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Follow the flag!

By every fireside where live the love of country and the love of justice is heard a sigh of relief that our flag is not, after all, to be trampled in the mire. Now that it has been raised aloft, follow it. Follow it even to the battle front.

Follow the flag!

It goes on a high mission. The land over which it Aies inherited its spirit of freedom from a race which had practised liberty for a thousand years. And the daughter paid back the debt to the mother. Her successful practice of free institutions caused the civic stature of the citizen in the motherland to grow. It lit the torch of liberty in France. Then, moving abreast, these three lands of democracy imparted to it impetus so resistless that freedom is sweeping victorious round the globe. Today constitutional government is the rule, not the exception, in the world. Once more these three nations are together leading a great cause and this time as brothers in arms.

Follow the flag!

It goes on a world mission. If the high hope of our President is fulfilled, that flag will have new meaning. Just as the stars and stripes in it symbolized the union of free states in America, so now they may come to symbolize the beginnings of a

union of nations, self-governing, and because they are self-governing, making for good will and for justice.

Follow the flag!

It goes on a stern mission. Follow it, not for revenge, yet in anger-righteous anger against the bloody crew who, with criminal intent, have brought upon the world the greatest sum of human misery it has ever known in all its history. Follow it till that ugly company is put down and the very people themselves whom they so grievously deceived and misled, by coming into liberty, will come to bless that flag and kiss its gleaming folds.

Follow the flag!

Too long it has been absent from that line in France where once again an Attila has been stopped. It has been needed there, God knows! And yet, tho not visible to the eye, it is and has been there from the beginning. It is there in the hearts of those fifty thousand American boys who saw their duty clear and moved up to it. Now at last it may be fung to the breeze in the front line, to be visible by day, and to remain at nightfall, like the blessings of a prayer fulfilled, in the consciousness of men. Follow it and take your stand beside the fifty thousand.

Follow the flag!

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HE ship that took them out “Star Spangled Banner.” Next they in any other branch. In all the armies passed unnoticed. At an Atlan- sang "Tipperary." Cheerers on the pier it is found that the doctors after three tic port, somewhere in America, fell silent, thinking how many thou- years in war work have spent them

early in May, 1917, the liner left, sands of transports have sailed to selves and must be relieved. American utterly without flourish, just one of “Tipperary” and how many will yet surgeons, conceded the best in the many slate colored, deep laden, un sail to the “Star Spangled Banner." world, are now going by the thousand. labeled merchantmen braving U-boats It was only a regiment of doctors It is estimated that the war will take these days. A long gun jabbed out over going to a post nowhere near the firing at least twenty-five thousand American her stern.

line, with only submarines to face and doctors and nurses. No American battleflag snapped slight chance of being bombed. aloft, to set a thousand harbor tugs But they were the first to answer


HE war surgeon's task is not inwhistling in salute as she sailed. Dun, the Allies' call for help and some were spiring to the popular mind. No grim, silent—and she carried the “first glad that America's first should be "citations" in it, no headlines. It is for France."

healers, not killers. Others were proud gloomy, discouraging, an endless wade Aboard was the first unit of the that the first call should find America in the "backwash of war.” Toilers in United States Army—uniformed, car- perfectly prepared.

the hospital get no acclaim in the rying the American flag, under War

communiqués, not even a notice unless —, Base Hospital No. 4, two hundred and The first unit was mobilized and off some attendant is killed, as was H.

in seven days. Five more hospital M. Suckley of Rhinebeck, New York, fifty-two strong. It was not merely the units followed hard at their heels. In by a German avion dropping bombs first of the army's forces off in this all so far Colonel Jefferson R. Kean, eighteen miles back of the trenches. war. Director General of Military Relief,

Without a thrill, without even the It was the first army unit that ever

has organized thirty-six base hospitals intoxicated heat of "going over the sailed in the history of the United under the Red Cross to be mobilized top" for a charge, without even a hate, States for service on the continent of with the army under War Department the doctors struggle on at the most disEurope. orders.

heartening job in the whole business If John P. Holland had not care

Ten thousand surgeons, nurses and of war. lessly invented the infernal submarine, attendants, this means, are under way

Blasted men, gangrenous bodies, are Base Hospital No. 4 wouldn't have for France. They will not all come about them always. They work in sailed so unostentatiously. There would back, as any one knows who has stud- stench and moaning and horrible dyhave been a parade to the pier, god- ied the casualty lists of the medical ing. Death is at their elbow day and speed speeches full of "firsts,” hulla- arm of the belligerents.

night. If they succeed they see half baloo down the bay, pictures in all the

The percentages of casualties, ac


return wearily to the papers, wireless reports all the way cording to the reports from the Allies trenches, the other half, maimed, go over and kudos galore. The submarine

as cited by Captain A. Lippincott, U. home to drag out a useless existence. has taken the pomp out of war, even S. Signal Corps, run as follows: medin places three thousand miles away ical, infantry, artillery, air. The mor


the doctor's lot is cheerless, the from the front.

tality rate among the doctors in official nurse's is almost unendurable. Pain TOME there were at the pier, of reports for a long time now has been never lets up in the long wards and

course, who knew what was toward. actually the highest of the war. The the nurse is continually at the beck They shouted gaily at the lieutenant- normal ratio is 10 doctors to 1000 men. of torture. She has been overtasked as doctors, in spick and span khaki, lin- At present there is only one doctor to well in many of the hospitals of ing the rail. They laughed and chaffed 1000 men in France.

France. One nurse, one nurse's aid and when the Red Cross sent to the ship

The British army lost six hundred a three-fingered orderly with an entire two dozen silver-tipped swagger sticks doctors in the battle of the Somme hospital of forty beds to care for unfor the officers. They cheered when a alone. As long as a year and a half assisted, is not an unusual case. philanthropist hurried over the gang- ago the French army service became With this before them the American plank to hand $25,000 to the unit to demoralized, between losses and in- doctors and nurses are going abroad broaden its work. Another hurrah went efficient organization. In the Russian so eagerly that the commander of No. up for

drums rushed army, with its peculiar system of “fly- 4 said on arriving in Great Britain aboard.

ing columns” of doctors who work right that his people were "crazy to go into Then the ship moved. The khaki- in the trenches, the mortality has been action.” çlad men began singing. It was the far higher in the medical service than Their enthusiasm grows out of their




the Philadelphia, the St. Louis, all in
the first call to the colors.

Their work is cut out for them. After
the dressing stations in the trenches
have slapped on "first aid" and the
fic ld hospitals back of the lines have
operated the vital cases, the wounded
pass thru the evacuation hospitals to
the basc hospitals.

Since hospital ships are being ruthlessly torpedocd those days the base hospitals must be in France and every “drive" from now on will tax them to the uttermost.

No. 4's men intend to do more than the "cut out” work. Major Crile, Major Lower and Major Hoover, the best

known among them, would like to see Brown Brothers

Brown Brothers
what can be accomplished by quick op-

ONE OF THE OPERATING TENTS erative work in the very trenches, splendid preparation. Colonel Kean be- dragging their ancsthetics and knives British general and his staff at a port gan organizing over a year ago. Base into the dark of dugouts and mud of decorated with American flags in the IIospital No. 4 was recruited at Lake. shell holes. Their reasoning is based on doctors' honor. side Hospital Clevcland, Ohio. Its doc- the fact that abdominal cases if not On to London, and humble No. 4 tors were all officers of the United operated within four hours after the found itself lionized. Buckingham PalStates Medical Reserve Corps, and wound are usually fatal. They want to ace invited its presence for the first some had had “war” experience with work out this grim arithmetic—whcth- reception of the sort that ever took the Guard on the Mexican border, while cr by following up attacks right with place. Royalty democratically shook the others had served in relief emergencies, the fighters the percentage of men hand of every man and woman and such as the flood at Dayton and the saved will not be greater than the per- King George addrest them, saying: like. Its dircctor, the noted surgeon, Dr. ccntage of doctors killed. The problem, “We grcet you as the first dctachment George W. Crile, had gone to France tho unpleasant, must be scientifically of the American army to land on our for a time carly in the war. rcsolved.

shorcs." This unit accomplished a tour de They hope to do research work as In England No, 4 was face to face force in mobilizing in a week. A base well, with that $25,000 which Samucl with the one thing it fcared. The fear hospital is a complicated organization. Mathcr donated at the picr. One of had come upon it an hour before sailIts two hundred and fifty members in- them, who has been working on the or ing. Thcy knw they were trained, they clude twenty-five surgcons, sixty-five igins of jaundice, had in his pockets were drilled, thcy were all preparednurses, one hundred and fifty orderlics, reports of how France is suffering but they had no tand. By the scrcamrecorders, attendants, cooks, mcchan- from a plague of jaundice due to ing eagle, what a fix! They hastily icians, launderers, electricians, etc., and trench rats. Out of war thcy will try canvasscd their administrative perits equipment for 500 beds when to distill some essence of good for hu- sonnel recruited a few days before and housed under canvas takes twenty-five manity.

discovered that of the one hundred and or thirty tents. The first units for No. 4, convoyed at the last by an fifty, scventy-six were college boys, enFrance did not necd this equipment, as American destroyer, reached England listed as privates, at fifteen dollars a they were ordered to prepared hospi on May 17. Major Gilchrist, in com month, volunteers to do the hardest, tals. Many sorts of experts went-pcdi- mand, found his force welcomcd by a mcancst work around a hospital. Some atrists, dentists, X-ray

of them were men, ophthalmologists,

ways. bacteriologists.

Of the seventy-six, a The Lakeside

dozen were found did heroic things to

who “could play anytear themselves loose

thing." An officer and be first off. Fa

rushed ashore and purmous surgeons instant

chased half dozen ly sacrificed practises

di ums and

many worth $100,000 a year.

fifcs. Here is exactly

On the voyage what one young lieu

the sharked-up tenant did on five suc

drum corps learned to cessive days: 1, he mo

play “Yankee Doodle" bilized; 2, he marricd;

-but not at Bucking3, he hurried off to

ham Palace. Even for Philadelphia to read a

the frills of war they scientific paper, the result of two years'

competent and research, before the So


In ciety of Amcrican Phy

France in the sicians; 4, he rushcd

grim business of saving back to Ohio to say

shattered men these "good-bye" to home; 5,

10,000 American doche started cast again

tors and nurses may in —for the front. Like

the next year work infeats were accomplished

calculable good for the by the other units,

race and make the the Harvard, the Pres

name “American" blest byterian-Columbia of

among the nations of New York, the Johns


New York City









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