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Compilation of Resolutions, relative to railroads, passed by the Legisla

ture, State of California, 1850-1878.

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5. Concurrent Resolution concerning the Pacific Railroad. Feb. 25, 1854.-

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16. No. XV-Concurrent Resolution asking aid of Con

gress for Oroville and Virginia City Railroad -------- March 26, 1868 17. No. XXVI–Senate Joint Resolution and Memorial

asking Congress to grant in favor of railroad between San Francisco and Missouri Valley, by southern route, certain aids, franchises, and loans

Feb. 28, 1868... 18. No. XXXI-Senate Concurrent Resolution asking

Congress to grant aid to San Diego and Gila Southern Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company

March 2, 1868.19. No. XXXV-Senate Joint Resolution relating to rail

road lands granted by Congress to this State --- March 13, 186820. No. IV-Memorial to Congress requesting the land

now claimed by the Southern Pacific Railroad Com

pany to be restored to settlement by preëmption ---- Dec. 22, 1869..21. No. IV–Senate Joint Resolution No. 13, relating to

restoration to the public domain of lands granted to

the Folsom and Placerville Railroad Company Jan. 8, 1874.--22. No. XIX-Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 8, rel

ative to lands granted the Stockton and Copperopolis Railroad Company

Feb. 4, 1874..23. No. XXV-Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 41,

relative to the Central Pacific, the Western Pacific,

and the California and Oregon Railway Companies -- Feb. 13, 1874.-24. No. XXXI-Senate Joint Resolution No. 17, relative

to the restoration of certain lands granted to the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company

Feb. 26, 1874.-

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25. No. XXXIII-Senate Concurrent Resolution No.-43,

asking Congress to declare the meaning of the Joint Resolution of Congress of June 28, 1870, in reference to the reserve for a land grant to the Southern Pacific Railroad Company of California, and to restore cer

tain lands in said reserve to the public domain 26. No. XLI-Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 31,

relative to the construction of a railroad and telegraph line from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean

March 2, 1874..

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29. No. XLII-Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 53,

relative to grants of lieu lands to railroad companies - March 29, 187630. Chap. XXXII--Assembly Joint Resolution No. 3, rel

ative to subsidies and donations of public lands... March 11, 1878




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