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1832, Jan.


Special A report of measures taken to ascertain and establish the

boundary line between the Territory of Arkansas und Mexico,

Journal H. R.


Early in the Ses


[blocks in formation]

1799, March 2 Abstracts of the returns made by collectors of the registered seamen of the United States,

Laws U. S. vol. 3 109

270 | Early in January.
1812, Jan. 13 An abstract of patents issued during the year 1832, for in-
1830, April 12) ventions and improvements,

Journal of H. R. 252
12th C. Ist Sess.


Do. 21st C. 1st Ses. 4919
1816, April 27 A register of all officers and agents, civil and military, in the

service of the United States, (furnished biennially,) Laws U. S. vol. 6 163 | Early in Decem’r.

1818, April 20

A list of the names of the clerks employed in the Depart

ment of State during the year 1832, with the compensa·tion of each,

Laws U. S. vol. 6

230 Early in January. .

1819, March 2


380 Early in February

A list of passengers arriving in the United States from fo

reign countries during the year 1832,
A list of patents for discoveries which shall have expired

within the last year, with pares of patentees,

1832, July


Laws U. S. 22d Con. Ist Sess.


In January


Date of the law or


[blocks in formation]

1789, Sept. 2 1800, May 10

A report upon the state of the finances, embracing a general

view of the revenue and expenditures of the United Laws U. S. vol. 2 States, for the years 1832 and 1833,

Do. vol. 3

248 Early in Decem'r. 393

1789, Sept. 2
1800, May 10

An estimate of the appropriations necessary to be made for

the service of the year 1833, with a statement of the ap-
propriations heretofore made, applicable to the service of
this year; and a statement of the appropriations of former
years, with an estimate of those sums which will not be Laws U. S. vol. 2

required to defray expenses incurred in a former year, Do. vol. 3
An account of the receipts and expenditures of the United Journal of H. R.
States for the year 1831,

Laws U.S. vol. 6

48 Early in January.

1781, Dec. 30 1817, March 3

68 Early in Decem'r. 201

Note. This report is furnished in a printed form.

1792, April 2

An account of the receipts and expenditures at the Mint,

with an account, also, of its transactions during the year 1832,

Laws U. S. vol. 2

264 In February.

1797, March 3

Statements of the amount of duties accruing, and drawbacks


Journal of I. R.

In February

1806, April 10

payable on merchandise exported from the United States

during the years 1899, 1930, and 1831, Statements of the result of the assays made at the Mint in

1832, of certain foreign coins,

Laws U. S. vol. 4


Early in January.

1808, March 3

Statements of the payments made at the Treasury, in 1892,

for the discharge of miscellaneous claims not otherwise



provided for, 1808, April 21 Statements of contracts and purchases made by collectors for

the revenue service in 1832,



Early in January, and are generally included in one report.

1808, April 21

Statement of the contracts made by direction of the Trea

sury Department, in 1832,



Statement of the amount of the expenditures for the relief

of sick and disabled seamen in 1832.

1818, April 20

Note.- No authority is found for making this statement. A list of the names of the persons employed as clerks in the

several offices of the Treasury Department, in 1832, with the pay of each

Laws U. S. vol. 6! 320 Early in January.

1820, Feb. 10

Statement showing the commerce and navigation of the

United States for the year 1832


450 | Early in Decem.

1830, May 7

A map or exhibit of public lands that have been surveyed

in each State, showing the relative qualities of the lands

Journal H. R. 21 Cong. i Sess.

588 612 | Early in Decem.

[blocks in formation]

1832, July 10

Statements of the capital, circulation, discounts, specie, de

posites, and condition, of the State Banks

Journal H. R.

1110 1117 During the Sess.

1881, March 2

Names of applicants for the benefit of the act for the relief

of certain insolvent debtors; the amount due; the names
of those who may have been released, with terms of com-

Laws U. S. 21 Cong. 2 Sess.

65 | During the Sess.

1831, Mar. 3

A digest of the commercial regulations of foreign countries,

Journal H. R.

424 Early in Session.

1832, July 4

A report of claims to land in the southeastern district of

Louisiana, preferred under act of this date,

Laws U. S. 22 Cong. 1 Sess.

146 During the Sess.

1832, July


154 During the Sess.

1832, July 14

A report of claims to land in the State of Missouri,

Laws U. S.

22 Cong. 1 Sess.
A statement of the whole amount of receipts and expendi-

tures from 1789 to the present time, under separate heads, Journal Senate. Further information relative to claims of merchants for a

return of duties paid under act of May 19, 1828, Journal Senate.

470 First week Sess.

1832, Jan.


55 Early in Session.

1892, July


[blocks in formation]

1839, June 28

The amount rosoivod at cach custom-house for registers, sea lettera, passos, clearances, bonds, permits, certificatos, &c. during the late war, customs, A bill to fix and establish the salaries of officers or the The quantity of public land in each State offered for sale

and not sold; the time at which it was offered for sale; and the quantity in each State not offered for sale,

Journal Senate.

970 373

First week Sess.

1832, Feb. 29

Journal Senate.

160 Early in Session.

1832, Mar. 26

On the expediency of reducing credits for duties on imports;

on the propriety of rating ad valorem duties on value of goods at place of importation; and on prevention of frauds in payment of duties,

Journal Senate.



[blocks in formation]

1809, Mar. 3

[blocks in formation]

1799, Mar. 2

Statements showing the official emoluments and expendi-
tures of the officers employed in the collection of the

Statements of the accounts in the Treasury, War, and Navy

Departments, which have remained more than three years unsettled, or on which balances have been due more than three years,


vol. 4

221 | Early in Decem.

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