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which this cosmopolitan of all nations, world wise, world rich and world trained, will make of the historic land of his fathers. “It is the clear duty of our own and other countries to help in this building. Sentiment, friendship, obligation, gratitude and expectation will move all Christian nations to applaud and help. “‘It is by no means pure accident,” says a recent issue of the ‘Jewish Chronicle,” “that two mighty Anglo-Saxon nations and Governments—Great Britain and the United States—should be the first among the great Powers to recognize the right of the Jews to a national homeland of their own. If the ancient Jewish mind, as it expressed itself in the Bible, ever influenced another great race and helped to shape its destinies and its policies, it is the Anglo-Saxon race that is its beneficiary.’ “The American Government is, historically speaking, the only Government of the great Powers that never pursued any hostile policy against the Jews. Of all the Powers which have now come to recognize the Jewish nationality and its right to a home, America, which has no political interest or ambition in the Near East, is, we dare say, the nation most inspired by pure idealism and high unselfishness. “Jerusalem and the Jews are filling the mind and the eye of the world today.” A Sacred War.

“Looking at it from this point of view, this world war becomes a sacred war: a war to open the gate; a war to remove the stones out of the way for the chosen people; a war to remove stumblingblocks; a war to prepare a High-way for Israel to return to Zion; and a war to raise a new STANDARD Of GOVERNMENT its matters of legislation and administration of this.”

The above is quoted from Dr. Larkin. He writes in another article in the San Francisco Examiner:

“It is my opinion that after the self-will of men is absolutely crushed by themselves by endless wars, the dashings of nations, and running to and fro of races in blackness and darkness,


“And so intense is my conviction that I must write:


“And human governments, after a full period of learning ‘a reed shaken by the winds,’ must, will and shall do this: LEAN HARD ON GOD.”

Prospective Evacuations and Discoveries.

Respecting prospective evacuations and discoveries, the eminent scientist writes in a later article in the San Francisco Examiner:

“Concerning this incessant Jerusalem problem, I will say that excavations ought to be made to the bottom stones of the deepest foundations of walls of primeval Salem, of Urusalem, and of all the Jerusalems that have been builded and destroyed on this intensely fascinating humanity spot and center of remarkable thought radiation; also concentrated focus of thoughts directed thereto from all parts of the habitable earth. The Zionist movement is becoming of transcendent human interest.

“The holy mountain, Moriah, must blaze and glow with light of supernal and divine illumination. The half nor the tenth hath been told.

“‘Then Solomon began to build the house of the Lord at Jerusalem in Mount Moriah, where the Lord appeared unto David, His father, in the place that David had prepared in the threshing floor of Orman the Jebusite.”—11 Chron. 3:1. But the word ‘in' this impressive excerpt; the word ‘Lord’ that appeared is written in italics and in large capital letters.

“It shows that the mountain was a subterranean part of the itemple, and doubtless it will be found more important as a storehouse of Israel than the structure, magnificent as it was, above ground. Humanity awaits in breathless suspense for the opening of the for long hermetically sealed chambers, corridors and labyrinths within the very heart of Moriah, now the most fascinating spot on earth save Golgotha.”


For out of ZION shall go forth the LAW, and WORD of the LORD from Jerusalem.

Prevailing Prayer Will Undo the Kaiser and Subdue the Turk.


Faith and Confession Demonstrated by Deeds.
(From the Literary Digest)

Up among the hills of beautiful Warminster, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, there is a man whose confidence in the efficacy of prayer is such that he believes it quite possible to pray the Kaiser off his throne. He has some ground for his belief, as for fourteen years, he declares, all the needs of “Prayer Farm” have been supplied solely through daily appeals to the Great Provider. The man is Dr. Albert Oetinger, “Prayer Master” of one of the strangest communities in the United States where two hundred children are fed, clothed, and cared for spiritually. The doctor's confidence in the power of prayer has not been misplaced, as he established what he calls the “Principality of Great Faith” with nothing but “a bucket, a broom, a prayer, and a Bible.” And since that time, fourteen years ago, neither he nor his assistants, Dr. Oetinger declares, have asked any living mortal for aid.

The official title of the institution is “Christ’s Home for Homeless and Destitute Children,” and the two hundred or more young inmates come from homes of misery and neglect in the big cities, the juvenile courts, and the children's aid societies. And they are of all ages and faiths. There are fifty workers and instructors in the institution, and they all share Dr. Oetinger's faith.

“God help the nation that has forgottén how to pray,” says the “Prayer Master” of “Prayer Farm.” “If the hundred millions of persons in these United States daily fell to their knees and prayed earnestly for victory of American arms in the cause of worldliberty we would soon see the Kaiser topple from his throne and world-peace restored.”

Dr. Oetinger's methods are quite practical, and the daily needs of the Farm are all carefully enumerated in the prayers. Says a writer in the Philadelphia Public Ledger who visited the Farm :

“Three times each day, at sunrise, noon, and sunset, the children and workers sink to their knees and lay their needs before the Almighty in prayer.

“Before prayer-time the ‘Prayer Master' compiles a list of the needs of ‘Prayer Farm.’ These needs usually include butter, potatoes, baking-powder, soda, flour, and other food supplies, shoes and

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clothing for the children, harness for the horses, feed for chickens, and other supplies needed to conduct a large farm community.

“The ‘Prayer Master’ never prays for more than a day's supply of anything. The hoarding of supplies of any kind he believes is imposing upon the will of God. He told me that nearly all prayers are answered within a week's time, and frequently, he said, the answer comes in a swift, material way, before morning. “Here is a partial list of the real substantial things which Dr. Oetinger told me had been ‘prayed into’ the ‘Principality of Great Faith’: “A farm of 144 acres, with up-to-date barns, outbuildings, and farming implements. “Daily sustenance for more than two hundred children and fifty workers. “A complete equipment for the quarrying of stone. “A water-supply system costing $2,700. “A boys' dormitory and a girls’ dormitory. “A cottage for workers. “Three schools, including a finely equipped industrial school for instructing the children in the various trades.

“A chapel. “A full equipment for a print-shop, including a job press and several fonts of type.

“Ovens for a modern bakery which turns out several hundred loaves weekly. “Machinery for knitting stockings. “A 10-horsepower boiler and a 10-horsepower gasoline engine. “Twenty-four cows, 14 horses, a drove of hogs, and 300 chickens. “Ample evidence that no provision is made for the future at ‘Prayer Farm’ was furnished recently by the burning of one of the dormitories. The building carried no insurance; nothing at the farm is insured, for it is the belief of the ‘Prayer Master’ that to insure is to 'gamble on the will of God.’” While the ruins were still smoking Dr. Oetinger called his assistants together and a fervent prayer was made for the restoration of the building. Already more than $2,000 has been received in donations for the erection of a new dormitory. But, says the writer in The Public Ledger: “The most surprising and inspiring feature of ‘Prayer Farm’ is the morale of those two hundred or more children who have been snatched from some of the most dissolute homes in Pennsylvania. There is nothing of the institutional brand on these youngsters. There is nothing of the furtive ‘reform-school cunning' in their appearance. Instead, their cheeks are aglow with health and vigor, their eyes are straightforward and confident, their step betrays buoyancy, and their young voices have a ring of real happiness. “It was plain to the writer, as the ‘Prayer Master' led the way through the dormitories to the athletic field, where dozens of youngsters were enjoying healthful exercise, and to the tents, where careful nurses were looking after the needs of foundlings, that this man of faith and prayer loved every one of these children from the bottom of his soul. It was evident, too, that love was returned in large volumes. “A boy not a year old hobbled toward Dr. Oetinger on one leg. The right leg of the child had been cut off at the knee, but he was an unusually strong child, and he hobbled about almost as fast as his playmates could walk. Dr. Oetinger caught the boy up in his arms, and the one-legged child snuggled there contentedly. “The mother of this boy, said the ‘Prayer Master,’ became intoxicated, and dropped him on the railroad track down in Sckuylkill. An engine came along and took off one of the little fellow's legs I’’ Dr. Oetinger is a mild-mannered, bearded man with blue eyes that radiate spirituality and kindness, says the writer. His sincerity is plainly evident. With a comprehensive sweep of his arm he said: “All of the things you see on this place God has given us through prayer. Recently we were obliged to kill four of our horses because of old ago. We earnestly prayed to God to replace these animals, for we needed them sorely. Within one week God placed it in the heart of a person unknown to us to give us four horses. Over there in the field you can see them working. “We told God we needed a printing-press, and he gave it to us. A little while ago we prayed for a Ferguson stitcher; go out into the stocking-shop and you will see it there. We needed a boiler, and we prayed one week for it. You will find it in the boiler-room, for God answered our prayer.

“The inspiration of the daily communication with God has drawn many gifted men to the ‘Principality of Great Faith’ as workers. They work without money compensation. We have physicians, dentists, lawyers, civil engineers, blacksmiths, printers, machinists, and molders here—men who have withdrawn from the battles of the material world to consecrate their lives to prayer. “You ask if the world is drawing nearer to prayer. I can see no evidences of it. I see only evidences that the earth has slipped its moorings, and is drifting away from prayer.” In the financial statement contained in the last annual report we find that the year was started on October 1, 1916, with $536.81 on hand. The receipts of the following twelve months were $17,011.92. Of this $14,531.87 came from donations and legacies and the rest as income from industry. In the itemized expenses it is to be seen that only $199.50 was paid out for “wages” and $107.75 for workers’ personal use. The cash on hand, October 1, 1917, was $150.96. No one has ever been personally applied to for anything, declares this Annual Report, yet “since the beginning of the work God in answer to prayer only, without any solicitation whatever, has sent in the sum of $171,543.39.” We read: “While the Home is strictly undenominational, it is distinctly

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