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FEBRUARY 28, 1849.

Resolved, That 5,000 copies of the annual report of the Commissioner of Patents with the
Ist of patents and claims annexed, and 40,000 copies of the same report without the list o
patents and claims, be printed for the use of the House; and that 500 copies of the former
and 1,500 copies of the latter be delivered to the Commissioner of Patents, for the use of the
Patent Office, and that the entire namber of copies hereby ordered be bound.





January, 1849. Sır: In accordance with the provisions of the act of Congress, entitled "An act in addition to the act to promote the progress of science and the useful arts," approved March 3, 1837, the undersigned has the honor to submit his annual report.

The whole number of applications for patents, received during the year ending December 31, 1848, is sixteen hundred and twentyeight. The number of caveats filed, during the same period, is six hundred and seven.

The whole number of patents issued during the year 1848, is six hundred and sixty, including twenty-three reissues, three additional improvements, and forty-six designs; classified and alphabetical lists of which, with the names of the patentees and their places of residence, are annexed, marked J and K. But one disclaimer was entered during the same period.

Within the same year six hundred and twenty-six patents have expired, a list of which is annexed, marked L.

There were during the same period nine applications to extend patents, the terms of which were about to expire; seven of these were rejected and two granted. Two patents were also exte led during the year by acts of Congress.

The claims embraced in the respective patents issued during the year 1848, are also annexed, marked M.

As a much larger proportion of the applications are rejected than are granted, and as many of the rejected applications may be reconsidered and passed, it is not deemed necessary to notice particularly the action of the office with reference to that class of its business.

The receipts of the office during the year 1848, including duties and fees, paid into the treasury on applications for patents, caveats, reissues, disclaimers, additional improvements, extensions, recording assignments and other papers, and for copies, amount in the whole to the sum of $67,576 69; of which sum $11,529 33 has been repaid on applications withdrawn, and for money refunded which was paid in by mistake, as per statement, marked A.

The expenses of the office during the year 1848, are as follows,

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