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They shall not labor in vain, nor bring forth for trouble; for they are the seed of the blessed of the LORD, and their offspring with them. They shall not build and another inhabit; they shall not plant and another eat; FOR AS THE DAYS OF A TREE ARE THE DAYS OF MY PEOPLE, And mine elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands.” Build and Inhabit, Plant and Eat the Fruit Thereof. Great changes will take place in the passing from the present age into the new era approaching, which will effect: (1) All the people of earth. (a) a large number will be swept

away by wars between rival nations, and by rebellion within

themselves; and perish in consequence of wars; by famine and exposure; the weak and delicate perishing—a surviving of the fittest. (b) Peculiar atmospheric conditions—gasses, excessive heat, etc., will effect all abnormal lives: tobacco users and smokers, drunkards, even moderate drinkers, gluttons, the immoral; in fact all that have not accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior, and have become cleansed with His atoning blood. For our God, the Father, is going to have a very thorough housecleaning before or at the sending of His Son to the earth the sec

ond time.

(2) A change in the animal kingdom will also take place. The carnivorous mammals will feed, on grass and herbs, like the domestic animals, the cow, the sheep and horse; and the lion, the wolf, the bear, the tiger and all their kind will mix in friendly fashion with the cow, sheep and lamb, and pasture together Isaiah 11:6–9; :65:25; Hos. 2:18. Plant Vineyards, EAT the FRUIT. The longevity promised in the millenium era will likely be promoted by returning to a vegetable diet as before the flood. There is no intimation of the slaughter of animals for food until after the flood. Many impurities are left in the animal carcass when dead, which infest the human body when used for food, while the sugars, acids and salts of vegetables and fruits bring nothing impure with them, but assist in cleaning out impurities. (3) The Earth Rejuvenated. The old EARTH itself will be rejuvenated. Palestine will flourish and blossom like the garden of Eden; and the wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them, and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose. “It Shall Blossom Abundantly, and rejoice, even with joy and singing: the glory of Lebanon shall be given unto it, the excellency of Carmel and Sharon, they shall see the GLORY of the LORD, and the EXCELLENCY of our GOD. “And the parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty

land springs of water: in the habitation of dragons, where each

lay, shall be grass with reeds and rushes * * *

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- “And the ransomed of the LORD shall return, and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads: they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.” Isaiah 25: 6-12; 35: 1, 2, 7, 10; 41: 18-20; Deut. 11: 8-17; 28:8-12; 30: 9, 10; Jer. 42:38-44.

Sowing—Harvesting. Concession—Retrocession. In closing this article, we will notice:

1. What individuals and nations are required to give and to do for the restoration of Jerusalem and the Holy Land—the sowing, the concession, by us, on our part, for God’s chosen people.

2. What returns are promised to them who do their duty, perform their obligations toward the restoration—Har-vest-ing, Re-tro-ces-sion.

(1) Thus saith the LORD GOD: “Behold, I lift up mine hand to the Gentiles, and set up my standard to the people; and they shall bring thy sons in their arms, and thy daughters shall be carried upon their shoulders. And kings shall be thy nursing fathers, and thy queens thy nursing mothers: they shall bow down to thee with their face toward the earth, and lick up the dust of thy feet: |FOR THEY SHALL NOT BE ASHAMED THAT WAIT FOR ME.” Isaiah 49:22, 23.

“Lift up thine eyes around about and see; all they gather themselves together, they come to thee. Thy sons shall come from far, and thy daughters shall be nursed at thy side. Then thou shalt see, and flow together (radiate with joy), and thine heart shall fear and be enlarged ; because the abundance of the sea shall be converted unto thee, the FORCES OF THE GENTILES shall come unto thee. The multitudes of camels shall cover thee, the dromedaries of Midian and Ephah ; all they from Sheba shall come ;

“They shall bring gold and incense,

“And they shall show forth the praises of the LORD. Who are these that fly as a cloud, and as doves to their windows P Surely the isles shall wait for me, and the ships of Tarshish first, to bring my sons from far,

“Their SILVER and GOLD with them,

“Unto the name of the LORD thy God, and to the Holy One of Israel, because HE HATH GLORIFIED THEE. And the SONS OF STRANGERS SHALL BUILD UP THY WALLS, AND THEIR KINGS SHALL MINISTER UNTO THEE. * * * Therefore thy gates shall be open continually * * * then men may bring unto thee the forces of the Gentiles, and that their kings may be brought.


Notice here the judgment: The nation and kingdom that will not serve shall perish * * * shall be utterly wasted.


Uncle Sam, Attention 1

Here, Uncle Sam, is your commission and obligation respecting the restoration of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, the land of promise; the city and land from whence shall proceed justice, righteousness and judgment; from whence shall proceed peace, happiness and salvation to the whole world.

And again: “The sons also of them that afflicted thee shall come bending unto thee; and all they that despised thee shall bow themselves down at the soles of thy feet; and they shall call thee the City of the LORD, The Zion of the HOLY ONE of Israel.” And again: “Thou shalt also suck the milk of the Gentiles, and shall suck the breasts of kings; and thou shalt know that I, the LORD, am thy Savior and thy Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob.” Here, then, UNCLE SAM, is our side presented, our sowing, giving, concession, doing. And we have been reminded, too, that any nation or kingdom that will not serve shall perish, shall be tutterly wasted. It is therefore most important that all our resources and energy be concentrated for just this one thing. And it is also principally and exclusively for the attainment of this one thing that this world war is waged. It is the preparation of the way, according to this divine order: “Cast ye up, cast ye up, prepare the way, take up the stumbling block out of the way of my people.” And again: “Go through, go through the gate; prepare ye the way of the people; cast up, cast up the highway; gather out the stones, lift up a standard for the people.” Here it is: “Cast ye up, prepare the way,” by: (1) Blasting and removing the mountains of MONARCHIES and MONARCHICAL DYNASTIES and FEUDALISM ; (2) By removing the stones of MILITARISM, WAR PREPARATION and WAR EQUIPMENTS; (3) By taking up the stumbling blocks of CASTES, CLASSES, and ARBITRARY OR IMAGINARY OR FANCIED DISTINCTIONS: (4) By casting up the Highway of UNIVERSAL DEMOCRACY by instituting and establishing the Fundamental Principle of GOVERNMENT BY THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED, or self-determination, absolutely without coercion or pressure by larger municipalities, communities or states on smaller ones, or of one race or nationality upon another. And, lastly, (5) By the lifting up of a STANDARD for the people by UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD, UNIVERSAL SUFFRAGE at the age of twenty-one without distinction of sex; EQUAL OPPORTUNITY TO ENJOY LIFE AND HAPPINESS, and EQUAL RESPONSIBILITY. These are the FIVE stones in David's shepherd's bag which our David, now in his olden age, by his multi-millions of descendants, coming down through generations, numerous as the stars in the heavens, is now known, respected and looked up to in filial submission and expectancy as the benignant and beneficent.

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