The Mission of Jesus and John Part I: The Symbolic Versions of the Parables of the Master the Book of John

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AuthorHouse, 14. 4. 2004. - 308 страница
The Mission of Jesus and John contains detailed interpretations of the Parables of the Master, The Book of John, and The Symbolic Version of the Revelation. The mission of these two men was to teach willing individuals to let the Spirit of the Father find expression on earth. Symbolic meanings of words are used to describe the flowing action of Spirit that brings individual spiritual enlightenment. The simple message: Let the spirit of God that is coming to you on an individual basis in each moment come through you, otherwise the person is not participating in the divine creative process.

О аутору (2004)

A retired health care professional, Anthony John Monaco has been interested in the cause of disease at the physical, mental and emotional levels of the individual. His scientific approach led him to study the scriptures to consider spiritual approaches to health. He has analyzed many major scriptures of the world and has written 27 books on his interpretation of the original intent of the authors responsible for the various religions of mankind. This book includes his simplified teachings and writings using symbolism to explain the simple scriptures of Christianity as the Spirit moves through one’s individual heart, mind and body.

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