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2. An Act providing for the pay of the retiring officers of the present


3. A supplement to an act relating to certain corporations,

4. An Act relative to roads in Washington county,

5. An Act to change the place of holding elections in the township of

Allen, in Washington county,

6. Supplement to the act, entitled "An Act to incorporate the Atlantic

Mutual insurance company of Philadelphia," passed the fourth day

of April, A. D., 1854,

7. An Act giving the consent of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

for the United States of America to purchase a lot in the city of

Philadelphia, on which to erect post office buildings,

8. An Act to change the name of the Board of Missions of the general

assembly of the Presbyterian church in the United States of


9. Supplement to an act, entitled "An Act relating to estates of dece-
dents and minors in the county of Lawrence," passed and ap-
proved March 21, A. D., 1856,

10. An Act in regard to the place of holding elections in the township

of Osceola and Nelson, in the county of Tioga, and the appoint-

ment of officers to hold the next election,

11. An Act authorizing the directors of the poor and house of employ

ment for the county of Erie to purchase fifty acres of land,

12. Supplement to the act of the thirteenth of May, one thousand eight

hundred and fifty-six, entitled "An Act authorizing the citizens of

the borough of Mercer to ercct a Union school house in said bo-


13. An Act relative to opening streets, to restrict the erection of wooden

buildings, and to facilitate the collection of taxes in the city of


14. A supplement to an act to incorporate the New Castle and Darling-

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