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The college men come first in war recruiting. These undergraduates are training for work on submarine chasers

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“We want a rifle for every Americanwas the slogan of the business men who drilled for weeks with broomsticks


International Film West Point on dress parade forms a forceful contrast. We rely on these cadets of yesterday for the officers of tomorrow


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An Indian battalion drilled for national defense. The Carlisle Industrial School requires military training under an officer


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Princeton Pictorial Hevier Princeton has no slackers, either. The marching songs of football fame are being used to put pep into the "awkward squad'sdaily drill on campus; and some of the men are learning railroad service on the "Junction locomotive"


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Kodel & Herbert In New York the Boy Scouts did recruiting. You can almost hear the "Star Spangled Banner" in the tableau above


© Underwood & Underwood They're ready to do their bit at wir work, too, putting up hospital tents like these, moving the wounded, carrying messages

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THE SPIRIT OF '17 Independence Hall was again the foous of the country's patriotism when this meeting endorsed the declaration of war with Germany

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