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States have the that the "entire domain of the privileges and immunities of the federal gov

citizens of the state, as above defined, lay within the constiernment to pro-tutional and legislative power of the states, and without that their privileges of the federal government. Amendment

3. That this amendment, thus construed by the highest thus construed judicial tribunal of the country, is the supreme law of the law of the land land-a law for rulers and people—and should be obeyed and

respected by all the co-ordinate departments of the govern

ment. Civil rights bill 4. That the bill now before congress, known as the civil fringement of rights bill, is in violation of this amendment as interpreted the constitution by the supreme court of the United States; is an infringe

ment on the constitutional and legislative powers of the

states; is sectional in its operation, and injurious alike to the Its enforced ap- white and colored population of the southern states; and plication destructive of edu

that its enforced application in these states will prove decation and oth-structive of their systems of education, arrest the enlightenerwise injurious

ment of the colored population, (in whose improvement the people of Virginia feel a lively interest,) produce continual irritation between the races, counteract the pacification and development now happily progressing, repel immigration, greatly augment emigration, reopen wounds now almost healed, engender new political asperities, and paralyze the power and influence of the state government for duly controlling and promoting domestic interests and preserving

internal harmony. Bill solemnly 5. That the people of Virginia, through their representaprotested against

tives, enter their earnest and solemn protest against this bill, Instructions

and instruct their senators and request their representatives against it in the congress of the United States, firmly, but respectfully,

to oppose its passage, not only for the reasons herein expressed, but as a measure ealculated to arrest the growing sentiments of concord and harmony between the northern

and southern states of the Union. Resolutions to 6. That the governor cause a copy of these resolutions to be forwarded to be forwarded to each of our senators and representatives in congress

the congress of the United States, with the request that they present the same in their respective bodies.

CHAP. 2.-AN ACT to Render Valid the Charter of Incorporation of

The People's Savings Bank at Lynchburg, Virginia, and to Legalize all Acts done Under and in Accordance with the Original Charter.

Approved January 7, 1874.


Whereas the circuit court for the city of Lynchburg, on the twenty-fifth day of June, eighteen hundred and sixtyeight, granted a charter of incorporation to The People's Savings Bank at Lynchburg in the following words and figures, to-wit:

1. It is ordered by the circuit court of the city of Lynchburg that John D. Langhorne, Charles M. Blackford, Samuel People's savings Tyree, George M. Rucker, F. Browne Deane, John H. Flood, burg incorpoJohn Otey Taylor and William M. Black, together with such rated other

persons as are now or may be hereafter associated with them, shall be, and they are hereby constituted and made a body politic and corporate, by the name and style of The People's Savings Bank at Lynchburg, and by this name and see Code of 1873, style are hereby invested with all the rights, powers and c. 56-7 privileges conferred, and made subject to all the rules, regulations and restrictions imposed by the Code of Virginia and acts of the general assembly of Virginia amendatory thereof applicable to savings banks, and not inconsistent with the

Code, c. 57, $ 59, provisions of the act passed at the last session of said assem- p. 551 bly, giving authority to the circuit courts of the commonwealth to grant charters of incorporation.

2. The capital stock of the corporation shall not be less Capital than fifteen thousand dollars, which may be increased from time to time to a sum not exceeding three hundred thousand dollars, to be divided into shares of one hundred dollars each.

3. The said company shall have power and authority to Authority to ininvest its capital stock or other funds in bank or other stock, loan and disco in the purchase of bonds issued by this or any other state of count and guarthe United States, or the United States, and in bonds of any of debt other incorporated company; to lend money upon personal or real security; to discount bonds, notes or bills of exchange, and to secure the interest in advance, and to guarantee the payment of notes, bills of exchange, bonds or other evidence of debt.

4. And the said company shall, further, have power to rent Real estate or to purchase and hold, so much real estate in the city of Lynchburg as may be necessary to conduct the business of said bank,

and shall have, generally, all power and authority Power to make to make, enter into, and enforce any and all contracts neces- and enforce con

tracts sary for the conduct of its business as such savings bank, subject to the laws controlling such institutions. And whereas the People's savings bank at Lynchburg, by

Further preamvirtue of the powers and authority vested in it under said bles charter, has, by its said corporate name, proceeded to conduct a general banking business, to lend money, make contracts, discount bills and notes, issue certificates, sue and to be sued, and to do all other acts authorized by said charter;

And whereas doubts have been suggested as to whether the said court had authority to grant said charter; whether the same ever became a valid and legal charter by reason of its not having been properly recorded in due time; and whether any of the acts, contracts and transactions done, entered into, and transacted, in and by its said corporate name, are legal and valid: Now, therefore, for the purpose of settling such doubts

1. Be it enacted by the general assembly, That all acts, Acts and protransactions, proceedings, contracts and agreements, whether ceedings under cxecated or executory, done, transacted and entered into by legalized the aforesaid parties and their successors, or their agents and

attorneys, under or by the name of The People's Savings Bank at Lynchburg, under and in pursuance of the aforesaid charter, and all titles and rights of every kind and nature whatsoever, accrued to or against, or acquired by or against said bank, or by or against any person whatsoever, under and in pursuance of the said charter, in any transaction, agreement or contract with the said bank, or any officer or agent acting in the name of, and on behalf of said bank, and not inconsistent with the laws of this state, on and after the twenty-fifth of June, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, shall be Řeld and taken to be, and to have been, at all times, of the same force, virtue and effect, in all respects, as if said charter were clearly and in every respect certainly valid, and no question had ever been suggested as to the lawful authority thereof, and as if

the said charter had originally been granted by an act of the How suitsi pend- general assembly of this state; and all suits now pending in ing to be pro

any of the courts of this commonwealth in which said bank coded with

is a party, shall be proceeded in in the corporate name of said bank as though the said charter had been originally granted

by the general assembly and was in every respect valid and Circuit court legal, it being the intention of this act to declare the said charter made charter granted by the said circuit court a valid and legal valia

charter as of the day it was so granted, without regard to

any failure to properly record the same, or any other inforActs and con- mality in connection therewith, and to declare all acts and pany declared contracts of said bank made in its corporate name and by,

virtue of the powers granted in said charter to be valid and

legal. Commencement

2. This act shall be in force from its passage.


CHAP. 3.-JOINT RESOLUTION in Reference to the sale of Forfeited

and Delinquent Lands.

Approved January 14, 1874.

Suspension of

Resolved (the house of delegates concurring), That the sales of delin- treasurers and officers charged with the sales of forfeited and quent lands

delinquent lands throughout the commonwealth be, and they are hereby directed to suspend further sales of said lands, whether the same have heretofore been commenced or not,

until provision can be made for the sale of said lands delinAuditor to give quent for county levies, and the auditor of public accounts information of be instructed to inform said officers of the adoption of this suspension


CHAP. 4.-An ACT to Incorporate the Masonic Mutual Relief Associa

tion of Virginia.

Approved January 20, 1874.


1. Be it enacted by the general assembly of Virginia, That Masonic mutual John Robin McDaniel, James N. Gordon, L. C. Talbot, N. H. Elief associaHazlewood, A. W. Strange, James M. Langhorne, John W. rated Carroll, W. H. H. Peck, James S. Dillard, Robert L. Waldron, Henry F. Bocock, R. T. Aunspaugh, L. B. Rose, George W. Dame, Morton Pannill, Richard A. Booker, James S. Moss, Joseph Cohn, John P. Yeatman, George V. Litchfield, Jr., and their associates, be and they are hereby created a body politic and corporate, with perpetual succession, by the name and style of The Masonic Mutual Relief Association of Virginia, and by that name are hereby made capable in law and Corporate pow. equity to sue and be sued, to plead and be impleaded, contract and be contracted with, to make, have, and use a common seal, and to alter or renew the same at pleasure, and shall have the right to take and hold, by purchase, gift, or Real and persootherwise, real and personal estate not exceeding one hun. Dal estate dred thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary to carry out the object of this association, and to dispose of and convey the same at pleasure.

2. The object of said association shall be, to establish in Object of assothe city of Lynchburg, in the state of Virginia, a Masonic vide a fund for mutual relief association, and to provide and maintain a fund widows, orfor the relief of widows, orphans, or beneficiaries of a deceased deceased memmember of said association.

3. Any one who has attained to the degree of a master Who may be mason, and is affiliated with a regularly constituted lodge, memebers of ascan be a member of this association.

4. There shall be a meeting of the members of this asso- Meetings to ciation called within sixty days after the passage of this act, and directors for the purpose of electing a board of directors, to consist of Board of direcfifteen members, and annually, on the second Wednesday in tore how comNovember thereafter; they shall officiate until their succes- term of office sors are duly elected and qualified; said board of directors President how shall elect one of that body as president, and one as vicepresident.

5. The board of directors shall elect a secretary and a Secretary, treatreasurer, and appoint all other subordinate officers and ser and other agents necessary to conduct the affairs of this association, pre- duties and pay, scribe their duties, and affix such compensation for their ser. how prescribed vices as it may


proper. 6. The board of directors shall adopt such by-laws and By-laws; varegulations as may be necessary for the government of the cancies supplied association, fill all vacancies in their own body, and of the officers and agents, that may occur by death, resignation, or otherwise; and five of them shall constitute a quorum to do Quorum of dibusiness.

7. A misnomer of the corporation in any deed, gift, grant, Misnomer of or devise, or any instrument of contract, shall not vitiate the corporation not




same if the corporation shall be sufficiently described therein

to ascertain the intention of the parties. Commencement 8. This act shall be in force from its passage.

CHAP. 5.--An ACT to Amend Section 10, Chapter 202, Code of 1873,

with Reference to Jurors in Criminal Cases.

Approved January 20, 1874.

Code of 1873, 1. Be it enacted by the general assembly of Virginia, That p. 1246 aménded section ten of chapter two hundred and two of the Code of

Virginia (edition eighteen brundred and seventy-three) be

amended and re-enacted so as to read as follows: Power of courts "§ 10. In a criminal case in any court, if qualified jurors to summon jurors from any not exempt from serving cannot be conveniently found in other county or the county or corporation in which the trial is to be, the

court may cause so many as may be necessary of such jurors to be summoned from any other county or corporation by the sheriff or sergeant thereof, or by its own officer. Every juror so summoned shall be paid one dollar for each day he

attends, and the same mileage as a witness in a civil case; How jurors to and every juror residing in such county or corporation, and be paid

serving on such jury, shall be paid in like manner one dollar for each day he attends on such jury. Such jurors shall be forthwith paid by the treasurer of the last named county or corporation, and he shall be repaid out of the state treasury

on the order of the court. Commencement

2. This act shall be in force from its passage.

CHAP. 6.-An ACT to Authorize the Common Council of the Corpora

tion of Winchester Borrow Money.

Approved January 20, 1874.

Council of Win- 1. Be it enacted by the general assembly, That the comchester authorized to borrow

mon council of the corporation of Winchester, in the county money of Frederick, be and is hereby authorized to borrow a sum or

sums of money, not to exceed in the aggregate the sum of fif

teen thousand dollars, and at a rate of interest not to exceed How proceeds of eight per centum per annum, the sum or sums so borrowed to be loan to be used used exclusively in the payment of debts, now owing by said

corporation which have already fallen due, and those that

may fall due previous to January first, eighteen hundred and Certificates of seventy-five. That for the sum or sums so borrowed, the debt how au. thenticated

said common council be and is hereby authorized to issue registered or coupon bonds or both in the name of the mayor and commonalty of the town of Winchester, to be signed by such officer or officers of said corporation as the ordinance or

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