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CAN THE OLD NEW ENGLAND SHIPYARDS WIN THIS WAR? The four-masted schooner-invented in New England, named in New England dialect, built into one of New England's chief industries and mourned in every New England seaport since steam superseded sails—has

int own, for upon our production of wooden shipping largely depends the Allies' victory over Germany's U-boat blockade



Underrood & Underwood

TURKISH TRANSPORTS ON THE TIGRIS All supplies for the British expedition into Mesopotamia had to be brought up the Tigris from the Persian Gulf. The native rafts, as may be

seen, were quite inadequate, and steamers had hard work getting up the river on account of the floods

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Turning back in the files to the time of our Great War, we find in Harper's Weekly a picture and a description of a very curious little vessel, designed by Mr. Anstilt, of Mobile, which seems capable of destroying any ship in the world

international Film

The German submarine Deutschland,under Captain König, brought across the Atlantic a load of aniline dyes and other fine chemicals worth more than a million dollars. Its return cargo will be nickel and rubber


Paul Thompson

PLATTSBURG AT SEA Roll-call on U. S. S. Maine,which with two other warships took a training cruise for civilians in the summer of 1916

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