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Railroad, Atchafalaya, memorial of, and act of incorporation
East Florida, act of incorporation

Legislature of Florida, in favor of grant-
ing land to, and make road through
public lands

Alabama, to make through public lands
from Pensacola, Florida, to Columbus, Georgia, survey



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Baltimore and Ohio, Legislature Ohio, complete
Red river, construct levees on

report of superintendent, removal of raft in
Register of officers of Government (Blue Book,) -
Revolutionary claims, amount credited and charged to each State
and in relation to interest on



Rhode Island, Legislature, distribute proceeds of sales of public



Legislature, fortify Narraganset bay
Rivers and harbors, operations of the Engineer Department, in
1835, in relation to the improvement of, (page 106)
Road, Cumberland, in Indiana and Illinois, on the condition of
survey of route, Springfield, Ohio, and Rich-
mond, Indiana

west of the Ohio, expenses, &c. of

Roads, operations of the Engineer Department in 1835 on
through Chelsea Hospital grounds

Rocky Mountains, Colonel Dodge's Journal to the



memorial citizens of St. Louis, Missouri, for
it to pass through that city
memorial citizens of Ohio, against change in
route of
Legislature of Ohio, place appropriations
under control of board of public works
letter from John L. Dickey, location of, in




Salomon. John C. F. on steam boilers

Scrip, additional appropriation of land, revolutionary services
School lands in Louisiana, in relation to the location of two town-
ships granted for a seminary

Seamen, American, registered in 1835

Securities, on the subject of the responsibility of

Portsmouth, Ohio, to Linville, in North Carolina, recon-
noisance and survey of route for

mail, Louisville, to St. Louis, quantity of public land on
route of

Maumee and Western Reserve road, Legislature of Ohio,
collect tolls, &c.

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Seminary, Louisiana, in relation to the location of land granted


Sibly John, assignee of Tregarie, land claim report of commis-

Slies, award of commissioners under treaty with the King of
the Two

Silks and wines of France, duties on, &c.

Sinking fund, annual report of Commissioners of the
Smith. Thomas H. and Son

Smith and McClelland, liabilities of, as sureties
Smithsonian bequest, on the subject of
Spanish land claims in Florida

Spaulding, D. A. letter from, against granting patents to Polish



Spoliations, French, prior to 1800, memorial merchants of Massa-

Steam-boilers, report of the Franklin Institute of Philadelphia, on
subject of

St. Joseph, memorial of inhabitants of Michigan, harbor at
St. Louis, Missouri, memorial, Cumberland road, pass through
city of

location New Madrid certificate, sand bar
in front of

memorial of Langham and McDonald,
against bill for the improvement of har-
bor of

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Tennessee, Canal Commissioners, report of
Tennessee Legislature, hospitals at Memphis


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Surgeon General, annual report of
Sureties, responsibilities of, (see McClelland and Smith)
Surveys and examinations in 1835, report of, (page 214)
Surveyors, deputy, public lands, relative to an increase of com-
pensation of

Surveys, public lands in Illinois and Missouri, relative to, with

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Tennessee river, progress and condition of the improvement of
Texas.correspondence with Government of Mexico, in relation to
neutrality with, and military operations


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Legislature of Connecticut, in favor of independence of
Tonnage, United States, statements accompanying report on com-
merce and navigation for 1835, respecting the

Topographical Department, operations of, in 1835, (page 214) 1
Topographical Engineers, change in organization of, (page 214) 1
Transfer of appropriations in 1835


Treasurer's accounts


Treasury Building, estimate for, showing difference in cost of dif
ferent materials

Treaties with Indians. (See Indian treaties.)
Treaty with Venezuela



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Venezuela, treaty with
Virginia, military land warrants, unsatisfied
additional appropriations to satisfy
inhabitants of Fredericksburg, port of entry
inhabitants of Loudoun, bridge at Harper's Ferry


War Department, report of its operations in 1835
Washington City, memorial of corporation, pecuniary claims of
grand jury of, new jail

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criminal court
Washington's accounts, fac simile of, Orphans' Society of Wash-
ington, ask Congress to purchase

Weights and measures, progress in the fabrication of standards of
West Point academy, report of visiters in 1835 -
Wines of France, duties on, from 1830 to 1835 -
Wisconsin Territory, memorial Legislature of Michigan, for the
establishment of



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Vol. No.

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Academy, West Point, report of visiters in 1835, (page 200)
Alabama, Legislature, pre-emption to settlers who have lost their
improvements by Indian treaties

Legislature, make rail road through public lands
report of Tennessee Canal Commissioners, to Legisla-
ture of

Legislature, against distributing proceeds of sales of
public lands

Alexandria, corporation notes of, cancelled

aqueduct, report on survey and construction of
Appalachicola, against removal seat of justice from
Appropriations, estimates of, for 1836


estimates, for the operations of the General Land
Office, &c. for 1836

for the Ordnance Department for 1836
additional for the Ordnance Department
for the commencement of new fortifica-

additional for the Quartermaster Gene-
ral's Department

for supplying arsenals with certain

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for carrying into effect certain Indian

for the suppression of Indian hostilities
transfer of, in 1835
transfer of, naval service in 1835
and expenditures, military service for 1835
and expenditures, naval service for 1835
made, and new offices created in 1836.

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