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FOUR THOUSAND PRISONERS IN A DAY The advance on Ypres in October, 1917, under General Haig

German positions on a six-mile front and took 4446 prisoners


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Modern Warfare isn't entirely machine-made yet. Here, for instance, are some "dogs of war" setting out to save the wounded


C I nderuud & Intercood In the trenches are Liasondogs, to carry important messages. And pigeons have proved more trustworthy than wireless


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The camel, Kipling's "hairy, scairy oont,has his share in this war, tooin this case pumping water for the Tommies

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BOMBS There various and sundry phases of bayonet practise. The one below is a little less exciting, perhaps, than jabbing straw Germans but it develops accuracy and a quick eye. The man who holds the ring thru which the bayonet is thrust has a not altogether enviable job. If you ever went to boarding school you will be sorry for the men on the rightthey are getting their kits ready for inspection. The soldiers will tell you that it is a much smaller misdemeanor to lose a leg or an arm than it is to lose even one small portion of your kit. And it must not only be all there but all in perfect condition. The army has an incentive to neatness, however. A bit of rust on a gun or a mislaid gas mask may be a matter of really vital importance

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