School Laws of Iowa: From the Code : with Notes, Forms and Decisions for the Use and Government of School Officials

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F. R. Conaway, State Printer, 1897 - 90 страница

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Страница 4 - Code, be and the same is hereby repealed and the following enacted in lieu thereof. SEC.
Страница 57 - ... or privies for each of the schools under their charge, at least two in number, which shall be entirely separated each from the other and having separate means of access, and the approaches thereto shall be separated by a substantial close fence not less than seven feet in height.
Страница 7 - 73, 3760.] THE EDUCATIONAL BOARD OF EXAMINERS. university, principal of the normal school, and two persons to be appointed by the governor...
Страница 77 - The conclusion to be deduced from the authorities is that where power is given to public officers, in the language of the act before us, or in equivalent language — whenever the public interest or individual rights call for its exercise — -the language used, though permissive in form, is in fact peremptory.
Страница 18 - He shall also report, as provided by law, to the superintendent of the college for the blind, the name, age, residence and postoffice address of every person, resident of the county, so blind as to be unable to acquire an education in the common schools...
Страница 55 - In the school, as in the family, there exists on the part of the pupils the obligations of obedience to lawful commands, subordination, civil deportment, respect for the rights of other pupils and fidelity to duty. These obligations are inherent in any proper school system, and constitute, so to speak, the common law of the school. Every pupil is presumed to know this law and is subject to it, whether it has or has not been re-enacted by the district board in the form of written rules and regulations.
Страница 37 - At any meeting of the board of trustees a majority of the trustees shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, but a less number may adjourn from time to time...
Страница 10 - During the periods that the school is in session the library shall be placed in the schoolhouse, and the teacher shall be responsible to the district for its proper care and protection.
Страница 63 - The corporation has continued to exceed or abuse the authority conferred upon it by law; or (d) The corporation has failed for thirty days to appoint and maintain a registered...
Страница 31 - ... policy to exclude any inferior evidence from being used either as a substitute for such instruments or to contradict or alter them; of principle, because such Instruments are, in their own nature and origin, entitled to a much higher degree of credit than that which appertains to parol evidence; of policy, because it would be attended with great mischief and inconvenience, if those instruments upon which men's rights depend were liable to be impeached and controverted by loose collateral evidence.

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