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In active healtb or sad disease

Oh, ne'er forget that precious word“He shall be kept in perfect peace, Whose soul is stayed on God."

G. B. Cheever.

The Lord is—LONG SUFFERING and of great mercy.-Numbers, xlv:18.


But thou, O Lord, art a God full of compassion, and gra. cious; long suffering, and plenteous lu mercy and truth.

Psaim lxxxvi: 15.
There is a day of sunny rest

For every dark and troubled night;
And grief may bide an evening guest,

But joy shall come with early light.
For God hath marked each sorrowing day

And numbered every secret tear,
And Heaven's long age of bliss shall pay
For all his children suffer here.

W. C. Bryant.

It hath been truly said, “ Long suffering leads to GENTLENESS."


(TAE POWER OF GENTLENESS.) If a soul thou wouldist redeem,

and lead a lost one back to God:-
Wouldst thou a guardian-angel seem

To one who long in guilt hath trod, -
Go kindly to him-take his hand

With gentlest words within thine own,
And by his side a brother stand,
Till all the demons thou dethrone.

C. M. Sawyer.

Shakspeare has said —"God's goodness hath beon great," What saith the Holy Skeriptures ?

SCHOOL. Or despiseth thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and long-suffering; not knowing that the goodnes of Gud leadeth thee to repentance.Romans, ii : 4.

(AN EXTRACT.) The goodness which struggles and battles, and goes down deep and soars high, is the quality of which heroism is made, by which the world is salted and kept pure;-it is the seed which bears fruit in martyrs, making mankind ' faithful unto death."

The Scriptures saith “Now the just shall live by faith ;"--will you tell me, bu the same authority, What is FAITH ?


Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evi: dence of things not seen.-Heb. xi: 1.

Who hath given us the most wonderful lesson on Faith?


The apostle Paul, in Hebrews, 11tb Chapter.


The childlike faith that asks not sight

Waits not for wonder or for sign,
Believes, because it loves, aright,

Shall see things greater, things divine.
Heaven to that gaze shall open wide,

And brightest angels to and fro
On messages of love shall glide

Twixt God and man below.


MEEKNESS has been defined as “A grace which Jesus alone inculcated, and which no ancient philosopher seems to have understood or recommended."


Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

Matthew, 0:5.
The gentle heart that thinks with pain,

It scarce can lowliest task fulfill,
And if it dared its life to scan,

Would ask but pathway low and still;
Often such gentle heart is brought
To act with power beyond its thought.
For God, through ways they have not known
Will lead his own.

Who will speak for TEMPERANCE?


'Tis to thy rules, O temperance! that we owe

All pleasures, which from health and strength can flow;
Vigor of body, purity of mind,
Únclouded reason, sentiments refined.

M. Chandler. While we are especially enjoined to be temperate in ALL THINGS," God, reason. and humanity DEMAND US to “Beware of strong driuk !"

Let truth and temperance prevail

Throughout our favored land,
And may a numerous host come forth

To join our growing band.
Let young and old, let rich and poor

Their energies unite,
Until all people, climes and tongues

In temperance delight.

What lesson do we find in Proverbs, 23rd Chapter?

1st Voice.—Who hath woe?
2nd Voice.- Who hath sorrow?
3rd Voice.- Who hath contentions ?
4th Voice.--Who hath babbling?
5th Voice.--Who hath wounds without cause ?
6th Voice.- Who hath redness of eyes ?


They that tarry long at the wine; they that go to seek mixed wine. And what the solemn warning?


Look not thou upon the wine when it is red, when it giveth his color in the cup, when it moveth itself aright.

At the last it biteth like a serpent and stingeth like an adder.

Will the INFANT CLASS please tell us what our drink shall be ?


The sweetest, purest, best of things

That for our use is given ;
Is cool, bright water flowing free,

Free as the air of Heaven.


Then “Love thy neighbor as thyself,”

So shall thy joys increase,
Thy ways be ways of pleasantness

And all thy paths be peace!
Let long-suffering lead to gentleness,

With goodness strew thy way;
And faith, by bounteous Grace supplied,

Will yield thee "fruit" each day.
In meekness looking unto God,

Temperance in all things show!
Thus thou shalt find “the law fulfilled,”
And Heaven begun below.

P. Garrett


Her prow was bright with an evil light,

Her sails were as red as gore;
She drifted alone in an endless night,

On a sea without a shore.
As the blood of a babe her decks were red,

Where her crimson masts careened;
Her criminal crew were doomed as dead,

And her name was the Scarlet Fiend;
Black was the sea as a sorcerer's heart,

Black as the soul of sin,-
And she sailed the waves with never a chart,

And gathered her victims in.
There was Age with his red-rimmed rheumy eyes:

There were babes but newly born;
There was haggard Woman, with lips of lies,

And faded Youth forlorn.
Thus she sailed the sea for a thousand years:

Her corpses rotted therein
Till the sea grew black-this sea of Tears-

With the stench of her awful sin.
Millions had stood 'neath the sanguine sails

Till they gorged the graves of fools;

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fler shrouds were wove of the whole world's wails,

And her crews were worse than ghouls. She is sailing to-day on that dreadful sea;

Her cargo is blood of the vine; “ Ho-ho!" they shout in their demon glee,

“There is no God but Wine!"
The last fresh water they pour in the flood :

May we taste no more of it!
She's sinking down, but, by Bacchus' blood,

We'll quaff till she touches the pit!”
And their hoarse throats yell, while their frantic feet

Drip red with the running wine
As it floods the deck like a slippery street

At the foot of the guillotine:
“Ho-ho! ho-ho! How the sea doth roar,

While our ship sinks slow in the dark!
By the Devil's soul! in a minute or more

There'll be food for a shoal of shark !"
As the lightnings crash through the midnight black

She is sinking slow in the wave:
“Ho-ho!” they scoff, “Let the red masts crack,

Yet we'll drink on the brink of the grave ! “Let death gape wide and swallow us up

Here's a health to his soul again ! -
She sinks !-she sinks !-then cheer the red cup !"

And the whole crew whooped, “ Amen!"
The black sea yawned one ravenous hole:

Up rose a sickening yell;
For the Fiend plunged down with every soul

Headlong to the heart of hell.
O'er the vortex black where the ship went in

The seething sea swirls red;
O God! is 't the stain of wine or of sin,

Or the blood of her drunken dead !
She may sink to the depths for the millionth time-

The Scarlet Fiend and her crew, -
Yet ever she rises, crimson with crime,

With a million souls anew.
For the ship is bright as an evil light,

And her decks drip red with gore;
But she drifts to an awful gulf of night,

Where they thirst for evermore.

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