Report of the New York Commerce Commission, Том 1

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J.B. Lyon, state printer, 1900
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Страница 820 - And for the purposes of the examination hereby directed, the commission possesses all the powers conferred by the legislative law upon a committee of the legislature or by the code of civil procedure upon a board or committee, and may invoke the power of any court of record in the state to compel the attendance and testifying of witnesses and the production thereby of books and papers as aforesaid.
Страница 67 - ... the New York Central, the Erie, the Pennsylvania and the Baltimore & Ohio joined in requesting Allen G.
Страница 62 - ... such as to render it right and proper. They constitute a temporary arrangement only ; equitable, as we think, for the present, but which may become inequitable before the lapse of any considerable time. Whenever they shall be found to operate unfairly, and to give a forced or unnatural direction to trade, and whenever it shall appear that they tend to deprive any one of the seaports affected by them of the proportion of business that would naturally come to it under the operation of normal competition,...
Страница 315 - New York, Chicago & St. Louis New York, New Haven & Hartford New York, Ontario & Western New York, Susquehanna .& Western Norfolk & Western Northern Central Northern Paciflc Oregon Short Line Oregon-Washington R.
Страница 50 - ... the major part of all that they receive is destined to a foreign market. Some of it passes from Western towns on through bills of lading to foreign ports, but the most of it is consigned to the merchants of the Atlantic cities and is reshipped by them. Except at Boston it has been found impracticable to distinguish between that intended for home consumption and that for foreign shipment; and, therefore, no discrimination in freight charge is attempted, but all is charged as if destined to a foreign...
Страница 50 - ... Under the competitive principle, a maximum of rates is thus established, and the railroad companies cannot prevent it, whatever may be their desire. But distance, cost, and many other circumstances may then come in to force still lower rates on the lines to the cities south of New York. If it is found that the roads leading to Baltimore will not obtain a reasonable share in the business without offering better rates than are given to New York, such rates will certainly be 'offered. They will...
Страница 411 - In order that this subject may be treated with that consideration and care which its magnitude demands, I recommend that a commission be created to examine into the commerce of New York, the cause of its decline and the means of its revival, and report conclusions.
Страница 276 - Therefore, resolved, if the honorable the senate concur herein, that a joint committee be appointed to take into consideration the propriety of exploring and causing an accurate survey to be made of the most eligible and direct route for a canal, to open a communication between the tide waters of the Hudson river and Lake Erie, to the end that Congress may be enabled to appropriate such sums as may be necessary to the accomplishment of that great national object.
Страница 51 - ... route has a further advantage in the somewhat greater expedition. If, therefore, the railroads to Baltimore and Philadelphia were to charge for the inland carriage the same that is charged to New York, they must do so with the certain result of losing their present participation in the export trade. They must, therefore, of necessity, make their average inland rates at least as much lower than the inland rates to New York as will offset the differences in the ocean freights.
Страница 801 - For the highest economy in transportation, special types of vessels are needed for use on the ocean, on the lakes, and on the canals, and neither can replace the other in its proper waters without suffering loss of efficiency. Ocean vessels could not, as a general rule, engage in the business of passing through a ship canal and the lakes to upper lake ports; and lake vessels are not fitted for use upon the ocean, and if they made use of a canal they would have to transfer their cargoes at the Seaboard....

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