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Acid, benzoic


picric or nitropicric
Amber, and amberoid unmanufactured, or crude gum
Aniline salts
Antimony ore, crude sulphite of
Arseniate of aniline
Art educational stops, composed of glass and metal,

and valued at not more than 6 cents per gross.

Act 1897

Par 464 464 464 470 471 472 476 480


Baryta, carbonate of
Birds, stuffed, not suitable for millinery ornaments.
Brazil paste
Breccia, in blocks or slabs

489 493 506 508

514 515


Camphor, crude
Civet, crude
Coal-tar products, known as benzol, toluol, xylol,

toluidine, xylidin, cumidin, binitrotoluol, bi-
nitrobenzol, benzidin, tolidin, dianisidin, naph-
thol, naphthylamin, diphenylamin, benzaldehyde,
benzyl chloride, resorcin, nitro-benzol and nitro-
toluol, all the foregoing not medicinal and not

colors or dyes Cutch

524 542


Diamonds, or other precious stones, rough or uncut,

and not advanced in condition or value from
their natural state by cleaving, splitting or

other process, and diamond dust or bort .. Drugs, such as balsams, nuts, nut galls, spices;

any of the foregoing which are drugs and not
edible, and are in a crude state, and not ad-
vanced in value or condition by refining or
grinding, or by other process, and n. 8. p. f. in
Act of 1897



551 Act 1897

Par 571

Human hair, raw, uncleaned, and not drawn

Ivory tusks in their natural state or cut vertically

across the grain only, with the bark left intact.


Lac spirits
Lemon juice, lime juice, and sour orange juice..
Licorice root, unground
Lime, citrate of

593 597 598 600

606 613

Magnesium, not made up into articles
Meerschaum, crude or unmfd
Patterns for machinery, but no article shall be

deemed a pattern which can be fitted for use

otherwise Musk, crude, in natural pods

616 618

Nuts, Brazil

622 622


Oils: almond, amber, crude and rectified ambergris,

anise or anise seed, aniline, aspic or spike lav-
ender, bergamot, caraway, cassia, cinnamon,
cedrat, chamomile, citronella or lemon grass,
civet, fennel, jasmine or jasimine, juniper, lav-
ender, lemon, limes, mace, neroli or orange
flower, enfleurage grease, orange oil, ottar of
roses, rosemary or anthoss, sesame or sesamum
seed or bean, thyme, origanu red or white,

valerian Ores of copper

626 629

Potash, hydrate of, or caustic potash, not includ

ing refined in sticks or rolls


651 656

Saffron and safflower, and extract of and saffron

Seeds: anise, caraway
Spices: cassia, cassia vera, and cassia buds, cinna-

mon and chips of, cloves and clove stems, mace,
nutmegs, pepper, black or white, and pimento;
all the foregoing when unground; ginger root,
unground and not preserved or candied


Storax, or styrax


Tonquin, tonqua, or tonka beans

685 Act 1897


Woods: briar root or briar wood and similar wood

unmanufactured, or not further advanced than
cut into blocks suitable for the articles into
which they are intended to be converted





Section 5. That all materials of foreign production which may be necessary for the construction or repair of vessels built in the United States and all such materials necessary for the building or repair of their machinery and all articles necessary for their outfit and equipment may be imported into the United States free of duty under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe.

REGULATIONS IN T. D. 32956. Abstracts of published and unpublished decisions of the department made under section 5 of the Panama Canal act since the promulgation of the regulations in T. D. 32,956, are contained in T. D. 33,386, May 6, 1913.



Par Abaca, as manila, crude

free 497 (See Philippines tariff act of Aug. 5, 1909) Abacus, a beaded article, dutiable according to ma

terial c. v. T. D. 21,265. Abelones, prepared or not, as shellfish. T. D. 22,812

free 598 Abies canadensis, T. D. 15,848, Abies excelsis, T. D. 29,031, Abies Nordmanniana, T. D. 20,828, Abies pectinata (N. 0. N. Y. 1913),

as seedlings, coniferous evergreen, n. s. p. f... free 595 Abrasives, crude, artificial, n. s. p. f....

free 479 Abrasives, grit, shot, and sand, made of iron or steel, that can be used as, T. D. 31,773 ..

30% 112 Absinthe

. per proof gall. $2.60 240 (Importation prohibited after Sept. 30, 1912,

N. Y. Oct. 4, 1912) Absorption cells, as mf. glass. T. D. 31,832... 30% 95 Aburage, as bean cake. T. D. 32,780

25% 200

27 Acacia, as drugs, n. 8. p. f. T. D. 4,371 .


427 Academy, special importation for, see “Society'... 573

611 Acaprin, as sheep dip. T. D. 25,067

free 596 Accordion, less than regular number of keys, or not

over 15 marks per doz, as toys, T. D. 25,110... 35% 342 Acetanilid

25% 18 Acetate, amyl, see amyl acetate

29 of calcium, see calcium

440 of copper, see copper

421 ethyl, see ethyl acetate

29 Acetate of lead, see lead


5 Acetates, n. s. p. f., T. D. 8,593, as chem. comp...

17 Acetic acid, see acid

387 Acetic anhydrid

· per lb. 242 cts.

2 Acetic ether, see ether, acetic

29 Acetone

· per lb. 1 ct. 3 Acetphenetidin

25% 18 Acetylsalicylic acid, see acid

18 Achate, as agates, unmanufactured. T. D. 3,800.. free 390 Achillea, nursery stock. T. D. 16,320

15% 211



Par Acid, acetic or pyroligneous

free 387 acetylsalicylic

25% 18 amido-benzoic as acid n. 8. p. f. T. D. 22,563. 15% 1 amidosalicylic, not medicinal, not color or dye. 10% 23 anhydrides, 'n. 8. p. f.

15% 1 anthranilic as acid, n. s. p. f. T. D. 22,563. 15%

1 arsenic or arsenious

free 387 benzoic as acid, n. 8. p. f. T. D. 22,563 15% 1 benzoic dibromo trioxy, as medicinal prep. T.

5 D. 17,958 ..

17 benzoic, sulfinid, as saccharin. T. D. 27,280,

per lb. 65 cts. 179 boracic

. per lb. 34 ct. 1 bromo-fluoresic, as coal tar color, n. s. p. f. T. D. 28,035

30% 20 butyric, as acid n. 8. p. f. T. D. 6,353 15%

1 carbolic

free 387 chromic

free 387 chrysamic as acid, n. s. p. f. T. D. 5,147 15% 1

5 cinnamic, as medicinal prep. T. D. 33,194....

17 citric

.. per lb. 5 cts. 1 cresotine, as coal tar prep. T. D. 12,699. 15% 21 cresylic, as carbolic acid. T. D. 3,980

free 387 diclorophtalic, as acid n. s. p. f. T. D. 14,377 15% 1 fluoric

free 387 formic

· per lb. 142 cts. 1 gallic

. per lb. 6 cts. 1 gallic, anilide

5 gallic, dibromo glycerophosphoric, salts and compounds of 25% 18 hydrochloric or muriatic

free 387 hydrofluoric

free 387 ichthyol-sulphonic, as acid n. s. p. f. T. D. 13,701

15% 1 lactic

per lb. 142 cts. 1 linoleic, as acid n. 8. p. f. T. D. 27,153.... 15% 1 metanilic, not medicinal, not color or dye.. 10% 23 muriatic or hydrochloric

free 387 nitric

free 387 nitropicric, as coal tar color, n. s. p. f. T. D. 20,802

30% 20 oleic, as acid n. s. p. f. T. D. 27,030... 15% 1 oxalic

·per lb. 112 cts. 1 palmitic, as acid n. s. p. f. T. D. 33,620 15% 1 phenyle, as phenol. T. D. 5,825

.free 452 phosphoric

free 387 phthalic

free 387 picric, as coal tar color, n. s. p. f. T. D. 20,802. 30% 20 prussic

free 387 pyrogallic

per lb. 12 cts. 1 pyroligneous or acetic

free 387 ricinoleic

25% 45 rosolic, as coal tar color. T. D. 20,802

30% 20

} as medicinal prep. T. D. 17,958 { 19

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