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International Film
Corporal Hinkle's original design and directions for the Escadrille Indian head, enclosed in one of his letters home

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OUT FOR THE EARLY FLIGHT The men who blazed the trail for United States participation in the war-American aviators of the Lafayette Escadrille"


Central News

A HYDROPLANE COMING IN From a French observation balloon the occupants photographed this Allied hydroplane returning to its hangar

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The British identification marks on the wings of this scouting plane seem to be staring straight down at the enemy trenches. This photograph was taken from another fighting plane flying over it at a hight of several thousand feet above the ground

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French oficial photograph from Paul Thompson

Central Netos “H. M. S. SAUSAGE”—THE BRITISH NAVY IN THE AIR Kite-balloons-otherwise known as "sausages"—are used all along the battle line to spot the enemy positions and to direct artillery fire. The bustle-like arrangement at the end holds the balloon steady. The lower photograph shows a dirigible guarding the coast

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