Scandinavia, Ancient and Modern: Being a History of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway : Comprehending a Description of These Countries, an Account of the Mythology, Government, Laws, Manners, and Institutions of the Early Inhabitants, and of the Present State of Society, Religion, Literature, Arts, and Commerce. With Illustrations of Their Natural History, Том 2

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Страница 408 - Created hugest that swim the ocean stream : Him, haply, slumbering on the Norway foam, The pilot of some small night-foundered skiff Deeming some island, oft, as seamen tell, With fixed anchor in his scaly rind Moors by his side under the lee, while night Invests the sea, and wished morn delays...
Страница 219 - Prince's aid-de-camp, who waited " upon him respecting the proffered flag of " truce, that the French fought bravely, but " that they could not have stood an hour the " fight which the Danes maintained for four. " I have been in one hundred and five engage" ments, said he, in the course of my life, but " that of to-day was the most terrible of all.
Страница 116 - Reunion was also established, at this Diet, for the purpose of making inquiry as to the lands granted, sold, mortgaged, or exchanged by preceding Kings, either in Sweden or Livonia ; with an offer on the part of the crown to reimburse the proprietors for such sums as they had originally paid for them. This proceeding made a considerable augmentation to the revenues of the crown ; but a vast number of proprietors were completely ruined by it. A subsequent diet went even further than that of 1680.
Страница 129 - ... already dethroned the sovereign of Poland, and all Europe fully believed that he would entirely crush the Czar, and dictate conditions of peace in the Kremlin.* Charles himself looked on success as a matter of certainty ; and the romantic extravagance of his views was continually increasing. "One year, he thought, would suffice for the conquest of Russia. The Court of Rome was next to feel his vengeance, as the Pope had dared to oppose the concession of religious liberty to the Siberian protestants....
Страница 319 - The sources from which these are derived arc a small assessment of grain in lieu of tithe from each farm, Easter and Christmas offerings, and dues for marriages, christenings, and funerals, which are pretty high. There are fiar prices, as in Scotland, by which payments in grain may be converted into money. In every prestegild there are several farms, besides the glebe, which belong to the living...
Страница 247 - In many respects Gustavus resembled the best of his progenitors. His private life was unimpeachable, and his zeal for the social and domestic improvement of his people unwearied. His devoted patriotism and inflexible honour were manifested in the resolute perseverance with which he alone, of all the continental sovereigns, rejected the offers and defied the power of the French conqueror. But there was in his constitution that family disease which had displayed itself in the eccentricities of Christina...
Страница 231 - ... to occupy, with a military Force, the Territory of Holstein, for the purpose of excluding Great Britain from all her accustomed channels of communication with the Continent ; of inducing or compelling the Court of Denmark to close the passage of the Sound against the British Commerce and Navigation; and of availing himself of the aid of the Danish Marine for the invasion of Great Britain and of Ireland.
Страница 102 - The commons have since experienced, that the little finger of an absolute prince can be heavier than the loins of many nobles. The only comfort they have left them being to see their former oppressors in almost as miserable a condition as themselves...
Страница 222 - ... Russian noblemen was formed against the Emperor Paul, who was strangled in his chamber on the night of the 24th of March. His son and successor Alexander at once resolved to abandon the confederacy, and to cultivate the friendship of Great Britain. Sweden, Denmark, and Prussia followed his example ; and thus was dissolved, in less than six months after it had been formed, the League of the North, — the most formidable confederacy ever arrayed against the maritime power of England.
Страница 70 - Wherupon suche a throng of people came about him with golde in their handes as almost putt him out of countenance ; and made him glad to accept no more but three pieces.

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