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Courtesy Holt Manufacturing Co.
laugh at 'em.It was said
that these monstrous engines
were made out of ordinary
farm tractors manufactured

in Peoria, Illinois, thousands of which are now in use on American farms. Great Britain bought a thousand of them, and at first she used them only for hauling heavy guns and supplies. Later she sheathed them in armor and mounted guns inside their shell and sent them to demoralize the Germans. The upper picture shows a

'somewhat smaller model of the tractor walking over a railroad track. The "tankis probably built from a 25,000-pound model with 120-horse power and measuring nine by twenty-three feet. The lower picture shows the wheels. The caterpillar belt which encircles the wheels has been laid flat. On it can be seen the jointed track on whose segments, laid down one by one by the advancing caterpillar treads, four or five small wheels run

Underwood & Underwood

Again the tank! This photograph of its invincible charge across No Man's Land was taken for the British war records

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Will they hammer out a victory? French soldier-blacksmiths at the forge in a wrecked smithy in the village of Verdun

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Soldiers must learn just how to put up a sand-bag fortification without exposing themselves to the enemy's guns

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Underwoud & Underwood
The champion British aviator who accounted for twenty-nine The pneumatic bomb-thrower, a new weapon in trench
German aeroplanes during the first two years of the war warfare. A French soldier is experimenting with it here

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