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THE BIGGEST PARADE SINCE '65. 125,000 men and women, more Americans than have marched behind one leader since the grand review of the G. A. R., marched up Broadway and Fifth Avenue, New York, on May 13, 1917, to advertise their belief in national preparedness

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WHEN THE SOLDIERS AREN'T DRILLING The community Y. M. C. 1. at Chattanooga leads in providing recreation for the soldiers off duty - magazines, books, music and eats"

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THE CHURCH HAS A SHARE IN ENTERTAINING All kinds of fun at an old-fashioned Hallowe'en social given by the young people in one of the churches near a training camp Cornell had 2100 soldiers-in-the-making in spring term, 1917, when Cornell Company C put the camp in campus

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Photographs by Ragan
Everybody, in the East at least, knows the Yale Batteries, organized in 1915 as part of the Connecticut Tenth Regiment

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© International Film These sidelights on Plattsburg busyness give color to the story there of a soldier who asked leave to go back to the trenches to rest after his second day of training camp routine. Plattsburg men vouch for it with enthusiasın!

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