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L, 3. CIST OF RESIGNATIONS in the Navy of the United States since

the 1st of December, 1831.

Name and rank.

Date of resignation.


[blocks in formation]

March 12th, 1832.
Do. 24th, do.

11th February, 1832. 24th September, do. 18th October, do.

19th December, 1831. 11th February, 1832. 8th March, do.

do. do. 12th do.

do. 12th April, do.

8th May, do. 29th do.

do. 13th June do. 21st do.

do. 25th do.

do. 2d July,

do. 31st August, do. 1212 Septeniber, do 19th do. do. 31st July, do. 191h October, do.. 241h November, do.

27th July, 1832: 220 August, do.

i Sth January, do.

[ Doc. No. 2. ]

STATEMENT:showing the Number, Name, and Slate, and Condos

of the Vessels of Wur in ordinary at the Navy Yards, Boston, som York, Philadelphia, Norfolk, and Portsmouth.

i practice Bostoy.

P There are four vessels in ordinary at this yard, viz. Columbus and as dependence, ships of the line; Constitution, frigate; and Erie, sloop of

PETR 02 The three first have light covering over them.

Columbus. This ship is sound, and in good order in her hull; will quire to have part of two strakes of whales put on, rudder to finish his masts to wedge, and will require some new spars; anchors and stocks # Geer made, to be thoroughly caulked and new coppered.

Independence. The frame and bottom plank of this ship are suppose be sound; the plank outboard, from lower rail 10 rail, the ceiling, all decks, magazine platforms, plank on the stern, cutwater, and head, are un fective, and will require to be new. She wil: require to be thorong se utili caulked and new coppered.

Constilution. The frame, bottom plank, ceiling between decks, deck, knees and beams, are sound; the outboard plank, from light mark to rail, ceiling in the hold, orlop and berth decks, magazine plation plank on spar deck, bulwark, plank on stern galleries, channels, ar.de stan, are defective, and will require to be new, and the ship new coppen

Erie. The frame of this ship, bottom plank, and part of the ceiling sound; the outboard plank froin lower wale to rail, the gun and berth de platforms, and thick strakes in the hold, are defective, and will require be new.

She will require new fore and main-masts, and some spars, to be caulked throughout.

Now YORK. The vessels in ordinary at this yard are ifour, viz. Ohio, Washingtonas and Franklin 74's, and Hudson frigate, of the first class.

Ohio. Ship of the line. This ship was launched in May, 1820, but never been masted or filted ior sea. Her outside plauk, from the rail to do water linc, is believed to be decayed, and will require to be replaced will also a part of the ceiling, clamps, and waist on the upper and lower decks. Beams and knees are sound, and in good condition; spar deck plan will require to be replaced; all bulk heads have been removed, to adm circulation: she is now.protected from the weather by a tight covering materials have been procured for the repairs and equipment of this ship .cept tanks, guns, sails, and shot.

Wushington. This ship was launched in 1814, and has made bail one cruise That part of her frame, which is live oak, is sound; her beams, knees, des frames, and two-thirds of her gun decks, are sound and good, as well as he bottom plank, below water; her upper works are in a decayed state

; a tight covering over her is now in progress, to prevent the action of the weathe on her.

She requires extensive repairs, for which no materials are proge u vided.

Franklin. This ship was launched in 1915, and has made two cruisch and is in about the same condition as the Washington, and would require the same repairs. She is, at present, used as a receiving ship; is well vent tilated and taken care of.' No niaterials are provided for her repairs.

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Hudson Frigate. This ship is built of common oak, and is known to be peaky decayed in her upper works. It cannot, however, be known, until a opened, to what extent she is decayed, to warrant saying how far requires repaiping. The spar deck has been caulked the past season, to ep the frame as dry as practicable. No materials have been provided for repairs .

PHILADELPHIA. Cyane. This is the only ship in ordinary at this yard: contracts are fruct being made for the live oak frame, of which she is about to be rebuilt.

NORFOLK. The skips in ordinary at this yard, are, the North Carolina and Delaware: ise o batile ships; Java, Guerriere, frigates of the first class, and Congress, nigate of the second class; and Natchez, Fairfield, and Ontario, sloops of

North Carolina. This ship will require repairs in her upper works, and

he docked: she leaks badly; her copper is no doubt off, and the worms are eaten through. She will require to be new caulked and coppered, at fost of $35,211, exclusive of docking. dure. This ship is decayed generally, her frame being of white oak and lagany, or baywood. She is to be re-built, and contracts are now makng for a new frame of live oak. She is at present," however, used as a reterring ship, which purpose she answers well. Guerriere

. This ship is decayed in her upper works, and third and fourth futoeks

: her frame is of the same materials as the Java, and she is about eg corered in. Congress

. This ship is decayed in her hull generally; her frame is of Die Ouk; about one-third of her timbers are decayed; the rest, from repeated ats

, mach cut with auger holes. She is very much hagged, otherwise nach defective, and requires to be rebuilt or extensively repaired. Delaware

. This ship has been repaired the present year, having been orsured to be fitted out; and now only requires to have the state of her cop1 tscertained. Nulchez

, has undergone a thorough repair. Peir field and Onturio, are sound and good, and only require their botfonis lo be examined.

PORTSMOUTH, N. H.. There is but one vessel at this yard, the Vincennes sloop of war, of the are class

; is generally in good order, but requires slight repairs in her guarter galleries, and some new plank in her gun deck. She requires caulk.

1.8, and it is now in progress.

N: Kalement showing the Number of Vessels now on the Stocks, their state

vf preservation, the yards where building, and the time and expense necessary to prepare them for launching.

PORTSMOUTH. There are two ships on the stocks at this yard, the Alabama and Santae, wh in a good state of preservation.

Alubama, ship of the line, is under cover in ship house No. 1; she car

prepared for launching in ninety days, at the cost of $39,320 60. Santee, frigate of the first class: she is under cover in house No. 2; ear prepared for launching in seventy days, at the cost of $29,341.

Boston. There are three ships at this yard on the stocks, in a perfect state of servation under houses. Vermont and Virginia, ships of the line, can be prepared for launch

in ninety days: the first at an expense of $70,360 60; the second a

expense of $79,726 46. Cumberland, frigate of the first class, can be prepared for launching ninety days, at an expense of $74,790 56.

New York. In the ship-house No. 1 is the frigate Sabine, in a fine state of preservati

and could be launched in sixty working days, at the expense of $46,3. In the ship-house No 2 is the frigate Savannah, generally in a good s!

of preservation, but, from having been exposed 10 the weather previ to the house being built, and from having been caulked, some parts injured, to wit: the wales were decayed and were taken off, the sui and part of the waist and ceiling are also decayed. She is now proteç from further decay by a tight covering. She could be launched in 1 hundred and twenty working days, at a cost of $46,135.

PHILADELPHIA. There are two vessels on the stocks at this yard; the Pennsylvania, in of battle ship, and the Raritan, frigate of the first class. Pennsylvania. The timber, plank, beams, knees, &c. &c., of this ship,

far as can be judged of from examination, are as healthy as when the wo was put together, except the ceiling in the hold, which, though appare ly sound, does not appear to possess the strength of the white oak in oth parts of this ship. It will require six months, at an expense of $33,75 Rarilan is in a similar good siate of preservation with the Pennsylvani

and can be prepared for launching in three months, at an expense $15,500.

WASHINGTOX. There is but one ship on the stocks at this yard, the Columbia, frigate

the first class: she is in a good state of preservation, and can be got read for launching in two months, at an expense of $42,576 49.

NORFOLK. There are two ships on the stocks at this yard; the New York, line battle ship, and the St. Lawrence, frigate of the first class. * New York. This ship rests upon a wooden foundation, which will regel

to be replaced with stone, if she should stand any time: she is un cover of a wooden house that rests on a stone foundation, and is in

8 repair: it will require ninety days to finish her for launching, at an

pense of $37,775. St. Lawrence. This ship rests upon a good substantial stone foundatid which has been put under her the present year.

She is under cover o wooden house, on a brick foundation. She can be made ready for laund ing in ninety days, at an expense of $32,590.

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