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Register's Office, December 3d, 1832.

Register of the Treasury.


K. STATEMENT of the Funded and Unfunded Debt of the United States, as it will exist on the 1st January, 1883.

Date of the Acts conStock. stituting the stocks. when redeemable.


Amount of the Funded and Unfunded Debt, on the 1st January, 1832
Deduct amount redeemed from the 1st January to the 30th September, 1832, viz:

Four and a half per cent. stock, residue of the loan of the 24th May, 1824
Three per cent stock, amount purchased, (cost $326,052 85)

Amount paid off, being two-thirds of the residue
Registered debt
Also, amount to be reimbursed in the fourth quarter of 1832, viz:

Exchanged five per cent of 1822
One moiety of the exchanged four and a half per cent. stock, per act of 26th May, 1824
And the residue of the three per gent, stoek

$1,739,524 01
$344,178 94
8,634,988 37

8,979,167 31

237 84


56,704 77 2,227,363 97 4,317,538 45

17,320,536 35

Amount 1st January, 1832, as above
T'NEASURY DEPARTMENT, Register's Office, 30th November, 1832.

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December 3, 1832 Sır: In presenting, for your examination and the consideration of t Government, a review of the operations of this office for the last year, have to state, that the sales of the public lands have not been equal to tho of the preceding annual period. This deficiency was not anticipated, al has resulted from causes over which the officers charged with this branch the public service, with the most active vigilance and industry, could ha no control The inadequacy of the means afforded to the surveyors gen ral, to supply the returns of surveys, and the township plats, in every su veying district of the United States, with the exception of that of Alabama together with 'he Indian war on the northern frontier of Illinois and th western part of the Territory of Michigan, and the general prevalence the Asiatic cholera, in those places to which emigration tended, and from which it usually emanates, has not only interrupted the land sales entirely in some districts, for a portion of the year, but has materially retarded thos in others. These unexpected impediments could not have been foreseen, the date of my last report, nor prevented by any efforts within the compe tency of any officers charged with the superintendence of the sales of th public domain.

The annexed statement, marked A, exhibits the periods to which th monthly accounts of the registers and receivers have been rendered, with the admitted balances of cash in the hands of the several receivers at the date o their last monthly accounts, and the periods to which their last quarterly ac counts have been rendered.

The accompanying statement, marked B, shows the quantity of lands solo the amount of purchase money, designating such portion as has been receiv ed for sales made prior to July 1, 1820, the amount received in cash, in fo feited land stock, in military land scrip, the aggregate amount of receipt and the amount paid into the United States' treasury, in each State and Te ritory, during the year 1831, and the half year and third quarter of 1832.

The embarrassments and impediments which have prevented the sever surveying departments from performing all the duties required by law, a which were stated in my last annual communication, still continue, tot great injury of the public service, and to many individuals interested in t prompt discharge of official duty. Until some further provision shall made, by law, to enable the surveyors general to prepare and make retur of the surveys in their respective districts, and the township plats, to proper Registers of land offices, and to this office, these evils will accumul with increased injury to all concerned. Surveys of nearly four hund townships bave been made, the township plats of which have not been retur to this office, and a greater number not furnished the land offices. I wou therefore, again recommend, that such additional provisions be made by C gress, for the Surveyors offices, as may be sufficient to admit a prompt charge of public duty. It should also be remarked, that by the provision the act of the 5th of April last, permitting entries, in certain cases, of quan quarter sections, the office duty of the respective surveyors, has been greatly infeased. The continued illness of the Surveyor General of Florida, and the tekness of the clerks in his office, have prevented, almost entirely, any surtys in that Territory, during the past year. In connexion with the subject of the public surveys, I would recommend hat some provision be made for the survey of the public domain, and the esurvey thereof, where gross errors have been committed; for the survey of he principal meridian and base lines, and for private land claims, in all cases where the compensation allowed by law therefor is insufficient to meet the expenses of the same. This office has already been advised, that many such cases now exist, and, in consequence thereof, the surveys of the same .ave been suspended. It is also respectfully submitted to the wisdom of Congress, to require the several surveyors ofäces, and the records and documents belonging thereto, to be kept in fire-proof buildings. Of the necessity of which, and of the importance of carefully preserving the records of the public surveys, and the papers and documents connected therewith, 80 reasonable doubt can exist. They form the basis of all the subsequent [perations of this office, and of the respective land offices, not only as to the sales and disposition of the public lands, but also of private land claims.

In September last, a circular letter was addressed to the several Surveyors General

, requesting them to report to this office, the amount of arrears in their respective offices, and an estimate of the amount of labor and expense, to bring the same up to the period of current duties; a reply to which has not been transmitted by all, but, so soon as received, will be made the subject

The act of the last session of Congress, providing for the issuing of scrip to the officers and soldiers of the Virginia continental and State lines and na7), of the revolutionary war, to the amount of three hundred thousand acres, sas been executed as promptly as the means of this office would admit, and to the neglect of other duties. Warrants covering about forty thousand acres only, remain to be satisfied, and these await the production of the necessary title papers, proofs of heirship, and other documentary evidence, frum the parties interested. In the two preceding reports, which I have had the honor of presenting to the Treasury Department, I have faithfully stated the arrears of this office, and the physical impossibility of discharging all the duties required of it by law, without additional assistance, provided for by the legislative power. The appropriations of the last session of Congress, for extra clerk hire, have been of great service and benefit, but have only enabled me to perform the current duties. The arrears yet remain, and have increased, with the increased labor thrown upon the office by the numerous acts of the last session. To what crisis it may approach, without the necessary aid for the discharge of public duty, it is not difficult to conjecure. More than three millions of people are interested in the most prompt ittention, the vigilant action, and the accurate operations, of this office. It in the will of Congress, whether so large a portion of the United States, shall be deprived of that justice which, by law they are entitled to. All which is respectfully submitted.


of future report

Hon. Louis MCLANE,

Secretary of the Treasury.


A. EXHIBIT of the periods to which the monthly accounts of the Re

ters and Receivers of the Public Land Offices have been rende showing the balance of cash in the Receivers' hands at the dat their last monthly account current; and the periods to which the ceivers' quarterly accounts have been rendered.

Acknow edg-
ed balance of Period to w
cash in the the Receive

hands of the quarterly acco Period to which Period to which

Receivers, per have been ren rendered by rendered by last monthly

ed. Registers. Receivers.








Marietta, Ohio

31 Oct. 1832 31 Oct. 1832 1,692 671 3d quarter 1 Zanesville


3,027 01

do Steubenville


1,971 13

do Chillicothe


7,927 72

do Cincinnati


3,235 01

do Wooster

30 Sept, 1832 981 91

do Piqua

31 Oct. 1832 9.174 25

do Tiffin


10,250 74

do Jeffersonville, Indiana


do Vincennes


28.581 23

- do Indianapolis


18,726 23

do Crawfordsville 30 Sept. 1832 | 30 Sept. 1832 24.967 40

do Fort Wayne


19,769 95

do Shawneetown, Illinois 31 Oct. 1832 | 31 Oct. 1832 8,384 10

do Kaskaskia



4,315 09 Edwardsville 30 Sept. 1832 | 30 Sept. 1832 167 23

do Vandalia 31 Oct. 1832 31 Oct. 18:2 3,691 84

do Palestine 30 Sept. 1832 3U Sept. 1832 1,937

de Springfield 31 Oct. 1832 31 Oct. 1832 9,175 44

do Danville



7,229 06 Quincy 30 Sept. 1832 30 Sept. 1832 258 22

do St. Louis, Missouri 31 Oct, 1832 31 Oct 1832 none

do Franklin

11,730 68

do Palmyra

30 Sept. 1832 | 30 Sept 1832 6,678 56 Jackson 31 Oct. 1832 31 Oct. 1832 4 502 84

do Lexington


13,554 94

do St. Stephens, Alabama 30 Sept. 1832 30 Sept. 1832 Due Recur:

86 45

do Cahaba


57,840 07

do Huntsville 31 Oct. 1832 31 Oct. 1832 10,833 73

do Tuscaloosa


2,665 26

do Sparta



4,778 30 Washington, Mississippi 30 Sept 1832 30 Sept 1832 5,290 43

do Augusta 31 Oct. 1832 31 Oct 1832

1,834 80

do Mount Salus 30 Sept. 1832 30 Sept 1832 5,376 22

do New Orleans, Louisiana. 31 Oct. 1832 31 Aug 1832 91 05

do Opelousas

do 30 Sept. 1832 12,254 58 Ouachita 30 Sept, 1832 do

13 754 53

do St. Helena

387 04

do Detroit, Michigan 31 Oct. 1832 31 Oct 1832

do White Pigeon Prairie


13,953 86

do Batesville, Arkansas 30 June, 1832 | 31 July, 1832 715 734| 2d quarter 18 Little Rock 30 Sept 1832

1,184 81

do Tallahassee, Florida 31 July, 18.32 31 Aug 1832 3,614 75







do St. Augustine

30 Nov. 181 30 Nov. 1831

TREASURY DEPARTMENT, General Land Office, 30th November, 1832.


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