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Enrique Muller Repairing a battleship's propeller in the ocean is not an every day occurrence. It has probably happened only once; certainly it has been photographed only once. This is the way it was done. When the Louisiana" broke down somewhere in the Atlantic the "Michigan" came alongside and with the aid of a crane, ropes and the whole crew lifted her stern out of water and made the repairs

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The sinking of a transportthis British ship, torpedoed in the Mediterranean, was run on the rocks in an effort to beach
her. The photograph shows the crew and soldiers sliding down the life ropes and in the water. Nearly all were saved


© Underwood & Underwood The largest submarines in the U. S. Navy, reminding Cuba of their existence by naval maneuvers in Havana Harbor

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Enrique Muller

ALL HANDS AT WORK A United States dreadnaught at her task of planting minesthere are two piles of them on deck near the rail on either side


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BTCKING THE SEA The breaking waren dashod high--ores the dark of this United States destroyer, making for port thru a heary storm


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"IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER The nary takes care lest all work and no play make Jack a dull boy: here's an amateur shou, for instance, given on deck

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