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Mark xv.44. And Pilate marvelled if he were already dead : and Jerusales.

calling unto him the centurion, he asked him whether he
had been any while dead?


himself, risen from the dead. He then declared, that all power
was given unto him in heaven and in earth.

Section XI.--The Disciples still in Galilee.
Before the disciples quitted Galilee, our Lord again shewed
himself to seven of them by the lake of Tiberias. He there sig-
nified in what manner St. Peter should die, and that St. John
should long survive.
Section Xil.-From the Return of the Disciples to Jerusalem,

to the Ascension.
The disciples went back to Jerusalem, earlier I presume than
was necessary to prepare for the feast of the Pentecost, Acts xx.
16. and that therefore they went by a divine direction.

While they were assembled there, Christ instructed them in
the things pertaining to the kingdom of God; and when the
fortieth day, including that of his resurrection, was come, be
led them out as far as to Bethany; and he lifted up his hands
and blessed them : and, while he blessed them, he was parted
from them, and carried up into heaven, and sat down on the
right hand of the Majesty on high.

The disciples baving paid their adoration to him, returned to Jerusalem with great joy, and passed their time in the temple, praising and blessing God, and preparing their hearts for the promised descent of the Holy Spirit upon them, who was to enable them to go forth and preach the glad tidings of salvation successfully to Jews, Samaritans, and Gentiles.

Mr. Crantield has arranged his harmony in twelve sections, the titles of which sufficiently explain the alterations be proposes in the disposition of events given by his learned prede

Section I.-The women (Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome,) set out to view the tomb-an angel descends-opens the tomb-Christ rises from the dead.

Section II.-The women arrive-and see the stone taken away - Mary, concluding that the body of Christ had been removed runs to inform the disciples—the other two women remain behind-the transactions at the tomb during Mary Magdalene's absence.

Section 111.-Peter and John, in consequence of Mary Magdalene's report, set out with Mary Magdalene for the sepulchrethey examine the tomb, and depart-Mary Magdalene stays at the tomb-Christ appears to ber.

Section IV.-Mary Magdalene goes with the message she received from Jesus, and falls in with the other Mary and Salome, who were waiting for her at some distance from the sepulchreJesus appears to the three, and sends a message to the disciples -as they are going, the watch report to the Chief Priests--the transactions at the tomb.

Section 1.-Beside the three women already mentioned, ano-
ther company of Galilean women arrive after these events at
the sepulchre-what then took place at the tomb-Luke collects
briefly the testimony of both the parties—the disciples continue
incredulous-some of tbe disciples visit the tomb.

Section VI.-Christ appears to St. Peter-the two going to
Emmaus-who go to the disciples-Christ appears to all.
- Section VII.-The rest of the disciples are incredulous-par-
ticularly Thomas.

Section VIII.-Christ appears to all-Thomas believes.

Mark xv.45.

And when he knew it of the centurion,


Section IX.-Christ appears to the disciples in Galilee.

Section X.—The disciples still in Galileo-Christ appears to them at the sea of Tiberias.

Section XI.-Christ appears to all the apostles at Jerusalem.

Section XII.-Christ leads his disciples as far as Bethanycommissions them to proselytize all nations—and ascends to heaven.

It is not necessary to insert here the plan of the Arranger; it is given in the titles to the respective sections. If these titles should be regarded by any as too minute, he would reply, his object has been to examine every incident, and every supposed difficulty, in the fullest manner.


Friday Evening-Resurrection. Section 1.

Section I.

Section I.

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50. 38.

Section II. 43. 51.

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Section III.

Luke xxiii. 56.



Section IV.

Matt. xxvii. 61. 60. 46.


Section V.

Matt. xxvii. 62. 66.


Section VI.

Mark xvi. 1.
Section II.

Section II.

Section VII.
Saturday-Conclusion of the Sabbath--Sabbath over.

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Section III.

Section III.

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Section VIII.
Easter Morning.
Matt. xxviij. 1. Mark xvi. 2.
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Matt. xxviii. 2-4.
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14. Section IX.


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Section X. 2.

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Section XI. 6, 6. 6.

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7. .



Section IV.

Section IV.

Section XII.
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Section XIII.
Section V.

Section V.

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Section XIV.


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Section XV.
Section VI.

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Section VI.
Mark xvi. Lu.xxiv.1-10

Section XVI,

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13—16. 10.

12. 16-35.

Section XVII.

19. John xx. pt. 14. 17.


19. Mark xvi. 9. 40–43.

20. Section XVIII.

23. John xx. 18. Section VII.

Section VII.

Matt. xxviii. 9, 10.
Evening of Easter-day
1 Cor. xv. 4, 5. Mark ivi. Luko xxiv.

John xx
Mark xvi.

Jolin xx. Section XIX.


24, 25, Mat. xxviii. 11–15. 12

Section XX. 13–33.

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Section XXI. 37-39. 19.

Luke xxiv. 4-9. 40.

Section XXII. 41, 42. 20.

Luke xxiv. 10. 43. 20.

Mark xvi. 10. 21-23.



Section VIII.

Section VIII.

Section XXIII.

Mark xvi. 11.
Mark xvi.

John xx.
Between Easter and next Sunday.

Luke xxiv. 11.
Mark xvi. 13.

John xx.

24, 25., Section XXIV.

Luke xxiv. 12.
Section IX.

Section IX.

Section XXV.
First Day after the Resurrection.

Luke xxiv. 34.
Mark xvi.
John xx.

Section XXVI.
Matt. xxviii.

Mark xvi. 12.

Luke xxiy. 13–32.

Section XXVII. 26.

Luke xxiv. 33–35. 27, 28. 29.

Section XXVIII. 14.

John xx. 19.

Luke xxiv. 36-43.
Section X.

Section X.

John xx. 20—23.
In Galilee.

Jolin xxi. Section XXIX.
Matt. xxviii.

1-24. Mark xvi. 13.

John xx. 24, 25.

Section XXX.
Section XI.

Section XI.

Mark xyi. 14, 15.

John xx. 26-29.
Johp xxi.

1 Cor. xv. 7. Luke xxiv. Acts i. 4.


Section XXXI. 49.

Matt. xxviii. 16, 17.

Section XXXII.
John xxi. 1-24.

Section XXXIII.
Acts i. 4,6.
Luke xxiv. 44-49.

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