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The knickerbocker Press, New York

There is no more interesting figure before the American public to-day than Charles Evans Hughes, Governor of New York. His sudden rise into political prominence is one of the most hopeful and significant signs of the great moral awakening now in progress in the United States. Three years ago he was almost unknown outside of the legal profession of his own State. All over the country people are watching his career with eagerness and hope, and many of them have come to the conclusion that he is worthy of the presidency. But although there is general confidence in his ability and honesty, comparatively little is known of his political views, especially on national issues. He has wished to be judged by his performances and not by his professions, consequently the messages and speeches containing his opinions on the questions of the day are buried among official documents or lost in the files of the daily papers. Believing that Mr. Hughes's views should be better known, The Independent arranged for the publication of the present volume of his letters and speeches. This gives the American people for the first time an opportunity to study his utterances and to form an intelligent opinion of his fitness for the high office for which he has been suggested. President Schurman's introduction is reprinted from The Independent of December 26, 1907. The material has been gathered together by Robert H. Fuller, Secretary to the Governor; and the proofs have been read by Gardner Richardson of The Independent.

Hamilton Holt, Managing Editor of The Independent.

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