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I. The Christian Panoply ;-By Rev. Thomas Tracy, Newburyport.
II. Duties growing out of the Maternal relation ;-By Rev. John

Pierce, D. D., Brookline, Mass.
III. Old Age ;-By Rev. Edward B. Hall, Providence, R. I.
IV. The Religious man and the man of the world ;-By Rev. Alyan

Lamson, Dedham.
V. The Future Life ;-By Rev. William E. Channing, D. D., Boston.
VI. Changes of Life ;-By Rev. Francis W. P. Greenwood, Boston.

VII. Humility essential to true Greatness ;-By Rev. Edmund Q.

Sewall, Scituate, Mass.

VIII. Christian Perseverance ; By Sidney Willard, Cambridge.

IX. Contentment ;-By Rev. Joseph Field, Weston.

X. Efficacy of Prayer ;-By Rev. John G. Palfrey, D. D., Cambridge.

XI. The Coincidence of Christianity with the higher nature of Man ;-

By Rev. George Ripley, Boston.

XII. Salvation come to the house of Zaccheus ;-By Rev. Thomas

Tracy, Newburyport.

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My hearers, for what purpose have we assembled this morning,—this morning of the new year ? For myself I make answer : I come to worship God,--to worship God with those on earth, with whom I hope to worship him in heaven. That I wish also to promote your best good, I trust I need not declare : you know it to be both the wish of my heart, and the grand aim of my ministry.

But, my friends, what are the warmest wishes of man? A christian king desires the growth and glory of his kingdom ; a christian president desires the prosperity and power of the republic, over which he presides ; a christian minister longs to witness the improvement and salvation of the souls, for whom he performs the duties of his office ; but, compared with the Supreme Being, what is the pastor of a flock, a superintendent of states, a ruler of realms or empires ? Compared with the favor of the Almighty, their wishes, their desires are feeble and ineffectual, as the breath that gives them utterance,

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