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ing settlements are in that direction, and a knowledge of the sea shore coontry opposite. is to them a matter of high interest: they are remote from St. i Marks, which is the only well known inlet: the Ocilla, the Estahatchee, and some smaller rivers empty into the gulf between the St. Marks and the Suwannee; and there are so many large old roads leading from the Tallahassee section of the country in a direction toward the mouths of these rivers, tha: it leads to an opinion that there has formerly been a sea port some where there. These roads are lost in the flat pine w.ods and swamps, and, as yet

, (with the exception of a very few spots,) this sea shore tract of country is unexplored, and will most likely remain so; and certainly will remain opsettled until these ranges are all completed and offered. All of range fine, in which there is known to be good land, is unsurveyed: you will readily conceive the advantages, in many respects, of having this sea shore country settled as speedily as possible. Emigrants confine their examinations to lands that are subject to entry. The earlier settlers have procured lands

, and ar• busily engaged on them, and the field has become too sterile far speculators; and I have known of no instance of squatters since the preemption law. So thai, until this coast is surveyed and offered, it must remzie it, its unexplored wilderness condition There are several beautiful little islands lying near shore on this part of the coast, which will readily sell, and

bu should also be surveyed.

I was urged, by several gentlemen from these eastern settlements, to make a representation of these facts to you, which I did some months past, and the surveyor general received your instructions. The two surveyors et ployed went out not long since to the unfinished surveys S and E, bert turned immediately, I suppose finding it either impracticable or unpreurble, and are now surveying on Blackwater river, in West Florida. Since the e gentlenien (Mr. Clements and Mr. Exum) returned from south 063 east, and all prospect of getting those lands surveyed immediately had cez ed, 1 have been again urged to represent to you the necessity for it The are several of the former deputy surveyors here, and unemployed in to way, one of whom said to me very lately, that he would be very glad to see the work, and that he would do it in ciober and November: this was N: Thomas, who surveyed some of these ranges, as far as was then practicabe and is acquainted with the country. Besides him, there is Mr. Wasbirk ton, Colonel Allen, Mr. Lewis, and Mr. Downey, all good surterors that the surveyor general will be at no loss to get this work done in 0 :: brand November next. There is said to be a fine body of good land...? on ihe S: wannee river, at the Suw nee old towns Colonel Gadisden th. five or six ihousand acres—this I believe is surveyed. and, if it is as ** been represented, would sell very well for sugar plantations

, and be ei. immediately-also some islands there. I believe it would be benefral? Florida if the whole of the Govern ne t lands wer- offered and subjuny entry; but I would consider it of great corsequence to this portion of country, whether in peace or war, to remove all obstacles, and let this coast, "Sand E. be settled; and this would be effected very speedily i the surveys were completed and the lands offered. I have made theses gestions at the requesi of others; but they are in full accordance with 9 own observations and opinions, and are respectfully submitted.

Yours, &c., &c.,

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P. S. Mr. Gaines called my attention to the want of a connected map of the surveys in my office. I have never been furnished with one yet, and ColoDei Searcy (the draughtsman in the surveyor general's office) is not of opinion that my office is to be furnished with one. My instructions direct me to inark the lands sold on the connected plat, as well as the plats of townships, from which it is inferable I should be furnished with one.



Commissioner General Land Office.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA, 16th June, 1828. Sır: Understanding that the surveying of range five, south and east, as well as some other work on the coast, south and east remains to be finished, I take the liberty of offering my services to the government for the completion of the same without delay. The country, in general, would be much benefitted by an immediate survey of these townships, as there are many persons anxious to purchase lands in that quarter-it being held in high estimation. The advantages to the country by an immediate survey and sale of these lands would be obvious.

I have been very unprofitably employed in the surveying department hitherto, having had the worst part of Florida to survey, in a country reported impracticable by other surveyors. Alihough the country which I now propose to survey is, in many parts, very swampy, yet I am willing to embark in it, believing that, with perseverance and rigid economy, that I can, in some degree, indemnify myself for the great sacrifices which I have made in the surveying department of Florida. As I am accustomed to surveying, and, withal, fond of the life, when things are fairly conducted, I would most willingly undertake a large contract, if in a good country, at a lower rate than that fixed by law, and for the faithful performance thereof will enter into ample security with the government.

I am, &c., &c.,


TALLAHASSEE, June 16, 1828. Dear Sir: My friend, Mr. Henry Washington, is desirous to embark in urveying the lands south and east on the waters of the Oscilla, and the oast of the gulf, which is deemed of considerable importance to the adjaent country; having located myself in that section of the territory, I feel eep interest in the completion of the work, and have taken the liberty of writing to you on the subject, and should feel highly gratified if Mr Washogton could succeed in obtaining the appointment, as he informs me he as been very unprofitably employed on former occasions, and this would ontribute to re-imburse his previous losses and privations which he has had to encounter; your aid in promoting his views will be gratifying to his friends here, and will, I assure you, confer an obligation on your obedicat servant.


Commissioner, &c. &c.

GENERAL LAND OFFICE, August 1, 1828. Sır: Your letter of the 15th ultimo, covering one to Mr. White, has been received. I am not certain as to Mr. White's present direction I have, hor. ever, sent the letter under cover to the postmaaster at New York, with directions that if he does not call for it in all this month, that it be returned to this office.

I very much regret the delays which have occurred in laying down the private claims in West Florida, which you state to have arisen from tse de fects in describing the claims, so that the surveyors are unable to locate and survey them from the information derived from the abstracis of de cisions, and from the neglect of the claimants to come forward, and give the necessary information by which they may be ascertained and surveyed.

Before the lands are subdivided for sale, I wish another effort to be made this autumn, to survey all the private claims confirmed, and it would be as visable to give early and due notice in the paper published in Pensacoda, di the time that your deputies will attend there for the purpose; this notit should be accompanied with a list of all the claims, the description of which is so defective, that they cannot be located and surveyed from the sformation derived from the public archives, and the claimants informed that if they do not attend or furnish the necessary information, that the lands will be surveyed as public land, without respect to such claims; and the lands should be so subdivided, where they are saleable, and your township plats closed and returned.

I regret that the surveyor did not himself examine the island or islands, claimed by Mr. White, so as to make a more special report as to the caused which prevented the survey of either or all of them.

I am, &c., &c,


S. G., Tallahassee.

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Extract of a letter from the Commissioner of the General Land Ofima

to Cololonel Robert Butler, Surveyor General, Tallahassee; dalsh August 29, 1828. “ Your letter of the 12th instant is received, accompanied by two packets

, containing township maps and descriptions, agreeably to the statement therein.

" It is desirable, that, in your future returns of maps, that the table of con tents of the private claims should exhibit the number of sections, and here i the same reference to the confirmation, as is exhibited on the survey as kaip down."

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GENERAL LAND OFFICE, September 13, 1828. SIR: The enclosed township plats, 6 north, of range 29 and 30 west, are returned in consequence of the want of coincidence in the

survey. In your former return of the fraction of township 6 north, range 30 west, you exhibit the Escambia river, as running through section 33. In these returns, you will perceive, that the Escambia in range 30, and the Conecuh in range 29 west, come into such interference as to prevent the possibility of connecting them upon the map.

The Alabama survey represents the Escambia as entering Florida, about five miles west of the Conecuh, which is about the position represented in your first return, through section 33, township 6, range 30.

. I have to request, you will be pleased to have these corrected or explained, and return them to this office.

I am, &c. &c.


S. G. Tallahassee.

GENERAL LAND OFFICE, September 23, 1898. Str: In reply to your letter of the 1st instaat, I have to state, that I do not perceive any necessity for extending, for the present, the township line Ehrough the tracts claimed by Forbes & Co.

I am well aware of the embarrassments experienced by the deputy surveyors, arising out of the negligence of the claimants to come forward and designate such claims as are not so distinctly described in the records on which they were confirmed, as to enable the deputy to find and survey them without the aid of the claimant; and I very much regret, that there has been an mission in all the laws confirming private claims, to make provisions for ompelling the claimants to have their lands surveyed within a given period. There is a necessity on the part of the government, for surveying those claims, in order to ascertain the public lands subject to sale.

The 7th secion of the act, passed the 8th of February, 1827, directs the manner in which this shall be done, and all that can be expected of the executive offiers is, that they procure all the information which the public archives conrin, of the locality and description of each claim, and use due diligence and preaution, in carrying into effect the instructionsgiven under the provisions of that ection. When these means will not enable you to lay down a private claim, the ends must be surveyed as public lands, and the parties left to establish the locali

of their claim in a court of justice. But, as this latter course will necessarily roduce embarrassment to the government as well as to the claimant, you will erceive the expediency and necessity of using such precautions in having the aims surveyed, as will take from the claimant any just cause of complaint, nd that will exempt your department from censure. The papers, enclosed in my letter of 25th July, were submittted as the inions of respectable gentlemen, and that upon re-inquiry, you might take ch measures for the survey and subdivision of any of these lands that you

might deem necessary, and I place entire confidence in your judgment and discretion as to the practicability of running the township lines, and subdividing such of them as are saleable.

*I am, &c. &c.


S. G. Tallahassee.

GENERAL LAND OFFICE, October 31, 1828. SIR: Your letter of the 14th instant is received, accompanied by townships of fractional township 6, north of range 29 and 30, west, which were transmitted you for examination and correction on the 13th of September last. I herewith return you the above maps, and have to request you will be pleased to connect the section 31 of township 6, north of range 29, west, (which is now platted upon the map of fractional township, Dorth of range 30, west,) with the fraction now exhibited on the above township 6, north of range 29, west.

&c. &c.

GEORGE GRAHAM. Col. Robert BUTLER, S. G., Tallahassee.


I am,

GENERAL LAND OFFICE, January 20, 1829. Sir: Your letter of the 1st ultimo, in answer to mine of the 31st Oetober, with its accompanying papers, is received.

I herewith cnclose you a connexion of the right and left bank of the Connecuh river, which is agreeable to your returns of fractional townships 5 and 6, north of ranges 29 and 30, west. I have also directed to be laid down, the private claim of Edgely and Taunecs, agreeably to the courses and distances designated on the lines of the claim, which I submit for your investigation.

You will perceive by the diagram, if you maintain your courses and distances in protracting the private claim, that the sectional connecting distances are erroneous.

From these apparent discrepancies there can be no doubt but the surveys have been erroneously made, both as regards the meanders of the Conneeub river, and survey of the private claim. If so, a correction, or examination, of the survey ought to be made at the expense of the contractor.

I am, &c. &c.


Ectract of a letter from the Commissioner of the General Land Office : to Colonel Robert Butler, S. G., Tallahassee, dated 10ih Feb. 1829.

“I beg leave to refer you to my letters of 14th April, and 20th January, last, and would suggest the necessity of a critical examination of the sur. veys returned to your office, in comparison with the field notes, before par ments are made for such surveys.'

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