Legislative Document, Том 27,Издање 60,Део 5

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J.B. Lyon Company, 1919

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Страница 109 - ... all statements purporting to be made by the insured shall in the absence of fraud be deemed representations and not warranties.
Страница 81 - The right of action now existing to recover damages for injuries resulting in death, shall never be abrogated ; and the amount recoverable shall not be subject to any statutory limitation.
Страница 64 - ... within thirty days after a claim for compensation is submitted under this section, or such hearing closed, shall make or deny an award, determining such claim for compensation, and file the same in the office of the commission, together with a statement of its conclusions of fact and rulings of law.
Страница 176 - ... nor shall any such company, or any officer, agent, solicitor or representative thereof, pay, allow or give, or offer to pay, allow or give, directly or indirectly, as inducement to insurance, any rebate of premium payable on the policy, or any special favor or advantage in the dividends or other benefits to accrue thereon, or any paid employment or contract for services of any kind or any valuable consideration or inducement whatever not specified in the policy contract of insurance...
Страница 23 - ... by such deposit or other disposition of a suitable and sufficient portion of the estate so held that no...
Страница 672 - The operation, otherwise than on tracks, on streets, highways, or elsewhere of cars, trucks, wagons or other vehicles, and rollers and engines, propelled by steam, gas, gasoline, electric, mechanical or other power or drawn by horses or mules.
Страница 131 - ... payment of premiums or rates charged for policies of life or endowment insurance, or in the dividends or other benefits payable thereon, or in any other of the terms and conditions of the contracts it makes...
Страница 94 - ... the rights, duties and obligations of the insurer, the policyholder and the beneficiary shall be governed by the provisions of this act.
Страница 136 - ... nor shall any such company or any agent thereof make any contract of insurance, or agreement as to such contract, other than as plainly expressed in the policy issued thereon...
Страница 58 - ... furnished with the certificate of such auditor, comptroller or chief financial officer aforesaid, under his hand and official seal, that he, as such auditor, comptroller or chief financial officer of such state, holds in trust and on deposit, for the benefit of all the...

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