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The battleship New

York,one of the half dozen newest and biggest ships in the U. S. billion dollar" navy


The amateur sea dogs-civilians who turned their vacations to good account learning the rudiments of naval defense

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© Enrique Muller Queenstown, May 16, 1917: A squadron of American destroyers has crost the Atlantic and is patrolling the seas in war service. One of the destroyers convoyed a liner thru the danger zone and another is said to have sunk a submarine"


Asternut Files When the blue devil funds its mark. A frequently reported, but seldom photographed Occurrence of the Great War. The 26095l ust wrinin ix rining by the bow, its propeller already high out of the water. The last lifeboat is pulling away, 114 we are x L xrcig won the ropes. The splash at the left of the photograph shours schere one has just hit the water


International Film
The U. S. superdreadnought "Arizonamounts twelve 14-inch guns, twenty 5-inch guns and anti-aircraft ordnance

stance, hooking a ride's on fack Taris favorite elevator, the net of ship's supplies being swung on board by a big derrick? Perhaps grown-up boys" aren't entirely past the pleasures of kite-flying, either, tho in this case they are putting up the kite for business reasons; it will furnish a target for the ship's anti-aircraft guns

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THE ATLANTIC Don't try too hard to make out what letter the man in the photograph above is sending -it's probably just the upstroke of an “Attention" call. The sailors photographed on deck seem to be packing up their troubles

if they have anyalong with all their other luggage, to pass the rigid inspection of kits that limited space and much moving about make necessary in the Navy. Don't you envy their emancipation from all the tedious details of traveling with a trunk?

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