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Body and soul and peace and fame,
Alike youth's end and manhood's aim,

So is my spirit, as flesh with sin,
Filled full, eaten out and in
With the face of her, the eyes of her,
The lips, the little chin, the stir
Of shadow round her mouth; and she
-I'll tell you,—calmly would decree
That I should roast at a slow fire,
If that would compass her desire
And make her one whom they invite
To the famous ball to-

morrow night.

There may be heaven; there must be hell ; Meantime, there is our earth here—well!




What's become of Waring
Since he gave us all the slip,
Chose land-travel or seafaring,
Bouts and chest or staff and scrip,
Rather than pace up and down
Any longer London town?

II. Who'd have guessed it from his lip Or his brow's accustomed bearing, On the night he thus took ship Or started landward ?-little caring For us, it seems, who supped together (Friends of his too, I remember) And walked home thro' the merry weather, The snowiest in all December. I left his arm that night myself For what's-his-name's, the new' prose-poet Who wrote the book there on the shelf How, forsooth, was I to know it

If Waring meant to glide away
Like a ghost at break of day?
Never looked he half so gay!


He was prouder than the devil:
How he must have cursed our revel !
Ay, and many other meetings,
Indoor visits, outdoor greetings
As up and down he paced this London,
With no work done, but great works undone,
Where scarce twenty knew his name.
Why not, then, have earlier spoken,
Written, bustled? Who 's to blame
If your silence kept unbroken ?
" True, but there were sundry jottings,

Stray-leaves, fragments, blurrs and blottings, “ Certain first steps were achieved " Already which”—is that your meaning ?) “ Had well borne out whoe'er believed “ In more to come!” But who goes gleaning Hedge-side chance-blades, while full-sheaved Stand cornfields by him? Pride, o'erweening Pride alone, puts forth such claims O'er the day's distinguished names.


Meantime, how much I loved him,
I find out now I've lost him.
I who cared not if I moved him,
Who could so carelessly accost him,
Henceforth never shall get free
Of his ghostly company,

His eyes that just a little wink
As deep I go into the merit
Of this and that distinguished spirit-
His cheeks' raised colour, soon to sink,
As long I dwell on some stupendous
And tremendous (Heaven defend us !)
Penman's latest piece of graphic.
Nay, my very wrist grows warm
With his dragging weight of arm.
E'en so, swimmingly appears,
Through one's after-supper musings,
Some lost lady of old years
With her beauteous vain endeavour
And goodness unrepaid as ever ;
The face, accustomed to refusings,
We, puppies that we were ... Oh never
Surely, nice of conscience, scrupled
Being aught like false, forsooth, to ?
Telling aught but honest truth to ?
What a sin, had we centupled
Its possessor's grace and sweetness !
No ! she heard in its completeness
Truth, for truth 's a weighty matter,
And, truth at issue, we can't flatter!
Well, 't is done with ; she's exempt
From damning us thro' such a sally;
And so she glides, as down a valley,
Taking up with her contempt,
Past our reach; and in, the flowers
Shut her unregarded hours.


Oh, could I have him back once more,
This Waring, but one half-day more!
Back, with the quiet face of yore,
So hungry for acknowledgment
Like mine! I'd fool him to his pent.
Feed, should not he, to heart's content?
I'd say, "to only have conceived,
“ Planned your great works, apart from progress,
“ Surpasses little works achieved !"
I'd lie so, I should be believed.
I'd make such havoc of the claims
Of the day's distinguished names
To feast him with, as feasts an ogress
Her feverish sharp-toothed gold-crowned child!
Or as one feasts a creature rarely
Captured here, unreconciled
To capture ; and completely gives
Its pettish humours license, barely
Requiring that it lives.


Ichabod, Ichabod,
The glory is departed !
Travels Waring East away?
Who, of knowledge, by hearsay,
Reports a man upstarted
Somewhere as a god,
Hordes grown European-hearted,
Millions of the wild made tame
On a sudden at his fame?

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