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Laus Virtutis.

Sensit furentis saevitiam freti arx nesciarum cedere rupium : nituntur immortale marmor

exiguae terebrare guttae : collo iuvencus fert docili iugum,

incude mucro fingitur, obstitit

urgente latratu Laconum

fisa suae modo cerva formae.

The swiftest bird that lies about

Is caught at length in fowler's net; The greatest fish in deepest brooke

Is soon deceived by subtle hooke ; Yea, man himself, unto whose will

All things are bounden to obey,
For all his wit and worthie skill,

Doth fall at last and fade away.
There is no thing but time doeth waste;

The heavens, the earth consume at last.
But Vertue sits triumphing still

Upon her throne of glorious fame: Though spiteful death must body kill,

Yet hurts he not his vertuous fame, But life or death, whatso betides

The state of Vertue never slides.


praecellat ala, serius ocius auceps volucrem retibus implicat : rex ipse rivorum doloso

decipitur cito piscis hamo. quin et potentes nos animantium, tot nos honesti dotibus ingeni

artis tot insignes, caduci

labimur effluimusque seclo.

nil est quod annis non pereat : perit tellus, peribunt sidera : siderum triumphat et terrae superstes

fulta sedens adamante Virtus, secura leti gentibus invidi, intaminatis integra laudibus, immota, seu nudantur enses

seu quatiunt Acheronta manes.




Thou fool! That gloriest in having power to ravish A trifle from me I am weary of: What is this life to me? not worth a thought; Or, if it be esteemed, 'tis that I lose it To win a better : even thy malice serves To me but as a ladder to mount up To such a height of happiness, where I shall Look down with scorn on thee and on the world ;



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ώ μωρ', ός αυχείς είμ' άφαρπάζειν σθένεις
φαυλόν τι, φαύλον κτημα δύσφορόν θάμα:
του ζην έμοί τί κέρδος; ουδαμού λέγω
πλήν ές τοσούτον, ει μεταλλάξω βίον
του νυν αμείνω ση μεν ούν λώβη μόνον
επακριούση, βαθμός ώς, υπηρετεί
υψίθρονον προς όλβον, ου καθημένη
καταφρονήσω σου τε και θνητών δύης:


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