International Organization and Conference Series I-IV., Део 1,Издање 17

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Страница 23 - Council has for its principal purpose the promotion of the economic and social welfare of the American nations through effective cooperation for the better utilization of their natural resources, the development of their agriculture and industry and the raising of the standards of living of their peoples.
Страница 51 - Application thereof, together with the Final Act Adopted at the Conclusion of the Second Session of the Preparatory Committee of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Employment which authenticated the texts of the said general agreement and the said protocol; 4.
Страница 25 - To formulate the policies, principles, and standards in conformity with which the fulfillment by Japan of its obligations under the Terms of Surrender may be accomplished.
Страница 23 - To carry on such other activities as may be assigned to it by the InterAmerican Conference, the Meeting of Consultation of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, or the Council of the Organization.
Страница 61 - Council regarding the one strategic area, Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands administered by the United States. The...
Страница 17 - To promote private foreign investment by means of guarantees or participation in loans and other investments made by private investors...
Страница 28 - The Conference reached an agreement for the establishment of a Council of Foreign Ministers representing the five principal Powers to continue the necessary preparatory work for the peace settlements and to take up other matters which from time to time may be referred to the Council by agreement of the Governments participating in the Council.
Страница 49 - The Commission shall be a consultative and advisory body to the participating Governments in matters affecting the economic and social development of the territories within the scope of the Commission and the welfare and advancement of their peoples.
Страница 65 - Economic Commission for Africa ECAFE Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East ECE Economic Commission for Europe ECLA Economic Commission for Latin America...
Страница 46 - German authorities do not institute, carry out or permit artificial measures or discriminatory practices which would distort the movement of Ruhr coal, coke and steel in international trade, except for measures of protection approved by the International Authority...

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