The Cat, the Watch, and the Word: God Revealed

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Wheatmark, Inc., 2008 - 188 страница

Have you ever had questions about the Bible but the answers you received just didn't quite rub you the right way in your spirit?

If you truly believe the Bible to be God's holy Word, and would like to be intellectually challenged, I, the Cat, the Watch, and the Word: God Revealed will get you back into studying the scriptures for yourself. It will help you test to see if those things you have been taught are so (Acts 17:11). God is real, and he doesn't need manmade doctrines to explain him as unreasonable and mysterious. He has done an excellent job revealing himself in the pages of scripture. The new chapter for this revised edition, "The Root of Islam," is a must read

The light is on and the door is open, so come inside where it's nice and warm ... but only if you are ready to do what is necessary to hold on to what is truly good (1 Thessalonians 5:21).


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