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October 31, 1887. Hon. J. M. RUSK, Governor of Wisconsin:

SIR:- In accordance with the provisions of the statute, we have the honor to submit the following, the eleventh report of the State Board of Health, giving therein information concerning the health conditions of the State during the past year, with suggestions for the future based upon that information.

We are glad to be able to repeat with respect to some of the common forms of contagious disease, what we have said in former reports, viz., that while they are always with us to a greater or less extent, the power of preventive measures in restricting their spread has been repeatedly demonstrated during the past year to the saving of many lives and a great amount of suffering. For numerous illustrations of this fact reference is made to the accompanying report of the Secretary of the Board, and to the reports from local health officers presented in connection therewith, and we refer also to these reports for evidence that much good work has been done in the field of general sanitation.

It is to be feared, however, that the comparative exemption from any epidemic outbreak that Wisconsin has enjoyed for some years past has brought about a feeling in some minds at least, that the sanitary precautions that have been taken and the care that has been exercised, to which the reduction in the numbers of cases of some forms of contagious disease has been largely due, may be greatly relaxed. No more mischievous error than this can be entertained, for while it is true that several forms of contagious disease, notably those that make the children of the State

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