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[Music by JOIN HULLAH, The child and the old man sat alone,

In the quiet peaceful shade
Of the old green boughs that had richly grown

In the deep thick forest glade!
It was a soft and pleasant sound,

That rustling of the oak;
And the gentle breeze play'd lightly round,

As thus the fair boy spoke :

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Dear father, what can honour be,

Of which I hear men rave ?
Field, cell, and cloister, land and sea,

The tempest, and the grave ?
It lives in all, 'tis sought in each

'Tis never heard or seen;
Now, tell me, father, I beseech,

What can this honour mean 2

“It is a name, a name, my chilă,

It lived in other days;
When men were rude, their passions wild,

Their sport thick battle frays:
When in armour bright the warrior bold

Knelt to his lady's eyes;
Beneath the abbey pavement old

That warrior's dust now lies.

"The iron hearts of that old day

Have mouldered in the grave;
And chivalry has passed away

With knights so true and brave.
The honour which to them was life,

Throbs in no bosom now;
It only gilds the gambler's strife,

Or decks the worthless brow."

And at the midnight hour the chieftain leaves his

grave; Slowly he comes, on his charger white, amid his chosen

brave; He wears no tow'ring plume, no mark of kingly pride, And small is the sheathed sword that hangs his

shadowy form beside. The boundless plain illuming, the yellow moonbeams

shine, The squadrons form, and the hero there surveys the

warrior line; The ranks salute their silent lord, the stately march

renew, And now, with clanging music, pass before their

master's view. Marshals and generals round him in circling order go, And a word to one beside him the chieftain whispers

low; That word with lightning swiftness flies through all the

wondrous train, " France!" 'tis their watchword, and again—the pass

word “St. Helen!” Thus, at the midnight hour, along th' Elysian shore, Wanders a mighty spirit that toils on earth no more.


[Music by JAMES PERBING. Have faith in one another,

When ye meet in friendship's name;
For the true friend is a brother,

And his heart should throb the same.
Though your path in life may differ,

Since the hour when first ye met,
Have faith in one another,

Ye may need that friendship yet.


The Rose of Allandale
The Lass o' Patie's Mill
The Haymaker....
Willie brew'd a Peck o' Maut.
The Soldier's Tear
We have been Friends together
Sally, Sally
Green grow the Rashes O!
Let us roam ......
Here's to the Maiden of bashful fifteen...
True Riches
May we ne'er want a Friend or a

Bottle to give him
I dreamt I was enchanted..
Isle of Beauty, fare thee well
Tibbie, I hae seen the Day
Shells of the Ocean
Jock o' Hazeldean
The Maid of Judah.
The Gipsy Prince
Bells upon the Wind.
The Captive's Song...
The Groves of Blarney
The Carrion Crow
The Pride of my Heart.
Through the Wood..
When crown'd with Summer Roses
My Cottage near Rochelle
And ye shall walk in silk attire
The Rover's Bride
Queen of my Soul
The Dying Girl to her Lover
The Gipsy's Carol
Soggarth Aroon
I ne'er will see thee more.
The Piper, or Terry O'Roon
The Harp's wild Notes
Oh! leave me to my Sorrow
Dreams of early Days
Annie o' the Banks o' Dee
Aline o' Neal
Winning Eyes
Starlight on the Sea
Westward Ho!
Our good Ship
Laugh, laugh
Bring me Wild Flowers

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TITLE. Och, Kattie my Darlin'. My Friend and old Companion Love will bloom when Summer dies Song of the Australian Settler.... Btay, gentle Morn, awhile Mary Astore.... Beautiful Leaves. Art thou in Smiles ? Deck not with Gems Cherry ripe Life's first Wreath The lonely Bird I will love thee to the last The Queen and the Navy for ever A Friend in Distress I'll whisper to thee.. The Bright Side Come, let us be happy together Art thou in Tears Can I e'er forget the Valley. The Iron Slave.... I'd be a Butterfly The Captive Greek Girl Yes and No! Blanche and Lisette I am blamed because I love thee Hark, hark! the Lark It is not so In this old Chair Tow Bowling... Kelvin Grove Floating on the Wind Starlight on the River There is a Name I never breathe Cold, oh! the March winds be The Curfew Blow, gentle Gales .......................... The False Gondolier The Lass o' Gowrie The Fairy Tempter.. Auld Robin Gray Auld Lang Syne The Spell of Song The Death of Nelson. The Water-Drinker Nearer and Dearer... Ye Mariners of England We are Brethren a Song of the Summer Breeze

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