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Plurima iam periit volvendis mensibus aestas

mobilis ut nostram transtulit unda ratem :

nec iuga nunc alia tingit dulcedine vesper,

cana situ tingit moenia, tingit aquas. tum geminos notaeque fide veterisque sodales

non aliud mecum cymba ferebat iter : alter in officiis constans mihi paene paternis ;

ut iuvenes fervent, fervidus alter erat.

One on earth in silence wrought,
And his grave in silence sought :
But the younger, brighter form
Passed in battle and in storm.

So, whene'er I turn my eye

Back upon the days gone by,
Saddening thoughts of friends come o'er me,-
Friends who closed their course before me.


Yet what binds us friend to friend
But that soul with soul can blend ?
Soul-like were those hours of yore-
Let us walk in soul once more !

Take, O boatman, thrice thy fee-
Take, I give it willingly;
For, invisible to thee,
Spirits twain have crossed with me.



ve crossed


alterius tacitos exhausit vita labores,

exhaustum tacita morte reliquit opus :

sed puer ille ferox et ovans volitare per ora

martis ab horrisonis fugit in astra minis.

sic lapsi quoties sub corde remetior aevi

tempora praeteritos respicioque dies, tristis amicorum viduo succurrit imago,

quis prior obvenit quam mihi meta viae. quid tamen est aliud quod amico nectat amicum

quam quod mente potest mens propiore frui ?

viximus ut vivont exutae corpora mentes :

mentibus hic etiam quid vetat ire pares ? ivimus—at triplex tu, portitor, accipe naulum,


accipe non segni dona repensa manu :


scilicet una lacum transibat et altera mecum,

sic tamen ut visus falleret umbra tuos.



It must be by his death : and for my part,
I know no personal cause to spurn at him,
But for the general. He would be crown'd:
How that might change his nature, there's the question.

It is the bright day that brings forth the adder;

And that craves wary walking. Crown him ?-that ;-
And then, I grant, we put a sting in him,
That at his will he may do danger with.
The abuse of greatness is, when it disjoins

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φονα το πράγμα κατ' έμοιγ ανήρ δοκεί κόλασμα λακτάτητον ουκ όφλισκάνειν, ει μη τι τους πλείστοισι. κοιρανείν ερα: μέλλων τι πάσχειν και τούτο δη ζητητέον. πρόσειλος ή γ έχιδνά του φαντάζεται, ν' ευλαβείσθαι τους οδοιπόρους ακμή. και δη τύραννος γέγονε χαιρέτω πόλις: κέντρον γαρ είη τωδ' άν, ουκέτ' αντερώ, ένθείσ' ότω δύναιτ' άν oυς θέλοι δάκνειν. διαφθορά γαρ ήδε της αρχής έφυ έν και τον οίκτον του κράτους εχώρισεν


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Κτόν τον


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