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ATURDAY, AUGUST 21. We are off.

ing saloon is empty save for a few of Already the towered pile that is Mr. Howland tells here the story of us early birds. As thus: lower New York looms diminish his voyage to England on the Ameri Steward (respectfully in

our left ing astern. ad hru the Nar can liner New York." In London he ear): "I've been at the front, sir. In rows opens a straight path upon dubi

stopped at Morley's on Trafalgar

France, sir.” ous seas. It is only two days since the

Square, which was probably under

Passenger (interested): "Then what “Arabic" was sunk in the very waters

Zeppelin fire in the raid of September
3, the Londoner's first glimpse of war

are you doing here?we are to traverse. True, the “New

S. “Wounded, sir. Discharged 'unfit York” is an American ship. But—who

at close quarters, about which so little
information has passed the censors

for further service,' sir.” knows?

P. “Where

you wounded, It has been a quiet sailing. We have

steward?no crowded passenger list—106 first hundred and more cancelled their re S. “In the arm, sir.” class instead of 375 as it would be if servations since the “Arabic" was sunk. P. “I mean in what engagment." the ship were full. There has been no In fact more stayed behind than came. S. “St. Eloi, sir. Last April." holiday mood on deck or dock. The few Were they the wise ones or we the fool P. "How did it happen, steward?" brave attempts at jocularity—the straw hardy ones? Nous verrons.

S. “I was goin' ahead not thinkin' hat sent skimming over the rail from A curious thing. Almost every pas- there was anybody abaht, sir, when up an impulsive hand, the mighty cabbage, senger's story one hears begins—or jumps, no further awai than that table, fluttering with American flags, that ends—with the war. Most of us are sir, a brute of a big German. 'E cime drops solidly into embarrassed going over because of it; a very few in for me with the b’y'net, sir. I 'ad me

sadly flat. Too many spite of it, but only on urgent business. own knife—b'y'net, sir—in me right thoughts of the strange Cyclops fish Sailing in war time recalls the mar- 'and an' tried to catch 'is in me left that may be lurking near the journey's riage service, “not by any to be enter- an' missed it. 'E got me a nawsty one end throw shadows across the coming prized, nor taken in hand, unadvisedly, thru the thick o' me upper arm, sir. days. It has been a sober sailing. lightly, or wantonly."

An' then I got 'im, sir. An' then I Down the harbor past the little an The little Canadian girl three steam- knew nothin' till I woke up at the chored steamers waiting their appointed er chairs away has a fiancé down with Casino. The 'ospital, sir.” tides. The usual tramps, some in un fever in a hospital in Havre. She is P. "How did you get him?" usual dress. One bears amidships on going over with his father and sister to S. “I daon't loike to think of it, sir. her side in great capitals the word cheer him up. That other pretty Ca- With the b’y'net. Thru the fice, sir." DANMARK and fore and aft a painted nadian girl, barely out of school one P. “Are you going back, steward?" flag--the red St. Andrew's cross on a would say, is on her way to be married S. “Not till some o' these other young white ground. Another proclaims her to her boy officer in the Dominion fellas 'as 'ad their turn, sir. It mikes neutral nationality by the word forces. He is still in England, but he me fair sick. 'Ere I comes back after NORGE with the vertically striped tri- may go to France any day. He would all I've suffered and sees these young color of Norway at either end. Our rather leave a wife behind in England fellas enjoying themselves. It ain't own freeboard, we know, shouts out our than a sweetheart in Canada.

right, sir. We ought to 'ave conscripidentity with NEW YORK, AMERI These mothers with children—babies, tion, that's what I say. An' mike some CAN LINE, and the emblazoned stars toddlers, scamperers—all have hus- o' these young fellas that's 'angin' and stripes. No German eye at the un bands at the front. It will be easier to round 'do their bit.'” dersea end of a periscope shall mistake fight—and to wait—with only the Do all Englishmen who have done our neutral registry if we can help it. Channel between than all the Atlantic. their bit feel this way about those that

On thru the Narrows, where two low Here is a young surgeon from remote have not? That way lies compulsory lying destroyers, grim in battle gray, Alberta offering up his skill to the Em- service, distasteful to the Anglo-Saxon guard our country's neutrality against pire's need.

temper. abuse.

There are no Teutons among us. TUESDAY. The bedroom steward supOut upon a quiet sea under a smiling There is no reason why they should plements the announcement that the sky. May it be an omen.

not sail on an American ship; there bath is ready with sensational news. SUNDAY, AUGUST 22. A placid day. is every reason why they should not The German Ambassador has been sent As usual at this stage of a voyage, we land at a British port. Not a quarter home. Congress has been called toare chiefly interested in our shipmates. of us are Americans—and all on busi- gether. An appropriation for a hundred We look them over, guess about them, ness bent. This is no holiday trip. million pounds—half a billion dollars discreetly chat with them with a ques MONDAY, AUGUST 23. A discovery. has been asked for. Food for the imtion mark in our minds, gossip about Our table steward is a soldier. The fact agination. The usual shock of the cold them. Soon a bit of news pops up. One comes out at breakfast, when the din sea water in the tub is hardly felt this

morning. Shaving is a rather nervou3 by leaning far over the rail one can see zone and here the Mistress of the Seas process. Shall we have to “do our the painted stars and stripes brilliantly has vigilant watchers. But what watchbit”?

luminous in the glare. The white letters er can be sure to detect the strange But a glance at the wireless bulletin of our name, too, stand out unmistak- death-dealing fish that swims beneath steadies the pulse. That is only what ably.

the rippling waves? the Washington correspondent of the It is, like the ready life-boats, a com The splendid day wears on. Now one London Times thinks that the Cabinet forting precaution. But the good ship ship, now a dozen are in sight. We are has decided to do if Germany does not must look a very harlequin. It is galling in traveled waters now. In the early finally render satisfaction for the tres- to think that an American ship must afternoon another cruiser steams across pass of her submarines. No need to en- adopt such sensational billboard meth- our bows, drops back alongside and siglist just yet.

ods to protect American men and women nals us with grotesque gesturing semaWEDNESDAY. Still a calm sea, but a and children from lawless attack. But phore and parti-colored strings of sig. gray and drizzling sky. There is noth- will it protect us after all? One cannot nal flags. Her message given, she goes ing to report.

help wishing we had some news. away upon her further business. Was THURSDAY. The young folks are ar Toward midnight a fantom cruiser a warning she offered us? They're ranging a program of deck sports for slips out of the dark, steams alongside close-mouthed there upon the bridge. tomorrow. For the second day no news a while for a little chat with our bridge, Between tea and dinner we sight a from America. Is there a censorship and fades away. In the war zone at fleet of fishing boats. More than a score in the captain's cabin? last.

there are, a fleet of painted ships upon FRIDAY. Still no news. One cannot

SATURDAY. Awaken early from a re- a painted ocean. From afar they look help wondering. During the morning freshing sleep. But did not the aristo- a helter skelter group; but as we draw the steward takes down a life-belt crats in the Conciergerie often sleep up to them they resolve into a drawn from the rack and lays it handy. well the night before the guillotine? up line, stretching to right and left as Well, one might as well try it on. It Anyway, not all of us have been so we pass thru. They're all gray, too, like fits. In the afternoon the sports

fortunate. The deck chairs, one hears, cats that roam at night. Each has its deck. A pleasant time for all. Strange

were very well patronized till nearly net straight out astern, the net floats dawn.

reaching half way to the next in line. how the Englishman comes out of

A day of days. Golden sunshine on a What are the fish they fish for? Are his shell at the call of sports. As the games are ending, the life-boats are word ultramarine. The mind refuses to themselves?

sea that gives a new meaning to the they those men eat or do they eat men swung out on the davits and lowered

The night drops down, and on either into position by the rail on the prom- grasp the thought of a menacing death enade deck.

hiding beneath that brilliant blue. Bui bow a light gleams out. We sail narTonight we enter the war zone. not all minds have been so stoical. The rower waters now. Cheerful thought, isn't it? We look the woman in the next chair, sensible, rea SUNDAY. A rattling anchor chain boats over with a curious and calculat- sonable, self-possest, suffers a bad case brings us on deck. We ride the waters ing eye. It is a novelty to have the of nerves beneath an appearance of of a river that divides a city. It rains life-boats play some other rôle than quiet calm.

and it is bitter cold. This must be Engmerely that of obstacles on the boat

“Several times in the night,” she con- land. deck.

fides, “(I turned out my light at five) Now comes the startling news. Last As night comes on the watch is busied I found myself standing in the middle evening we passed a submarine. They rigging strange contrivances along the of my cabin floor. The slightest noise saw it from the bridge. It came up close, sides. At intervals on either side a spar brought me out of my berth.”

looked, dived and disappeared. is thrust out from the ship bearing at In the offing lies a cruiser, a seaplane Was it the sight of the emblazoned the end a big bowl shaped reflector with sailing and drifting and circling above stars and stripes that held their hand? a cluster of electric light bulbs inside her. A second cruiser steams by on the Thank God the voyage is done. it. They cast a blinding light inboard; other side. We are well within the war On board U. S. M. S. “New York"


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This U-boat, sent out to sow mines off the coast of France, ran into too shallow waters and was captured by the French. The crew

prisoners; the submarine itself was hauled ashore and burned by its own petrol

were taken

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The bomb bursts over the German trench with a spreading Struck home! The observer at the periscope makes the other cloud of gas and smoke. The kilties begin to look for results Tommies chuckle at his report of the Boches' discomfiture


Central News

READY: The Allies' munition works are piling up their promise of victory. Here's just one storeroom in an English plant


Press Illustrating

GO! A spectacular photograph of the shells in action. These are two of our coast defense guns fired simultaneously in target practise. The camera man had luck as well as skill to snap the projectiles just clear of their smoke pujf

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