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Any attempt to put into words our gratification at the cordial manner in which our first number was received would be futile. We must accordingly beg our readers to imagine our sincerest thanks, and to clothe them in fitting language—we cannot.

Our only hope is that we may receive substantial encouragement from numerous subscribers, by whose cordial co-operation alone we shall be able to place the “ Fire-Fly” on a firm foundation.


We are now well in the Summer Term, which, at the present time, looks like a mountain landscape of never-ending weeks, all of which have to be surmounted. Here and there, however, we see smiling valleys, suggesting to us pleasing visions of Speech Day, unforeseen half holidays, and many other delights which are yet hidden by the shadows. Perseverance alone will enable us to cope with these our troubles, and we urge our readers to set out boldly, with the “ Fire-Fly,” as a help and guide through the darkness.

Metaphors are dangerous things to handle, and having Boyle Roche as a warning, let us turn back to every-day prose. The Football season is now over, and Cricket is the one game for the present term. We accordingly review the past football season, and give warnings for the coming cricket, feeling sure that they will not be neglected. No more words are necessary We again thank our subscribers for their support, impress upon them the necessity for its continuance, and present No. II. with the hope that they will “read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest” its contents, with great benefit therefrom.

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