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It was a' for our rightfu' king
My love she's but a lassie yet
Rattlin, roarin Willie
Hey tutti taiti
To the weaver's gin ye go
The Slave's Lament
I love


love in secret
Lovely Davies
The Highland Widow's Lament
O steer her up and haud her gaun
John, come kiss me now
The auld man he came over the lea
O Kenmure's

on and


Lady Mary Ann
To daunton me
The Ploughman
When she cam ben she bobbed
Duncan Gray
Wantonness for ever mair
Hey ca’ thro'
Eppie M‘Nab
Merry hae I been teethin a heckle
The rantin dog, the daddie o't


Yon wild mossy mountains
The Cooper o' Cuddy
Highland Laddie
Blue Bonnets
The Taylor fell thro' the bed
Young Jamie, pride of a' the plain
O gin ye were dead, Gudeman
What will I do gin my Hoggie die
My Collier Laddie
Leezie Lindsay
The tither morn
There grows a bonie brier bush in our kail-yard
Duncan Davison
Cock up your beaver
The weary pund o' tow
The Captain's Lady

Will ye go

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Young Jockey was the blythest lad
Ay waukin, O (Second fett)
Carl, an the king come
Jockey fou, and Jenny fain
Craigie-burn wood (Second sett)
As I gaed up by yon gate end
My Wife's a winsome wee thing (Second sett)
To Mary
Streams that glide
Saw ye my Phely
My Chloris, mark how



The last time I came o'er the moor
Deluded Swain
'Twas na her bonie blue e'e
O wert thou in the cauld blast
On Cessnock banks there lives a lass (Firlt sett)
The Banks o' Doon (Second sett)
Montgomerie's Peggie
Here's a health to them that's awa
There was a lad was born in Kyle
My father was a farmer
Her flowing locks
Amang the trees
The gowden locks of Anna
The heather was blooming
Why, why tell thy lover
Lines on a Ploughman
The Fête Champetre
Adown winding Nith



minnie did
Luckless Fortune
Ah, Chloris, since it may na be
The Sons of old Killie
Come boat me o'er to Charlie
When first I came to Stewart Kyle
Hey, the dusty Miller
The joyful Widower
I met a lass, a bonie lass
Though fickle Fortune
O gie my love brose, brose

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O wat ye

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John Adam, Town-chamberlain, Greenock
Major Wallace Adair of Beechgrove, Mauchline
John Carlyle Aitken, Dumfries
Walter Alexander, St. Vincent Street, Glasgow
William Alexander, M.D., Dundonald
James Anderson, West Nile Street, Glafgow
M. Anderson, St. Vincent Place, Glasgow
Robert Anderson, Glasgow
T. B. Andrews, folicitor, Kilmarnock

B James Baird of Cambuídoon, Ayrshire M. Baker, London Thomas Barbour, Portland Terrace, Kilmarnock Andrew Barclay, Portland Terrace, Kilmarnock William Barclay, Stirling William Battrum, Helensburgh. 2 copies H. Beckett, St. Vincent Place, Glasgow T. F. Black, Bold Street, Liverpool Thomas Black, Bridge-end, Dalry Robert Blackwood, C.E., Kilmarnock Wm. Blackwood & Sons, Edinburgh. 2 copies John Blair, Salisbury Square, Edinburgh The Right Hon. E. P. Bouverie, M.P., Manor House, Wilts. Rev. George D. Boyle, M.A., Vicar of Kidderminster A. Brown & Co., Booksellers, Aberdeen. 13 copies David Brown, Townend Cottage, Dalry Matthew Brown, George Square, Glasgow Thomas Brown of Waterhaughs, Ayrshire Thomas Brown, King Street, Kilmarnock William Brown, Edinburgh Alexander Brownlie, Inverness

William Brownlie, Dundonald
John Bruce, Upper Gloucester Place, London
David Bryce & Co., Buchanan Street, Glasgow
A. W. Buchan, Glasgow
Archibald Buchanan, Barskimming, Mauchline
William Burns, West George Street, Glasgow. 2 copies
Burns' Monument, Ayr. (Presentation copy)

John Cadzow, Hazelbank, Kilmarnock
James Caldwell, writer, Paisley
John Cameron, Buchanan Street, Glasgow
John Cameron, Clark Street, Kilmarnock
G. J. Campbell of Treesbank, Ayrshire
Hutcheson Campbell, Argyll Street, Glasgow. 7 copies
John Campbell, High Street, Ayr
J. D. Campbell, Mauritius. 2 copies
Dr. Carlyle, Dumfries
Elias Cathcart of Auchindrane, Ayrshire
James Chivas, Aberdeen
George Christie, Stirling
J. G. Clark, Dubton, Dumfries
Peter Coats, Woodside, Paisley
Robert Cochrane, Winchcombe, Cheltenham
Daniel Colledge, Culzean Castle, Maybole
William Collins, Sons & Co., Glasgow. 2 copies
John Duke Coleridge, Ottery, S. Mary, Devonshire
James Connell, Clydesdale Bank, Kilmarnock
John Cook, Paisley
Thomas Corrie, Procurator-Fiscal, Dumfries
William Cowan, Ayr
Mathew Craig, Deanhill, Kilmarnock
William Craig, Mincing Lane, London
William Craig, Brunswick Lane, Glasgow
William Creelman, Alma Cottage, Kilmarnock
E. Crocker, Strand, London
John Crooks, Flowerbank, Kilmarnock
John Crookfhank, South Portland Street, Glasgow
George Crowther, Stanwix Cottage, Carlisle
William Allason Cuninghame of Afton Lodge, Tarbolton
James Cunningham, Duke Street, Kilmarnock
Robert Cunningham, Titchfield Street, Kilmarnock

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