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-interest on, extend- 1325. The act of the 3d March, 1815, authorizing "a Loan," having also directed intered, until provision effected for paying them est to be paid on "Treasury notes” until funds shall be assigned for paying them off, in

structions are given for extending the allowance of interest for more than one year, with proper discriminations, &c.: S's cir. 12th May, 1815; V.2, p. 49.


“VI. The party entitled to assign a certificate may constitute an attorney for that purpose, by a power which must be executed before some officer or person before whom the assignment might be executed by the preceding regulation, and who must, in like manner, certify to the identity of the party executing such power. The assignment may then be executed by such attorney in the same manner as above provided in respect to the constituent, and a like certificate of the identity of the attorney must be given.

“VII. When the assignment is executed at any other place than the Treasury, it may be left, with the certificate, in the hands of the President or Cashier of a depository of the Treasury, to be transmitted to the Register, for the purpose of having the transfer completed on the books. The new certificates will be returned to the officer who forwarded the assignment, by mail, to be delivered to the assignee.

“VIII. The assignee will, in all cases, designate on the certificate to be assigned, or in a separate communication, the depository of the Treasury at which he desires to have the interest paid. The depositories selected for that purpose at this time are at Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington city.

“IX. In case of the decease of a stockholder, a transfer of his stock must be made either by his executor or administrator, or by the person to whom such stock has been devised; or who, by the laws of the country in which the stockholder resided at the time of his death, has succeeded to the ownership thereof; or who, under such laws, has the right to take possession of such stock.

“X. In case the stockholder, at the time of his death, was a resident of the United States, his executor or administrator must produce an exemplified copy of the letters of administration or letters testamentary, or a certificate of the fact of such letters having been issued by the officer from whose office the same were granted, under his hand and seal, if there be a seal, accompanied by a certificate of the Governor of such State, under its seal, that the certificate or certified copy is given by the proper officer, and is in due form. If the applicant claims the stock as devisce, or as having succeeded to the rights of the holder, he must produce the decision of some competent tribunal 10 that effect, duly exemplified, and accompanied by the certificate of the Governor of such State, under its seal, that she decree or judgment was rendered by the proper tribunal, and that the copy is certified by the proper officer, and is in due form. But a transfer cannot be made in the cases specified in this regulation without the special direction of the Secretary of the Treasury.

“XI. In case the stockholder, at the time of his death, was a resident of any foreign country, the person claiming the right to direct the transfer of such stock must produce the evidence of such right, as follows:

“1. If he claims as executor or administrator, or as having been appointed to take charge of the personal estate of such deceased stockholder, he must produce a copy of the instrument giving him such authority, duly exemplified, or having a probate act or certificate endorsed thereon, of the proper officers, setting forth that such instrument had been duly proved, specifying the court in which, and the day when, such proof was made, and duly exemplified under the hand and seal (if there be one) of the officers from whose office the original was issued, accompanied by a certificate of a Consular agent of the United States in such country, or, if there be none, of a notary public, to the effect that the officer granting such authority had jurisdiction of the subject by the laws of such country, and that the exemplified copy is by the proper officer, and in due form.

“2. If the claim be on the ground that the stock has been devised to the applicant, or that he has succeeded as a relative to the rights of any deceased person in any certificate of stock, a decision of the competent tribunal of the country establishing the right of such applicant must be produced, duly exemplified or authenticated under its sea), (if it have one,) and by the signatures of its officers, and accompanied by the certificate of some officer enumerated in the preceding paragraph, to the effect that such decision was pronounced by a tribunal which, at the time, by the laws of the country, had jurisdiction of the subject and authority to make such decision, and that the copy of the decree or judgment of such tribunal is duly authenticated by the proper officers. But a transfer cannot be made in any case specified in this regulation without the special direction of the Secretary of the Treasury.

“XII. No charge is made for effecting the transfer of any stock. The only expenses are those incurred in authenticating the necessary papers previous to their presentation.

“XIII. The new certificate issued upon a transfer of stock on which the interest is payable quarterly, will bear interest from the first day of the quarter, and, when it is payable semi-annually, from the first day of the half year in which such transfer is made, and interest will be paid to the assignee for the whole of that quarter or half year. If any interest has accrued prior to the first day of such quarter or half year, it will be paid only to the person who was the holder of the stock at the time such interest accrued, or to his order.

“XIV. The interest on all certificates of stock issued for any loan made in behalf of the United States, will be paid, in specie or its equivalent, at the depository of the Treasury designated for that purpose, unless otherwise requested in writing thirty days before such interest is payable.

“XV. To obtain the payment of interest it will not be necessary to produce the certificate of stock, unless required by the depository by which such interest is to be paid, in order to relieve it from any doubt of the identity of the party applying.

“XVI. Interest will be paid to the person entitled to receive it on his signing a receipt therefor, or on his order or letter of attomey, acknowledged or proved in the same manner, and before one of the officers authorized to certify to the execution of an assignment of stock, specified in regulation V.

The preceding regulations relate to certificates of stock transferable on the books of the Treasury.

[Same subject.]

1326. As arrangements are making to pay off the whole of the “Treasury note debt," of which notifications are made public, dated the 15th instant, further instructions are now given respecting the calculation of interest on Treasury notes: S''s cir. 26th June, 1815; V.2, p. 53.

“XVII. The certificates to which coupons are attached being transferable by “endorsement and delivery," a blank endorsement by the payee will be regarded as valid in the hands of any person presenting the certificate. Parties desirous of avoiding accidents that may arise from that cause, can do so by taking special endorsements.

“XVIII. The coupons for interest will be paid at any of the depositories specified in the preceding regulation, No. VIII, on presentation, and will be by them cancelled and transmitted to the depository in the city of Washington for final adjustment. Statements of the coupons to be paid will be furnished to all the depositories in due season before they become payable.

“XIX. All applications made to the Treasury for renewal of certificates of stock lost or destroyed, must be accompanied by the following documents :

“1. A statement, on oath or affirmation, by the applicant, showing the time, place, and all other circumstances attending the loss or destruction of the certificate, with its number, date, amount; the rate of interest it bears; the time to which interest, if any, has been paid ; in whose favor it was issued; when made payable ; together with every other particular relating to it, within the knowledge of the applicant.

“ 2. An instrument in writing, to be signed by the applicant, with two sureties, reciting the particulars hereinbefore specified, by which Buch applicant and his sureties shall jointly and severally agree to pay to any person who may establish a valid claim to the certificate so alleged to have been lost or destroyed, the full value thereof on demand, with interest until paid ; and also to pay to the United States any sum which shall appear to have been erroneously paid to such claimant, pursuant to the said application, with interest until paid. Such instrument is to be executed in the presence of a Judge or District Attorney of the United States, or a Judge of a Supreme or Superior Court of any State, by whom this sufficiency of the sureties, in double the amount claimed, must be certified.

"3. A copy of a public advertisement of the loss or destruction of a certificate, made by the party in a newspaper published at or near the place of such loss or destruction, accompanied by the affidavit of the printer or publisher of the same, that the said advertisement had been inserted in the said paper for six consecutive weeks. *

J. C. SPENCER, Secretary of the Treasury.[SUPPLEMENT.)

"TREASURY DEPARTMENT, August 15th, 1843. “Sir: As inquiries have been made on the subject, it is deemed proper to inform you, that under Regulation V, respecting the transfer of certificates of stock issued for any loan made in behalf of the United States, an assignment may be executed by a resident of a foreign country before a notary public of such country, and under Regulation VI, a power to an attorney to make such assignment may be executed before any officer of that description, before whom also the attorney may execute the transfer.

“When not contrary to the laws of the country, assignments and powers exccuted before any public minister or consul of the United Stales, and certified by him in the manner provided, will be sufficient.

“Any provision for the case of proof by witnesses of the execution of an assignment or of a power, and of the identity of the assignor, was intentionally omitted, for the purpose of avoiding the hazards of such a mode of proceeding. Still, in special cases of bodily infirmity, causing an inability to attend in person before the proper officer, duly established by affidavit, such proof will be received, and, if entirely satisfactory, the assignment will be allowed upon the special direction of the Secretary of the Treasury. “Respectfully, your obedient servant,

“J. C. SPENCER, Secretary of the Treasury." “Thomas L. SMITH, Esq., Register of the Treasury."

Statement showing the amounts, dates of redemption, and denominations of certificates of the United States loans.

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[Same subject.]

1327. To prevent a further increase of the public debt, by the re-issue of small Treasury notes, Collectors are instructed to take the necessary measures for withdrawing them from circulation, as they are received by them: S's cir. 28th November, 1816; V.2, p. 69.

Treasury notes of

1328. In pursuance of the act of the 12th May, 1837, to issue Treasury notes,” Col1837-regulations respecting receivability lectors (and Receivers) are instructed how to recognise their identity; that they will be reand cancellation, &c. :

ceivable by them in payments of the Customs, and not re-issued or paid out by them, but cancelled, by punching a hole through the middle, and writing, in a large hand, on their face, the word "CANCELLED,” the date, and by whom, and to make proper returns of the same to the proper officers of the Treasury Department: S's cir. 25th October, 1837; V.3,

P. 154.

-forms of accounts, and quarterly returns of the same :

1329. Of Treasury notes authorized by law to be issued, and received in payments to the Government, forms are prescribed for keeping the accounts of those received in pay. ments of Customs and Land sales, by Collectors and Receivers, with forms of quarterly returns of the same: C's cir. 25th October, 1837; V.3, p. 574.

-returns of notes re

1330. Accounts of those notes received by Collectors for disbursement, and actually paid ceived and paid away to be made to 1st Au- away according to form No. 1, and of those received in payments of dues to the Governditor:

ment, according to form No. 2, are to be returned quarterly to the 1st Auditor of the Treasury: C's cir. 3d March, 1837; V.3, p. 577.

-interest to commence from date of disbursement.

1331. Treasury notes are to bear interest, according to the opinion of the Attorney General, from the date of disbursement, which is to be endorsed on the back of the notes: C's cir. 6th December, 1837; V.3, p. 587.

Correction of re- 1332. Instructions to the same effect, as to the commencement of interest on Treasury turns required to be made to Ist Auditor, notes from their date of disbursement, and a correction corresponding thereto is required to 3d March, 1837:

be made in the accounts to be kept thereof, and in the quarterly returns to be made to the 1st Auditor: C's cir. 11th December, 1837; V.3, p. 589.

-cancelled notes to be transmitted weekly to the Secretary :

1333. Besides the quarterly returns of the abstracts of Treasury notes received in payment and cancelled by Collectors, a weekly transmission of the notes so received and cancelled is required to be made to the Secretary of the Treasury, instead of retaining them, as heretofore, to be transmitted at the end of the quarter: C's cir. 24th January, 1838; V.3,

p. 595.

instructions for cancellation not complied with :

1334. Collectors (and Receivers) are informed that Treasury notes transmitted by them to the Department as "cancelled," have not been so endorsed, according to the instructions of the 25th of October last; nor endorsed by the person to whose order they were payable: S's cir. 15th February, 1838; V.3, p. 158.

continued neglect 1335. Former instructions respecting the date of disbursement of Treasury notes required complained of, and further endorsements to be endorsed thereon, as the period from whence the validity and interest of the notes is to on notes required :

run, not being duly attended to, are now repeated, with further instructions as to an additional endorsement of the agency by which the disbursement is made: C's cir. 25th May, 1838; V. 3, p. 617.

1336. Separate abstracts of Treasury notes, issued under the act of the 12th October, separate abstracts of

those of different is. 1937, and of those issued under the act of the 21st May, 1838, are required to be rendered, sues, under acts of

1837 and 1838: with such modifications as to facilitate a discrimination between them: C's cir. 26th May, 1838; V.3, p. 619.

1337. The neglect of the aforesaid instructions of the 26th May last is also complained -not complied with : of, and a compliance therewith is further enjoined: C's cir. 16th July, 1838; V. 3, p. 633.

13371. The quarterly returns of Treasury notes are required to be made in three sepa- Returns of abstracts

to be classed by the rate abstracts, classed according to three designated periods in which they had been issued: three periods of issue. C's cir. 1st May, 1841; V.3, p. 879.

1338. Treasury notes issued according to the acts of 15th April, 1842, and 3d March, interest on Treasury 1843, are to have the interest thereon computed at Deposite Banks, according to rules pre- notes at Banks : scribed, &c.: C's cir. 20th March, 1843; V.3, p. 1005.


1339. Rules are prescribed similar to the foregoing (and of the same date) for computing the same rules for interest on Treasury notes, by Collectors of the Customs and Receivers of Public Moneys, when such notes are presented in payment of public dues; together with instructions for keeping accounts, and making returns thereof, according to forms transmitted: C's cir. 20th March, 1843; V. 3, p. 1009.

1340. A list of Treasury notes, signed by the acting Treasurer and the acting Register Spurious issue, to

absconded Treasurer of the Treasury, which were delivered to the Treasurer of Mississippi, Richard S. Graves, of Mississippi. who is charged by the Governor of Mississippi with having absconded with the money and property of the State, is set forth in a public notice by the Secretary of the Treasury, in pursuance of a request of the Governor, as a means of arresting the fraudulent circulation of said notes: S's cir. 10th April, 1843; V.3, p. 300.

1341. Collectors and Receivers of public money, who receive Treasury notes in pay

-how to cancel and

transmit Treasury ment of public dues, are instructed how to cancel and transmit to the Department the notes notes received by Col

lectors, &c.: so received by them: S’s cir. 14th April, 1843; V.3, p. 301.

A list of notes purJoined at New Orleans

1342. A list of Treasury notes, alleged to have been cancelled and transmitted from the Custoin-house at New Orleans to the 1st Auditor, and which have not been received, having Custom-house, &c. been purloined at the Custom-house or the Post Office, is transmitted to Collectors and others, to guard them against receiving the same, with instructions how to proceed in regard to any of said notes being presented to them: S’s cirs. 18th and 26th April, 1843; V.3, pp. 305, 308. .

A further issue of notes announced.

1343. Treasury notes, carrying interest of one mill per cent., are announced as being about to be issued by the Treasury Department, to be receivable in payment of public dues, as cash, under certain regulations: S's cir. 18th October, 1943; V.3, p. 321.

1344. A descriptive list of Cancelled Treasury notes, which have also been abstracted from the Treasury Department since 1842, is transmitted to Collectors and others, to guard sury Department,

A list of notes abstracted from the Trea

A list of notes ab- them against attempts to circulate them, and to request their efforts to detect persons constracted from the Treasury Department.

cerned in the purloining and circulating said notes: S's cir. 28th November, 1843; V. 3, pp. 328 to 332.

Payments of lost Treasury notes, &c.

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1344}. (Applicants for the payment of lost Treasury notes, or lost Treasury drafts, or for the renewal of lost certificates of stock, are informed how to proceed, and what documents are necessary in presenting their claims to the Department: S's cir. 3d July, 1843; V.3, p. 318.)

Srrip issued on land warrants, and received in payment, &c.

1345. Holders of land warrants granted to officers and soldiers of the Revolution are notified that Scrip will be issued in satisfaction of such warrants; and Receivers of public moneys are instructed that said Scrip will be receivable in payments for public lands sold: S's cir. 15th June, 1837; V. 3, p. 144.

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