chember. 106, de-
bates on the report, 158. 191-Effect on France of the
Spanish revolution. 159-Resignation of M. Grévy, 279-
Cnot de Rémusat defeated i Paris; Redieal successes,
295, 326-R s gnation of MM. Gonlard and Simon; inter-
demanding a conservative ministr; General
in request for punishment, 347-Resination of
Thiers, election of Marshal MacMahon, 363-Free-trade
policy of new Government, 8:9-Fo:eign pobey to he
unchanged, 595-Minister Beulé orders provincial ress
subsidized, resigns, 411-Flection manipu atio 8, 426.
GERMANY.-Bismark resigns the presidency of the Prus-
sian Ministry, 35 67, 107, 127-Liberal alarm: Interfe
rence with priestly education; supression of Pepe's
allocation. 107-Bismarck's explanation in Reich stag;
constitutional changes to meet religi us ditenity;
causes of emigration; Prussian jobbery alleged, 127, 159
-Bismarck on amen ing the religious articles of Prus
shan Constit tion 247-Emperor anticipates evacuation
of France: speech from the throne, 263-Americans in
ill-odor, 317.
ITALY.-Pope's allocution attacking Italy, Germany, and
Switzerland, 51-Defeat of Sella-Lanza Ministry; resig
nation; reappointment, 311-Clerical demonstrations;
pilgrimage to Assi-1 827-Approaching conclave, 863.
SPAIN.-Fish-Sickles corresponde ce on the abolition of
slavery in Cuba. 51-Troubles of the Republic: Carlist
warfare, 159-Cortes con-ents to call a Constituent As.
sembly. 1:5-Federalist Republicans gaining ground, 191
-Slavery abolished in Porto Rico; dissolution of the
army, 211-Army insubordination spreading; Carlist
exesses, 231-Strife between the Committee of Perma-
nence and the Government; Sans-culottes doctrines,
295-Permanent Committee dissolved; forced currency
talked of 327-Figueras resigns; cabinet changes, 895.
RUSSIA. Campaign against Khiva, 3. prohibition of Eng-
land. 67, 106; Shuval ff's mission, 106; agreement with
England as to the Atham boundary. 191; advance n
Khiva, the Khan relents. 263. 427; reported exp'ure of Khi-
va, 327, 317; capture of Hasarasp, 427-Lesseps' rallway
to S marcand, 427.

AUSTRO-HUGAR-Panic on the Vienna Bourse $27.847.
HOLLAND.-Dutch forces in Sumatra defeated by the A
chinese 326

CANADA--Death of Hon. Joseph Howe 379.
AUSTRALIA.-Protection experiments, 294
SANDWICH ISLANDS.- Death of Kamehameha V, 3
CHINA.-Marriage and accession to power of the Emperor,
JAPAN-Financial complications, 411.



Announcements, 9, 25, 41, 58. 71, 94 113, 133. 149, 65. 182. 196,
217, 237, 251, 255, 286. 301 317, 4:2. 351.67.8-4. 400, 417 481-
Americ in Eshoot gical S city reviv-4.9

S Co Sciene Association's Miv meet K. 317-Amer.
ic-n rt at Vienna Exposition. 165-Armi and var.
budgets in Europe, 131-Artillery and Infantry practice
in Germa y, 42-Ade son, J. hù. glt to Prof. Avasriz,
237-Adams. C. F., Jr, speech on Mass, railroads. 196-
Arnold. Matthew, and Herbert Spencer, 334-Arminius
status epigraph, 303-Abraham Cupid, 838-Arundel 80-
ciety's photographs of D-hi, 95-Azalea show in Boston,
817-Annual Register, 269-Athenæum's Shakespeare
emendation, 302-American Civil Law Journal, 219-
Atlantic Almanac, 41-Almanach de Gotha, 41.
Brooklyn purity of morals, 59-British Museum fbrary too
unwieldy, 42-Berlin d-caris, 855-Batum, 95-Brooks,
Hon. James, deceased. 317-Black, Hon. J 8, on fraud.
alent grants, 269-Blackburn, Henry, water-color exhi
bition, 42-B ackwell, Miss Anna, on spiritism, 253-
Buckingham papers, 193-Bn wer Lytton deceased. 59
-Betti Goethe correspondence. 166-Füchner, Dr.,
observation on American anner, 197-Burton's H's
tory of Scotland, 301-Boughton's Idv oft Birds, 10-
Brownson's Quarterly Review, 74-"Back pay steal,"
269-Bbliograpoia C-tholica Amricana, 75.
Canada, Geological Survey of, 83-Chin, se and Japanese
new literature. 193-Confucius, system of. 115- yprus
antiquities, 11-Charlemagne législateur 115-Coperni
cus festival. 40th year, 218, 219-Catlin, George, de-
censed, 26-Chesebro, Caroline, decessed, 149-Cesnola
collection of Cyprus Antiquities 11-Creole literature
115-Cost Survey map of Newport. 237-Census shad d
mans, 27, vital statistics, 296, centre of gravity progress
in U.S., 42-Congressional emolument am ndment to
Constitution. 269-Centenarianism In U. S. 286, 400-Co-
education of the sex 8.417-Cumulative voting repealed
in Pennsylvania. 252-Central Park art_3-5-Clerymen,
longevity of, 400-Chiengo Jurnal of Commerce on H.
C. Carey's centificiscoveries, 26-Chronotype, 94-
Critique philosophique, H.
Dellt anent, architecture of, 95-Dickens. Forster, Cruik
bank, and Hone, 150-Dixon, Hon. James, decensed,
23-De uge, Chai ean versio of, 11-Deck f cards, 134
-D ath-blow to Corrupt Doctrine, author of. 2:0.
Etru can language. 317-Ethological enquiry, 385. map of
the British Isls 217-East India Company's paners de-
stroyed. 193- English publ cations, 150, 815, 818, 319.
Forrest, Edwin, 1 brary damaged by fire, 182-Favre Jn'es
on irrelig on in France 302-Faber's Confue us, 115-
Finott's Bibliograph a C-tholica Americans, 75-Forest
Influence on soil and climate, 302-French publications,
73, 94, 95, 96, 287.
Germany, Shakespeare's popularity in, $55, literary activi
ty, 27. losses 1 French war, 2.0, treaty of citize ship
with US, 236-'Goethe's Correspondence with a Child,'
133-Girram, St. Marc, deceased. 269-Guiccioll de-
Cras d 233. 268-Grote's pseudonymous work theism,
418-Gn's Self-Government in England,' 151-Gree
ley's will and the Children's Aid Society, 167-Geek
Grammars of the Modern sort, 7- Graphic, N. Y.. 182.
Hindu widows and their property, 418-Haughton J-mes,
deceased. 21-Hopkins, Johns, u iversity and hospital,
237-Hart, Prof. C. F. on the Lingos Geral of South
Amer can Indins, 368, 369-Harvard College annual re-
ports. 114. scient fic activity, 115. examinations for
women, 431-II storical literature of 1872, 238-Hellotype
process. 36-Hygiene. 251.
Illore, law rep ring in, 26-Italian literature, 854, mis-
spelling of English, 60-Iron Mask again, 369--Inter-
oceanic Canal projects. 132


Japanese desire to adopt English language, 59.
Kensett, John F., deceased, 10-Knight, Charl, deceased,
233 Kotl, Dr. J. G., on Germa Onomatopiœa, 386.
Leavitt, Rev. Jeshua, deceased, 59-Lear, Tobas, 198-
Letherby Dr. on American diet, 252-Lytton's anony-
mus authorship, 167-Liebig, Barn Justus, ceceased,
851-Law rep iting in Illinois, 268-Latin Pr nunciation,
Maury, M tthew F. deceased 114-Macready, Wm. Charles,
deceased, 314-M1 1. John Stuart, deceased, 893, posthu
mous writings, 402, correspondence with Comte on
woman, 418-Maine, Sir H. S., on rights of property of
Arried women, 418-Manzoni, Alessandro, deceased,
$59, anecdotes of, 4 9-Mon ler's Charlemagne legisla
tenr. 11-Medical S aff in British Army, history of, 385
-Macaulay's New Zealander, 74.

North Caroll and Western usages of speech, 183-New-
port, U. S Coast Surv y map of. 237-N. Y. morality of
to-day predicted in N. A. Review, 166-New Zealander.
74-Napoleon III.'s rain. 167-Nott. Dr. J. C.. deceased,
268-Nn of American towns 27-Nurses, N. Y. train-
ing-school for, 111-Nature on Penikese, 36.
Oberlin, coeducation at, 417-Orientalists' International
Congress, 431.

Pompeiian colored Venus, 303-Pope Adrian gives Ireland
to Henry II, 42-Paganini, 218-Poule. W. .,, Anti-
slavery opinions before 100,'182-Paez. Gen J sé Anto-
nlo, deceaser, 34-Priestley, John, deceased, 26-Pritz,
Dr. G., resigns from the Berlin Royal Library, 315-
Prince of Wales, burlesque and parody atta ks on, 269
-Perkins Library sale. 217-Prince-Caniche. 332-Polar
exploration. 11-Postal charges for newspapers, 193.
Quiner, Mme., diary of the siege of Paris, 384.
Kusso-Turkish boundary negotiation, 95-Reade, Charles,
as a plagiarist and bl ckguard, 133-Rhododeneron
show in Boston, 400-Rickets. 95-Railroad Gazette's sta
tstes of accidents in U. S.. 10-Romania, 41.
Sully, Thomas, deceased, 10-Savage, James, deceased, 197
Stebbins, Miss, fountai in Centra Park, 3-5-Stauntor,
H ward, on corrupted Shakespeare text, 252-Seer uller,
Mrs. A. M. C., deceased. 75-Stephen, Fitzjames."
ty. Equa ity, and Fraternity, 301-Spencer, Herbert, on
thes ndy of sociology, 331-Shakespereans, 302. 333. 354,
855-Shakespeare the favorite of the German stage. 355
-Sanders's Dictionary of German Difficolti s, 302-
Stelzer's catalogue of American publications, 196-
Spruner's Hand-Atlas, 75-Stieler's fland-Atles. 75-Sil-
ver colage of U. S assimilated with that of Europe,
183-Shufefat and Se'tridge canal surveys, 482.
Tupí language, 369, 369-Thackeray's early life, 218-Tyndall
dinner proceedings, 133-Tichborne claimant prose.
cuted, 418-11mrod, Henry, sufferings from p verty, 166
-Thompson, John R. de eased. 318-Torrey Dr. John,
deceased, 197, lite sketched by Prof. Gray, 432-Thierry,
A méitée, deceased. 238 - Thiers's daily habits, 954-
Thiers MacMahon revolution, 418-Trial by jary, ori in
of, 210, 216-Tel graphic increase ofnsins in U.S., 42
-Trade dollar of U.S.401 - Times (N. Y) garbles the
Nation's remarks, 10-Tappan, Lewis, deceased, 452.
Vienna Exposition. oating hotels at, 287.
Wisconsin eademy of Science and State Library, 113-
Winchell Pr f.. on the earth's futu e, 252-Woolsey,
Dr.. on the Treaty of Washington, 301-Washington's
private secretary, 199, pedigree, 401-Water-color exhi
bition in N. Y., 42-Washington Republican says man fo
not an animal, 28 – Waikakania dimana

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