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Страница 48 - Writs of error and appeals from the final decisions of said supreme court, shall be allowed, and may be taken to the supreme court of the United States...
Страница 178 - An English farmer," says Washington, in a letter addressed to Arthur Young, "must have a very indifferent opinion of our soil when he hears that with us an acre produces no more than eight or ten bushels of wheat, but he must not forget that in all countries where land is cheap and labor is dear, the people prefer cultivating much to cultivating well.
Страница 182 - it is undoubtedly in consequence of the large quantity of water which the northern wheats contain, that we meet with such indifferent success when we attempt to keep them for any length of time in our granaries. The wheat of Alsace, for example, frequently contains 16 to 20 per cent, of moisture; and I have ascertained, by various experiments, that it is almost impossible to keep it without change in vessels hermetically sealed. To secure its keeping, the proportion of water must be reduced to from...
Страница 409 - Resolved, That His Excellency the Governor be, and he is hereby requested to forward a copy of the above preamble and resolution to each of our Senators, and to our Representative in Congress.
Страница 483 - Plant at each stick two cuttings, separated six or eight inches at the bottom of the hole, but joined at the top. Throw a spadeful of rich, vegetable mould into each hole, and let the top eye of the cutting be even with the surface of the ground, and if the matter is dry, cover with half an inch of light earth. The cuttings should be prepared for planting by burying them in the earth immediately after pruned from the vines in the spring.
Страница 206 - ... economy of fuel. The success of these improved modes is due to the enterprise and high intelligence of the Louisiana planters, who spare no expense to carry this important branch of agriculture and manufacture to its highest perfection. They have succeeded in making, strictly from the cane juice, sugar of absolute chemical purity, combining perfection of crystal and color. "This is, indeed, a proud triumph," says Professor McCulloch, in his valuable report to Congress.
Страница 183 - English wheat. The English wheat of the same variety with the American is invariably a larger and plumper berry. This is attributed to the longer time required for ripening in that comparatively cooler and damper climate. The American, on the contrary, in ripening under a hot sun, evaporates a larger proportion of water, and leaves the farina in a more condensed state, and when exposed again to moisture in cooling, it absorbs the additional quantity above stated. This is an important fact of which...
Страница 314 - In packing, I fill my firkins to within two inches of the top, then lay a clean cloth on the top of the butter, and put salt on the cloth and keep it covered with salt and brine all the season. Great care should be taken not to let the milk stand too long before churning, as in that case, in hot weather, it becomes too sour, and the butter will be sour also, and in cool weather it becomes bitter; all of which can be prevented — in cool weather by putting about one quart of buttermilk in each pan...
Страница 304 - Resolved, That this convention shall be held in the coming year of 1849, in the town or city in which the New York State Agricultural Fair may be held, — to convene its session the first day succeeding the closing of the fair — and that the recording secretary of the New York State Agricultural Society, shall be entrusted with the charge, and respectfully solicited to give due notice of the...
Страница 485 - Until the skins are pressed dry. Fermentation. — This process is very simple. The juice is put into clean casks in a cool cellar, and the casks filled within about four or five inches of the bung, and the bung put on loosely. The gas escapes, but the wine does not run over. In from two to four weeks, generally, the fermentation ceases, and the wine clears ; then fill up the casks and tighten .the bungs. In February or March, rack off into clear casks.

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